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Key & Peele – Airplane Continental

There you go. Excuse me. Oh, excuse me, sir. Are you
sitting in 26G? Yes. Have I done
something wrong? No, no, no, no,
we just wanted to ask if you would mind
switching seats so that a mother and a child
could sit together. But I’m back there. Right, yeah, but you’d
actually be sitting here… [gentle harp flourish] Which is
in Economy Plus. It’s actually
an upgrade. Upgrade, you say. Mm-hmm. Economy Plus. Yes, sir. Oh. Don’t mind
if I do. Great, great.
Carry-on? Carry on
yourself, Alex. Thank you. [classical music] Economy Plus. Mm, for the discerning
passenger. [chuckles] [chuckles] We’re not
in Kansas anymore, Toto. (man over PA)
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking. We should be leaving Topeka
in the next ten minutes. I stand corrected. Looks like we’re gonna have
a smooth flight. Trust me,
I know the captain, and he is, uh,
one smooth guy. – [scoffs]
– [chuckles] [laughing] Of course
he knows the captain. He is the captain. Oh-ho-ho!
Ho! Oh! Move over,
Colin Mochrie. There’s a new face
in the biz. His name is Captain. [laughing] Have to be in Economy Plus
to get it, I guess. [sighs] Extra foot room. One inch at least. Mm.Sky Shoppemagazine. [chuckles] Don’t mind if I do. Oh, dog-eared
for my convenience.Lord of the Ringscups.Lord of the Ringstables. Oh. Oh! Oh!
Holy shiatsu massage! [laughs]
Economy Plus! It hurts a little,
but–but I like it. [crying] Wrong spot. [snoring] [airplane rattling] [thunder rumbling] [thunder booms] [suspenseful music] [thunder booms] ♪ ♪ Hmm. And I thought
I had an upgrade.

100 thoughts on “Key & Peele – Airplane Continental

  1. omg only now because of his laugh at the captain joke I released he's the voice actor for the ghost of duke in big mouth

  2. I would give anything to live in this man's shoes for one day and experience everything as if it was brand new to me so that I can have euphoric wonderment 🤔😊

  3. Let me see if I can predict this video before it starts: he sees something completely normal and goes “Mmm, me likey.” because, twist ending: he’s from hell and he never got to experience such novelties.

  4. I thought of the twilight zone first time I watched this obviously before he opened the window. I predicted horror in his future. I just never expected get out which was brilliant and so twilight zoney. 2of best genius minds working today.

  5. They have never done a skit without the two of them, so if they ever do, instead of naming it Key and Peele they should make it just Key or just Peele that would be funny

  6. 3:10 i literally thought it was Steven Ogg for a min. No kidding and no offense btw look here and i really dont know

  7. The dude in the green shirt is like oml pls don’t talk to me I don’t wanna y’all I’m too shy and it’s awkward….

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