Laughter is the Best Medicine

La Casa De Papel 3║CRACK VID

Hail, Holy Mary. Fuck off. Professor! Professor! Finish the champaign, we have some
new concepts to talk about. Professor… Denver, you again? Eh, you have to respond with
“Conceived without sin”. Let’s go! You’re having a class now that we
got 1000 mil euros? – Denver is here again?
– Take her upstairs! Tokyo is here. Next! Miguel Fernandez Talanilla,
from Totana, Murcia. I’m a hostage, don’t shoot. I’m Miguel
Fernandez Talanilla, from Totana, Murcia. If you wanted to hide me so that she
won’t see me, you can start forgetting it. I’m so excited, my water might just break. -What do you do, Miguel?
– I’m a trainee in Operational Systems. Sergio, my dear friend, how are you?
It’s been a long time… You pussy.
You son of a bitch! I want everything guarded like a fortress! Fuck! Filled with military. Get the LMVs and the
almored vehicles now! ARMORED, fuck, armored!
Nothing is wrong with my mouth! What is this bitch doing here? -I’m absolutely certain.
-Where are you certain? In your pants? Nice slap you delivered! Well, eh… -What are we?
-The fucking best. -What are we?
-The fucking best. No, no no. Not like this. Hello… Nice to meet you. -What are we?
-The fucking best! That’s what I’m talking about!
Let the party begin! Let’s go and have some tea, please. Please? -Where?
-On my ass. Wanna see? -Denver, on my right?
-What’s wrong, what’s wrong, what’s wrong? -Don’t go.
-What’s wrong, what’s wrong, what’s wrong? Of course. He was drunk, you were drunk
and I was drunk as well. Eh, big guy. Want me to tame your little monster? I’m good at taming animals, you know. First, I want the queen of bitches here. I want three things. Donuts. Licorice, chupachups, and melon gums,
those that burn a bit inside. Many of you call me a “hero”. -Helsi, are you awake?
-Yes. awake. I can’t sleep with Jesus looking at me. So, memorize them. Nairobi! Don’t leave me here alone! Now! Mother of God… Fuck this! Pussy! Shit! What the fuck is this? Urgent my ass! Son of a bitch! People dress with style. Unlike you.
You look like a tourist. -What do you mean “details”?
-We’ll talk about this later. I have two pieces of news to deliver The bad news is the bank is under attack.
And the good news… is that we are the robbers, my darlings! Marseille. The scalpel. First of all, I want no personal relationships. -Both of you, out of class.
-Me? Well, eh, that rule… But it’s his fault, he didn’t want to
open the fucking pig… Out. -Ok, but I’m friggin telling you…
-Now! Very well. Fucking pig… I need to talk to you about the escape protocol. Take off those grandpa pijamas, come on. Let’s see, do you see this finger? It’s signaling you one, two and three times. -Ok, the protocol can perfectly wait…
-No no no. Tell me about it. -Did you prefer a girl or a boy?
-One can’t have such distinctions. Whatever the child is, you love them. And they just need a father and a mother and that’s it. Right? Very well. Point one… Very quickly… But that’s black money.
Police money is legal. Yes yes, legal! -You man of caves, back to bed.
-What? I’m not talking to you! -Do you know what real patriarchy is?
-What? The one I have right here hanging!
What’s wrong with you? It’s 3am! A boy, a boy, it’s a boy! -No, not coffee, I’ll vomit…
-Well, vomit! -What the fuck is this?
-Artichokes. Artichokes? And no alfa-alfa, or whatever? I’m here. And I have constipation. Were you just flirting by talking about crap? -Well, my stomach is full of gass so…
-Ah bejesus… -What colour do you think my underwear is?
-Burgundy. Black. Either that, or you’re not wearing any. Miss Tokyo wants to use the tweezers
for her cunt hair. Please! -Antonanzas, something wrong?
-No Sir… It’s the Professor’s. -Can I go inside?
-NO! Your boots are filled with animal crap. A pregnant woman with a bear are coming. I look fat. Yes, I’m positive. Look at me. Super positive. I look fat. Eight. Are you coming from the toilet? Did you deprive yourself of your
solid debris on a public WC at noon? Yes, I had a crap. What, you don’t crap? Every day. Religiously. -What the hell was this?
-Excuse me? Marrying me wouldn’t be a problem for you?
What was this, a marriage proposal from a coward? Professor… Inspector Sierra, what a pleasure.
I was looking forward to talking to you. -Hi Raquel, how are you?
-Angel… Have you ever recorded yourself
while having sex? Let me think. -You know I’m going after you, right?
-Well, that’s not new. You were always after me. Sorry to interrupt. If you want to marry me… ask me properly, please. Do you know what time it is? Go to bed!

12 thoughts on “La Casa De Papel 3║CRACK VID

  1. Haaaaaaa i can't believe it !!!!! I didn't watch it yet but i am so so happy i had to tell you !
    I will watch it now <3

  2. I laughed so much from beginning to the end !
    The "shit a woman" just killed me !
    I missed "Denver, ahora no".
    But Raquel, Tokyo and the slap: perfect !!
    Merci merci merci <3 <3

  3. "profesor.exe has stopped responding" ajfkdfbjdksfwk "epicentro.exe" DEAD
    Thank you for making me laugh for 10 minutes.

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