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Kristin's "Lion King" Review Has Us Laughing And Crying

there I was in the movie theater with my husband and oh okay Nala which I received for my 15th birthday circa 1994 you brought that damn thing to the theater my purse the whole time my husband's me and Nala watching Lion King and the opening credits goosebumps take over my entire body are you flashing back to when you're 15 now yeah you're connecting with your 15 year old self I'm not gonna hold like this for my entire recap of blanking I mean it is clutched to her chest like as though somebody's gonna like come up to her and try to grab it I assure you that is not going to happen so it was a Sunday showing at 2:00 p.m. so there were a lot of kids in the theatre but I was prepared we smoked some wine shouldn't the kids be saying there were a lot of adults in the theatre and I was prepared for that rather than the other way around it's a movie it's no it's not it's a movie for all ages it really it is a movie for all ages so I sat there and watched it um it is visually stunning I know they say live-action remake but no they are there it's not real giraffes it's not real it's not real lions it's all CGI but it is visually stunning and I kid you not because okay hashtag I guess I need to do spoiler alert if you didn't see the original tell you what happens in the movie but when Mufasa saves Simba the first time and they're sitting there and they're looking at the stars and he's talking to his son I mean immediately I get choked up because I know what is to come right because I I office ly know the story cuz I've seen it like a million times it's my favorite Disney movie and then you get to the moment that critical moment when you know what scar does and Mufasa is there laying at the bottom of the gorge and Simba comes up and he I'm not kidding you I haven't cried like this in a movie I'm gonna get emotional talking about hold on I haven't cried like this at a movie I maybe ever I mean and I'm not talking like like tears are welling I'm like full-on streams of tears coming down my face going down my neck and I'm trying I'm not making any noise oh I did real good it was a silent cry but like the chest isn't kind of like just for a second for you out of body experience here what's going on you've got your wine in one hand give you their card on the way out try to wipe them it draws more attention to the fact that you're crying you just let you just sit there and get all damp yep you're just a moist woman the trails I said the trails of sadness stayed on my face of the entire you're walking the trails of the first time nor the only time I cried like there were multiple cries throughout I mean when Rafiki leads him to the water and he's like remember who you are it was I'm assuming this is about you and your father also it's not just recently lost her dad's it was so it was so so so hard and it's such a beautiful message I'm sorry but I'm not that takes the fun out of it we got done with the movie and we went to a bar so I can have a meatball good I mean some of the wines still flat I didn't really feel like Beyonce all the leads were okay but I loved it I think that you have found a niche here the crying baby reviewer all your way through any review or didn't like that it wasn't a democracy and it was a dictatorship with a king and I'm like you've gotta let it go it's been reality it's still a beautiful story and he's like I didn't like the message cuz I just thought he can do whatever you want you're not the only one that cried at Lion King this again David good morning you were part of the bird show opening to the closes pretty much he just touched me and took me back to being 12 and are you married sir yes my boy had never seen okay all right important question is is yours the Pumbaa that if you pull the tail good morning the Lions my favorite movie and I've seen it since I mean I am since I was a kid it's been my favorite movie and I have like two lion king tattoos and when I saw it on Broadway for the first time I started crying and I was an adult then and I cried this weekend right out the gate at the opening credits like seeing something come to fruition I like you just loved so much so I don't know I couldn't control it maybe because I'm like eight months pregnant too so the movie didn't even start and you were crying yes if it doesn't hit I was wondering if it was gonna I was like what if it's terribly off-key not like this like circle live and they held up their baby [Laughter]

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