Laughter is the Best Medicine

La Casa De Papel║CRACK VID

Who wants a funny,
crazy rabbit? Pin. -The Troian horse…
-Comes out of my cock. Shut up! Please take a shower.
This stinks of policemen. -What an idiot. Name.
-Arturo Roman. Very well, Arturito. I want to negotiate with someone
that doesn’t have to ask permission from their superior or the FBI
or their mum to tell me yes or no. Then you should talk directly
with the President, but… seeing he’s busy with the country,
I’ll substitute him, if you don’t mind. Monica, you’re pregnant. I’m pregnant, taken hostage, and shot. Do you have a girlfriend? How long will we be
using formalities? Until you look at me
under the table. In the women’s bathroom. You’re not a virgin, are you? I had relationships… What connects us? Various. I mean all of us. Not many or long ones,
but I did. Is it me, or is there
tension all around? Relationships… Well… Casual ones. Sex unites only two people. -Well…
-NORMALLY! By casual I don’t mean with prostitutes. Tension? Here? There’s, well… There’s trios and… You have your sex-appeal. Oh man… There are “packages” like… well, more group structures. “Structures”??? -When did you lose your virginity?
-Well… Excuse me Inspector, but leaving them without dessert
won’t make them surrender. Dad, look at me. Look at me! Go to bed. Vane. Vane was pretty. Am I dismissed? Vane was not pretty,
or smart or good. -Why don’t you send me with Helsinki?
-But Helsinki prefers the chest hair… Not even my pulse will tremble. Who is the dude with the moustache? That’s Dali, son, a Spanish painter. A painter that paints? It might tremble a little… At certain ages, hormones
take over. I know it because of my mother. You will have entered menopause
and that… must be really fucked up,
right Prieto? I know it, because of his mother. Since I got in here,
you’ve only said stupidities. -I need time.
-And I need a lifting. What would be a hostage’s
minimum salary? What dolls? -My thing is now as small as Helsinki’s.
-Hey, what of my thingy? With my luck, if we do an orgy,
he’ll be behind me for sure. Want my thingy? I know this, I had 5 divorces. Do you know what 5 divorces are like? One has to eat, and sleep and poop. -I took all the tools.
-And you want to give them to me here? Alberto if I get out, I’m punching you
so hard you won’t be able to stand. -Andres?
-Professor! I’m a little busy at the moment. I’d need to go home and… take anti-depressants. I’m in a critical situation
at work. To hell with work! Or do you think that one morning.. you’ll be holding hands with
that thief in some paradise? No, honey. Do you use to interrogate
women in their underwear? Do you know what is
sexy to me? Intelligence. Well, that’s a registered condition
it’s called “Sapiophile”. Do you know what they call it
when two men make love? Why does her headboard
sound like percussions every night? Before there’s any misunderstandings… I’m a married man. -Do you know why I left the mines?
-Of course I do. Because of that shit that
eats your lungs, syphillis. -Not syphillis. Silicosis.
-What did I say? Do you think she’s learning
samba at 5am? If you see I’m late,
go to sleep. And you sleep with someone! Can I walk you out? Better not. Can’t have your wife see
and then be jealous. What name should I put? I have a damn lie
detector right here. -Agatha.
-Agatha? -What’s wrong?
-It’s like a porn actress’ name. It’s a beautiful name. Would you like to go for
coffee or have a break? I’d love to but… I’m out of town at the moment. If you were ugly I’d suggest… Felisa or Mari-Cruz. Have you ever faked an orgasm? But it fits me, right? -Well, yes.
-Well, yes. Welcome to Jurassic Park! Would you sleep with him? I could do with a good shake-up. Help! They’re eating me! Are you dating? Yes… No… A bit..? Where the fuck were you? I want you to know that
I won’t draw my gun on you again. You’re a surprise box. A surprise box with a
microphone it its glasses! Why ask for a boat that will
take days to get here when they could
have any other? -To see who has it larger?
-Can’t spend my day here. Pity. And I had hopes… Did you just try to kill me… with a round-ending
pair of scissors Arturito? Sorry! This is patriarchy! Nairobi has a hard hand
for a woman. Guns down or she dies. If you shoot the girl… you die. If you shoot me… you die. If you release the girl
you live. Ok, ok, no, no. Arturito don’t play Ghandi with me because you’ll eat some for
first, second, and dessert. Excuse me, Mr. Arturo,
but this gun is a fake. Colonel, this is Fonollosa. I’d like to ask you what you’re wearing,
but there’s no chit-chat time. Stop messing around! I’ve been shitty since birth,
you can see it in my face. You don’t have a shitty face. You have a face of someone
who shits around. What the hell is going on? You won’t say “good evening”?
Sorry, I’m hanging up, let’s go again. Good evening, Professor. Good evening. Go to bed. -All three together?
-Each to their own bed. You look well in those
pyjamas, Professor. Now! Now.

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  1. I really enjoyed watching this. I'm Spanish and I know the show well. I don't know where you are from. According to everyone involved in the show, the new season is going to be even better.

  2. This is AMAZING AND HILARIOUS!!!!! You did a great job! Can´t wait for season 3! Thanks for all the laughs!

  3. Μόλις συνειδητοποίησα ότι αυτό το κανάλι είναι ελληνικό! Good job, που λέμε και στο χωριό μου! Θέλουμε οπωσδήποτε αλλό ένα βίντεο σαν αυτό για την τρίτη σεζόν.

  4. We want crack 2, please. Can you do this? ❤ i love your videos and this is so funny, i cant stop watching

  5. This is GOLD! An absolute masterpiece- I feel like you just recapped the most amazing and adorable scenes~

  6. Thank you all SO MUCH for the love this video is getting! I was going to wait until s4 for the new crack but thanks to your enthusiasm I am happy to announce CRACK 2 is already in the works!😉

  7. i can‘t believe that i showed something 10 minuits and don‘t understand anything without understanding something hahaha

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