Laughter is the Best Medicine

100 thoughts on “Kokichi Ouma laughing over 53 times and each laugh is different

  1. I could never pass by Kokichi's birthday. And if you're wondering, yes, each laugh is taken from when he has voiced dialogue in the game's story mode. Deal lord, he laughs a lot.

  2. If you guys reaaaaaalllly wanna die of laughter then put the speed at 0.25… trust me I died and laughed like no tomorrow! 😂😂😂

  3. ℕ 𝕖 𝕖 ℍ 𝕖 𝕖 ℍ 𝕖 𝕖
    𝒩 𝑒 𝑒 𝐻 𝑒 𝑒 𝐻 𝑒 𝑒
    ɴ ᴇ ᴇ ʜ ᴇ ᴇ ʜ ᴇ ᴇ
    ᴺ ᵉ ᵉ ᴴ ᵉ ᵉ ᴴ ᵉ ᵉ
    ռ ɛ ɛ ɦ ɛ ɛ ɦ ɛ ɛ
    🅽 🅴 🅴 🅷 🅴 🅴 🅷 🅴 🅴
    𝓝 𝓮 𝓮 𝓗 𝓮 𝓮 𝓗 𝓮 𝓮
    🄽 🄴 🄴 🄷 🄴 🄴 🄷 🄴 🄴
    𝕹 𝖊 𝖊 𝕳 𝖊 𝖊 𝕳 𝖊 𝖊

  4. Okay y'all go to 0.25 speed
    I'm gonna talk you through it
    0.3 seconds – pigeon
    0.7 – seagull
    0.15 – having his leg cut off (or being squished in the press-)
    0.16 – ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    0.24 – Tord this isn't your fandom, go home
    0.27 – nail dryer??
    0.33 – komaeda?!?!
    0.35 – high (tbh when isn't he high)
    0.42 – seagull 2 – the seagulling
    0.45 – cow
    0.54 – kokichi hits puberty for a millisecond
    I couldn't take any more after this lmao
    Ps. My dad asked what I was listening to… didn't have the heart to tell him

  5. i don't know shit abt danganronpa but i see this fucker all the time and i did NOT think he'd sound like this i'm gonna go cry in my closet now cya

  6. I’ve just clicked on this, but is he having an asthma attack?

    I’m sure he’s going to scream like Asuka when his lungs collapse :’(

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