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Kid Tells Amputee Jokes at School Talent Show

– Recently an 11 year old named William came to my one-man show
here in Santa Monica. It turns out William follows me online and we have something in common which is that we both like to write jokes and tell them on stages. And I think you guys might really like some of his material, so here’s William performing at his school talent show. – Before I got on stage
all my friends were like “Oh William, yeah, go
get ’em, break a leg.” You know how much these cost? And all my friends they
were rushing over like, “Oh my god, William, let me help you. “Let me help you. “Are you okay? “Here, let me lend a hand.” How ’bout you lend a foot? I told my friends, “Oh you can count on me “but only up to 15.” – What? – Okay that’s actually a really good joke. Don’t worry, William, in like 10 years all those children are gonna remember it and they’re gonna be
like, “Oh now I get it.” – Most asked question
that people ask me is, “Do you ever wish you had two legs?” No, I have like 15 in the closet. – Anyway I gave William and his parents front row seats at the show. At the end of my show I do Q and A and William raised his hand and asked, – Would you consider this a one man show or seven eighths of a man show? – Well the audience
didn’t know that William was a child and, more importantly, that he also was an amputee. Which I suppose gives him some license to ask a question like that. I wish you could have seen the expressions of shock and horror on everyone’s faces when they heard that question. So I felt like I needed to give them some context. William, this is William who I met before the show who was telling me before the show that he watches a lot of my videos and knows my material, has been performing my material. – When you lose your leg and put your prosthetic underneath the pillow the leg fairy comes. She gives you a handicapped parking pass. Is the foot fake too? Thank you for your service. – My people will be in
touch with you about that. Or maybe we can just make a fair … Maybe I’ll just start
using your material too. Like, he has some some good lines. You can check out his Instagram. I don’t know, is it public? – Yeah. – It’s probably private. So what was the one? Your friends are like … Okay so he wears a prosthesis, unlike me. So one of his lines is, “People are always “asking me do I wish I had two legs “and I’m like, I have
15 legs in my closet.” This guy. – You mentioned yoga. – Yeah. – Like, really truly how do you do this? – Yeah, to be honest I
don’t go to too much yoga ’cause it kinda feels like showing off when I’m in class. They’ll be that one segment where people are doing tree pose and all just falling over. Come on guys, I’ve been doing this the whole hour, alright.

21 thoughts on “Kid Tells Amputee Jokes at School Talent Show

  1. Is anyone getting random frame blips? I checked in the original file and they aren't there, so it's a YouTube error (not like a hidden message so don't spend hours trying to pause at the right frame)

  2. hey Josh, today I got to speak my old elementary school (I'm a senior in hs). But I told them your story of how you studyed a yearbook to make friends and how the little things matter and they LOVED it. Just want to say thank because your the right balance of funny, motivational, and awkward which relates to me so well.

  3. Omg at first I was like “why is he talking so fast? Kid needs to work on his timing” then I realized I had the video on 1.75 speed 😂😂

  4. I know it's not chill to use someone else's jokes as your own but I can't even be mad at the kid this is too cute. Thank you for your content and what you contribute to the world, I've enjoyed you so much over the past decade. Sending my love to you and Ashley! : )

  5. I can’t believe you are the same person as the timid teenager in your book! I am literally in my bed reading it as I type(not at the same time, I just took a little break😂) I am at the part where you go on your date with Francesca Marcelo. Keep making videos!!

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