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Kings of Comedy 2 - TRAILER

don't get these opportunities if you don't take advantage of their look at this nigga here you better be in a car seat when you leave here we might go to double fuck Madison Square Garden purpley and it never ceases to fill every day though I get the exact same question that how in the world did you get Mariah Carey Nick I don't know no now MTV Films and lace and entertainment presents find it weird I know it's different cuz if you're shooting a movie it's like you know you're shooting a movie but when you have like the live crowd they're hot you know if you ever get nervous like it when you mess up and stuff like that well you know you rehearse all week long so you're trying to rehearse the show and you're trying to have it like in you know where you ready to go so but if you mess up I just told everybody we just gonna treat this like you know like the old Carol Burnett Show it's not anybody just laughs don't even worry about it fuck you these are retarded monkeys they didn't turn it into people Jim Liddy let me explain something I'm gonna take you three words that you never want to hear come on man if he hits you with this right here are you done

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