Laughter is the Best Medicine


weeee… again again, again again Here are my
top 5 funniest moments from the Habib and Dustin match. Asalaamu Alaikum guys and welcome to
another episode of smile2jannah look let me just get the Splinter out
-Noo, it hurts I don’t wanna do it.
-yeah -stop moving, it’ll be over very soon
-no Alright guys at number five this was when
Habib gave Conor McGregor his new name. why we have so much respect between us before the fight? Than my last fight do you know this with bullsh*t guy? Well I guess that’s that if Habib said your name’s bull sh*t guy
then that’s your name. Conor you need to get it changed on your passport mate. Eurgh get your god junk out of my face. (Farts)
(sniffs) Ah Khabib tell me you didn’t. At number four we have the interviewer who asked Habib how he felt after he got punched in the face. Dustin he landed a few punches
and he seemed a little more dominant he seemed like he was… stood a chance.
What did you feel about that? How I can feel? This is a fight you know? He punch my face how I can feel? If I punch your face how you gonna feel? You don’t like
this I know. I don’t think you guys understand Habib’s not really used to
interviews so, he’s a straight shooter Ah that’s it I’ve had enough, get off me come on! At number three if you saw one of my previous videos you’d know when I
say- Frenchies back and this time with a chart-topping useless question I mean this guy is seriously setting the
bar very high when it comes to asking useless questions. At number two we’ve
got Habib when he jumped out of the ring yet again but this time to hug the
president of KFC- UFC Dana White …people in the grappling never seen
anything like it and this time a big hug for the UFC
president Dana White I’m sure Connor and Drake got some
unpleasant flashbacks with that one come on play with me please… come on plays..come on. And at number one it’s gotta be my absolute favourite… yes you’ve guessed it It’s like he’s at the restaurant giving the order. Ah Bonjour Monsieur, what would you like to order? very good steak excellent choice, we’ll make sure it is well done for you.
Anything else? with burger double cheese ah the double cheeseburger no no double cheeseburger. Burger with double cheese ah sorry my mistake I want this one you know? okay you will get this one and what
would sir like to drink? juice with ice excellent choice excellent choice. I don’t know if you recognize me, I am related to you know the French
interviewer I am his cousin Sorry I forgot to order can you tell me again please? you guys understand this question? hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you
didn’t learn anything just remember it’s good to laugh every now and then yeah, it
releases endorphins in your body which is good for you. Alright guys until next
time… hey mums calling you.. hey where you going it’s your turn to wash the dishes -No I don’t want to do it you can’t make me! -Stop it
-Hey go away -I’m not doing it again yeah
-I hate you Asalaamu aleikum


  1. Khabib is not really an eagle. He is a python, he wins with two methods constriction and asphyxiation just like anaconda 😅😅😅😅

  2. Very good steak, burger n double cheese, juice with ice will have a better chance than Conor…. n congrats to Poirier, he’s a real Champion 👊🏿💯

  3. Very good steak , with double cheese burger ,no no burger with double cheese and juice with ice …🤣🤣

    Perfect answer

  4. Waalaykum assalaam wr wb dear brother, after all the bad news from Kashmir and other parts of the world, u made me laugh. May ALLAH forgive and protect our brothers and sisters from the wrong doers. Aameen

  5. Love you for the sake of Allah my brother, you had me in stitches ha ha ha …

    On a serious note now…👇🏼

    Yolo!!!  actually it's yolt!!!  (you only live twice) and the second time is for eternity…
    Where you will be second time round  will depend on how you lived in this world…
    Do the research people before it's too late…

    Important message for all…
    Peace and love…
    On that day no one will be able to play ignorant…

    If you are reading my message then you still have a chance no matter what bad you have done…

