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kurt braunohler at 50 first jokes

I live by myself and I don't have a job so let me go spent a lot of time just like just wondering where animals go and I can't see them holes this is what I've come up with but I don't know we can be sure I like the moment in the day when I get too cold to sit around naked so then I put a robe on and then for a moment I feel like the royalty of the unemployed there's like let them eat cake and by them I mean me and then I eat cake myself whichever hanging out by ourselves so long that you all of a sudden get turned on by your own body odor yesterday I spent the whole day designing a pinup calendar of prematurely born Caucasian babies called preemie premiums but I didn't want to limit it just to complete babies so I also made earlier Lee's multiracial babies but you know what being alone is sometimes better than being with someone who's not right for you did you girl a crazy girl who's so crazy it's like she's still being molested now

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