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KPY Dheena Comedy | Thumbaa Movie Scenes | Keerthi Pandian asked to leave the forest | Darshan

What did you say? Is travelling by jeep
safe for us? If not the goat,
we would’ve been its prey. It wouldn’t have left
even the bones. It would’ve chewed. Doesn’t he want to listen me
or don’t like the food? Excuse me. Yes, please come in, sir. Would you like to have coffee? Yeah, black coffee with less sugar. Sure. Do you mind if I smoke? I don’t mind, sir. But, don’t you know it’s an offence
smoking in forest area. I know it’s an offence. Everyone commits mistake
believing they won’t get caught. Here you go, sir. Thank you. For many years, I didn’t allow any
wildlife photographers in the forest. Some photographers died
of poisonous insects bites. Some died because
of wild animals. Yet to know about few
missing people. Did you take photos? Yeah, I’ve taken, sir. But, it’s not good. – Shall I look at it?
– Of course, sir. Don’t you know it’s an offence
to take photographs in restricted areas? Sir… Sorry sir. Sir!
What are you doing? Sir! It’s the property of the Government. It’s wrong to take without permission. Do you’ve anything else? No, sir. You aren’t permitted now
to take photographs in this forest. Please, sir! Give me just one day. I’ll not go there. Please, sir. Pack your bags and go home. What’s the work I assigned
for you both? You told us to find out
the tiger shown in the photograph. Did you find it? We went to the pooja to trap it. There… Hey, shut up. That girl has took photographs
of the tiger. Are you? Sir, many tigers are there
in this forest. Why are you particular on that tiger? Tell me, sir. I’ve done it before,
if I can. All the tigers in this forest
have radio callers. Every movement is monitored. When one goes missing, I’m responsible for that. But, the tiger we search for
was missed in the Kerala forest. They’ll know only when we give
information about it. We’ve to trap it before them. That’s the only chance we’ve. Sir, we’ll trap it. If you don’t find it by tomorrow, The forest officer from Kerala
and his team will search the tiger. He’ll find it and take away. Then, our plans to make money
with that tiger will be a waste. At dawn, the tiger will be
in our cage. We must’ve concentrated
on our work we came for. If you say again that
she calls to the forest, Better get lost. I’m talking to you. Are you listening or not? You made me to take unwanted risks
for the sake of money. No need of her friendship, hereafter. Can you listen this at least? I hear it. Why the sound emerges from outside? Welcome Varsha maam! We’ve come to the forest. You too saw the tiger. Even the tiger saw us. Give our payment and leave. We’ll part ways. Give me, I’ll count. It’s Rs.25,000 only. What? Is it only Rs.25,000? What about your health? If you take me today to the forest, I’ll take a photograph of the tiger. I’ll pay the balance and also
extra money of Rs.10,000. You mean, Rs. 10,000 extra! Hey, sit down. Maam, no need of extra money. Enough of what you’ve given. Hereafter, we won’t help you. Ask the forest officer for help. He’ll send an extra force
along with you. Already he said fiercely,
that I shouldn’t go into the forest. Why did he say so? He was known that… …I went to the restricted area
in the forest. Oh, does he know? Good! Superb! Go safely to home. – Please Umapathy, listen to me.
– No. Hari, at least you tell him. He’ll tell… Maam, we can’t do anything
against the forest officer. We don’t have any problem
coming along with you. But, we’re feared of our lives. Yesterday, the tiger came
to grab the goat. It won’t harm us. It’s not a man-eater. We aren’t bothered about it. Lot of works to do. Take all the materials. We must paint the tiger today.
Understand? Don’t show up.
Take the things. – Please listen to me.
– We don’t have time. Umapathy, please. What are you doing? Lightning arrester. Our work shouldn’t get
affected, isn’t it? How is it? What are you doing? – Go away.
– I’m painting. Damn it.
Go away. Your face is like that. What I drew was good. Better luck next time. Hey, are you painters? – Not researchers, huh?
– Researchers means? Frauds, cheaters.
Don’t say us as frauds. – You can say as cheaters.
– Damn it. Say whatever you wish.
But, we won’t come. Go away. Okay? Get lost Take that broad brush. Oh, no! Look at the tiger’s footprints. It’s not sharp,
might be because of snow. Last night, the tiger
has gone this way. Come on. When the tiger arrives,
it’ll show us an image. Will it? We’ll complete every
part of the tiger. Must complete it today. It’s okay, you’re painters. Not researchers. You got money from me. I’ll forget everything. She forgot. Finally, we all three will go
into the forest once… …and take a photograph of it. Then, my dreams and goal
will be achieved. Come on, get in the jeep. Ride the jeep on us. Come. Hey, who should I ask
for help in the forest? You can ask for help
to goofs like us. – Don’t you feel pity for me?
– No. Okay, If anything happens to me,
inform my parents. Take it. Why did you say so? Definitely, give your parent’s
contact number. Get the number. – You go, I’ll join you.
– Get lost goofs. Thank you maam,
Same to you.

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