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100 thoughts on “Kids Who Beat The System – Hilarious Kids Genius 「 funny photos 」

  1. I'm surprised so many people know TheFatRat. One of my favorite bands of all time, right beside Skillet and Starset 😊

  2. I'm reminded of when my parents would tell me I needed to do some chore "today," and I said that I would. Then I'd keep watching cartoons, and get confused when they ended up doing it themselves an hour later.

  3. I remember…..A little girl is playin wid her cat then her mum said to put the towel on the hanger….but the mum is looking at the cat cuz the mum said…"Put that in the hanger" so she did put the cat in the hanger…

  4. Kid: sees meme about the going to spank me? And tries it
    Mom: comes in and sees legos
    Kid: try spanking me!
    Mom: wears shoes and walks over
    Kid: HOLY FAQ

  5. Write a letter to Santa… I don’t think they can do that anymore cause not everyone celebrates Christmas

    but still cute

  6. Before school, I told my 6 year old boy to put a clean undershirt on. Later that night when he was undressing for a bath, I noticed he had 2 undershirts on. When I asked him about it, he said "You never asked me to take the dirty one off".

  7. When the kid put legos on the floor, my mom would put shoes on an walk across breaking them so I wouldn't have anymore and I would me grounded for life loll!!!!

  8. I was watching YouTube and my dog (that I used to have Dont ask where it is now) Came and stared at it but it looked confused

  9. Me my 2 sisters and our friend beat the system. Lemme tell ya the story xD

    So first…
    Our parents said whoever found somethin first got 2 bucks. And 1 my sisters found it but we all held onto it then we got our 2 bucks all us did 😂😂😂😂

  10. One question. Why are these parents just taking pictures of their kids doing stupid things? Don't they need to like… stop them from cutting their tongue or who knows what?

  11. I beat the system when I had a social studies sheet and when it said draw a star on B4, I drew the star.

  12. 0:12 I used to do that in 1st grade up until my teacher kept giving me bad marks and I had no idea why 😂😂😂😂

  13. Rember the kid on the thumbnail that said going to spank me? Good luck.well if I was the dad/mom I would of been like 2x the spanking for you. (Puts on shoes) walks to child . spanks child. The end

  14. The strange thing is that a red square and yellow rectangle look like they should be Bob and Harry, and the very thought of that led me to pause the video and meditate on that for a moment.

  15. The Lego one isn't smart the mom could just put on shoes and spank him and say "clean up this trash"!!!

  16. 4:33 Why do people keep showing that in their vids. 1895 didn't happen in 1896 so it couldn't end in it

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