Laughter is the Best Medicine

45 thoughts on “Kids Laughing At Spongebob the Haunted Mattress for 10 Hours

  1. Make a loop with Patrick where he is in Restaurant and say: "No here is Patrick" and he wistle … ^^

  2. Plot twist: The haunted matress is legit and its power is fed by laughter

    Now it's destroying Bikini Bottom

  3. Oh my todos 10 hours
    Gorilla attacks patrick and sandy 10 hours
    SpongeBob and patrick faces ( frenzy face ) 10 hours

  4. Haha, kids are laughing or something. But its impressive that spongebob was able to even have his hands up for so long

  5. SpongeBob: Viacom
    Hands: copyright strikes
    Witch kid: 20fadhil
    Other kids: 20fadhil's subscribers
    Candy: videos

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