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Kunal C. Arora at McGuires Comedy Club in New York

but like I do like I did Allah enjoy Isis well I used to smuggle on a weed too but I stopped my problem is that like every time I was high I thought I could learn stuff really quickly wasn't always the case like one time I was stoned out of my mind and I was like hey I think I know Braille yeah man a new Braille my friends are like nah man that's stucco you need to sit back down high as fuck right now rubbing your cheeto fingers all over my walls literally just ruinin my buzz man he'll bring that bag back to the couch man i'll put family guy back on felony but really took me off drugs as documentary I saw about a couple that smoked meth for the first time they smoked meth got really high and ran out of their car in negative 20 degree weather and then froze to death real tragic shit and the list night took him that was this meth is a summer drug now is not the time to do it and it's the thing like I i don't know i think single down which is whatever i don't like being single it sucks ever have your friends try to hook you up with somebody my friends are specially terrible always about Kate canola no it's really good girl she's Indian you'll like her like you're not putting together a living room set you realize that right I'm a person and plus there's a billion Indian people we're gonna make it one out of seven of us in the world is Indian what that means if you've got seven friends and not one of them's Indian you're a racist and if you're thinking this guy on stage is good at math because he's Indian you better have more than one Indian friend is your goddamn racist oh I think it's tough to be single in 2013 right used to be able to just walk up to people and hit on them now you can't even do that anymore like everyone's got headphones and nobody wants to talk to anybody you know like I remember friend of mine was complaining he's like I can't say to me any good guys we can take the train every morning take off the headphones talk to somebody said well if a guy wants to talk me else will come up and talk to me and I'm like yeah but we're not all drunk at nine in the morning you know I think it's 2013 we should even it up a little I think if men have to hit on women at night I think women should hit on men in the morning all I need is one go to clap I got sort of a saying like how cool would that be that's how you end the recession you tell guys and women during me hitting on you in the morning everyone's going to work every guy is going to work I don't know if they're gonna make it to work but they're gonna try they're gonna try to go to work how cool would that be if they get to work in that Carl you won't believe this some lady offered to buy me coffee one of my numbers like hey I was like you know that's cool so I tore turned her down you know I said no thanks who's a nice gesture of course you know a few years down the line it's probably gonna get shitted come into work my Carl you won't believe this i just passed by a construction sign these bitches are out of control hooting and hollering at me tell me to bring my brown mocha ass over here I'm gonna tell you something Carl I were these pants for me okay why do they gotta be so mean i don't know i think the most important part of a relationship is good sex right good sex is very important I dated this girl for a while and she was telling everybody that the sex was terrible I didn't know I always finished but that's the thing though like a good sex you shouldn't like know your partner you know I mean like and I didn't know what I was doing like in in the beginning that was tuck I was fencing a tree you know my was like you like but now that I learned I figured it out I get the end of sex like your girl should look like like she got hit by a car you know what I mean like like ever seen a racoon by the side of the road we're like the hands are in one direction it faces another she doesn't want to say a fucking word view that kind of sex my name is kadhala roar you guys

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