    There was a man who was from  the desert over 1400 years ago he could not read or write and was known as the truthful one, whenever anyone went away and needed something looking after they would entrust him to look after it, as they knew it would be safe with him,  every one trusted him.
    one day he was in a cave when he heard a voice telling  him to read, he replied I can not read, this experience was a meeting with none other than gabriel.
    Over the next 23 years angel gabriel would come to him with revelations which he would recite to him,  he would go on to  revise the word and say it to the people of that time who would than put it down in writing.
    Once completed the lord up above promised that he will preserve his word  himself and not let it be lost or distorted like what was done  with previous scriptures.
    He had learned the whole 23 years of revelations by heart, and many people had done the same at that time.
    This revelation is scientifically accurate inline with modern science today and has many scientific miracles contained in it , which they could never of known at that time  without the modern technology which exists today.
    It has been proven to be exactly the same as when it was revealed.
    And this  amazing scripture is from the lord of mankind and all that exists, the one and only creator,  and only master of the day of reckoning the day of judgement.
    It is the amazing Quran. If you took all the Quran copies and put them in the ocean, and totally wiped it off the net, we would reproduce it within 3 days or so in its original form in the Arabic language, how one may ask,  well we have people known as Haifa all around the world who have memorized the whole Quran by heart in its original language Arabic,  so we would get one hafiz  from London one from America,  Africa Pakistan Indonesia Russia and before you know it, it would be back in its original form and language Arabic, now this is a miracle in itself. If this guy could not read or write how did he come up with this???
    Guys I've got nothing but love for people no matter what your belief is or where you're form, we only have one enemy and that is satan, I just wanted to share this with you. think to yourself with all the bad publicity Islam gets, why is it still the fastest growing religion in the world, if it's so bad then why are scientists entering Islam after doing extensive research,  and why are preachers and priests entering Islam, I am going to leave some links for you to see what its all about for yourselves
    Check out Everything Islam on Google Play!

  6. To my regret, I am commenting on your videos for the first time just to remind you something brother. I am watching your videos for last 2 years. Masha ALLAH your work makes us smile, laugh and learn at the same time along with wisdom. I do appreciate what you are doing. As only few youtubers are there who can give you such diverse feeling of fun and knowledge. But whenever I see you highlight muslim named players (might be practicing more than me and a lot of muslims) for their achievements in different international field of sports (most of them are haram, or at least promote haram more than good) I do feel very sorry for you. You know more history than me brother Zeeshan. You read a lot. I believe you know muslims never found their glory in such kind of games and sports which is all about entertainment not about heroism. A player might be more practicing in his other aspects of his life but when he is associated with such kinds of international sports which are haram in most cases, promotes haram things and gives a kind of feeling of delusional fake pride and glory to muslims then U must not promote these things. I am not judging anyone rather just trying to show the reality of our poor mentality about fake pride and glory as we are highlighting these sports and sportsperson rather than finding the real heroes of the Ummah. May ALLAH bless us with proper guidance brother, I do pray for you.

  7. Of course I'm a huge Khabib fan. Great Video! May Allah bless Khabib with some more skillsets in the cage. Everyone is studying him trying to figure out how to best his grappling skills. He definitely needs to drill stand up: Boxing, Muay Thai etc. I want him to be a champion for a very long time. Insha Allah! The guy who is really trying to be his next opponent is loaded with an arsenal of skillsets. May Khabib succeed in his next fight.

  8. Im wondering… mister Smile to jannah .. if Khabib loses by KO cuz nobody will submit him in wrestling .. wil u still smile to jannah? I dont think u wil .. i think u wil be depressed ..

  9. I usually enjoy your vids but this makes a mockery of a fight and Dustin. Dustin is a decent opponent even though I backed Khabib. Khabib was respectful of his opponent to the point he supported his charity so to make light of the fight by turning it into a laugh was not necessary. At all. It's one thing to hit on McGregor as he had it coming for being an idiot but Dustin was sincere as was Khabib. It is good to keep it light hearted but both guys throw their heart into these fights. MashAllah that khabib won. Remember. Be magnanimous in victory and defeat. It is the mark of humility and a true Muslim.

  10. I really wish he doesn't do the salute and the sharp intake of breath at the end. Ruins the whole video 😂😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  11. @Smile 2 Jannah your videos just get better and better! My favourite's are 1.Conour's new name 2. The guy who asked Khabib about getting With that dumb question, Khabib takes the word "patient" to a whole new level. 🤣 A beast in the ring, a rabbit outside the ring. That should be in Khabib's Wikipedia!

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