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100 thoughts on “Language Expert: Donald Trump’s Way Of Speaking Is ‘Oddly Adolescent’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Screw off msnbc. We love the way President Trump speaks. You donkeys are liars and we had enough of your garbage kind who cheat and steal from the people.

  2. JOHN MCWHORTER. You have a pathetic horrible voice that spits when you speak. You think you have a brain 🧠 yes but it is dead.

  3. John Mcwhorter. You learned nothing in school. Just to criticize the President. You accomplished nothing in life and you could not stand one minute. All you do is have someone cut you a paycheck each because you are too stupid and would not know how to write one.

  4. Trump grew up listening to Norman Vincent Peake and this is why he uses repetition. He calls himself convincing you and himself tht nothing he does is going to fail. His monotone way of spking is simply because he is a terrible public spker.

  5. For someone who professes to pick apart others' speech patterns, he should devote some time going to speech therapy to be rid of his speech impediment. After all, he makes his living with his mouth.

  6. Have you read the books; THE LAST PRESIDENT 1900 and LITTLE BARRONS UNDERGROUND JOURNEY? Time travelers/Demon? It is also said he is a vril drone. Research! He is as a counterfeit John the Baptist who paves the way for the Antichrist and False Prophet. Research his history with the maffia. " Narcotic joy" or "Demonic possessed"?

  7. And yet he's a Billionaire. Has got the economy in better shape than its been in decades. Has lifted up ppl of all ethnicities. And this guy is so smug as to say Trump learned nothing. Personally, I'm glad Trump just talks. No airs, not pretenses, he just says what he thinks.

  8. This video has great replay value. I find myself coming back to it every few months for a good laugh. Not only from the speaker but the comments section is equally as amusing. Still a bunch of idiots in the comments trying to defend Trumps stupidity, smh.

  9. It's great watching a couple of guys that think they know everything advise a person that somehow made Billions of dollars and became the most powerful person on this planet. Jealousy is a powerful and apparently brain twisting mental condition. These guys should seek help.

  10. People who hate the President and don't like him, but is not for them to judge others but judge yourself,.don't worry about speech but think about the love he changed the Country,from Violence hatred dangous bullied to peace and love God bless President Trump

  11. What Professor McWhorter says is TRUE, However in regard to Pres. Trump's Veteran's Day speech,
    I say "Well Done, Sir!" Seems Trump is trying to redeem himself as a speaker and spokesman, or finally desires to "thoughtfully" speak? Thoughtfully, finally, stating what the speech-writer actually wrote ,and, appearing to actually understand and convey; as if he actually understood each and every word ,yes ? Maybe he hired NEW SPEECH-WRITER? (Now S&L will have to hire one , too, or just leave him alone until they do/can? They've been so obviously slanted in their abilities lately—I see nothing they can "pick-apart" in this speech! i took notes on this one! Good he mentioned our men at Ordorff, too (Sp?) (no help from Google btw)All we seem to remember is Auschwitz and Dachau?!! That for all of my Jewish friends!Fred and I started a song once, called "911", but I hear some more good phrases in this speech, and think I'd change the song to include more vets this time:"We wll cherish you now, always, and forever"…good line, (but "always ", INCLUDES" forever, doesn't it ? (doubly stated ?)

    (Google corrected cherish, but won't offer a fix on "will!!" so I'm leaving it uncorrected !ha ha ha. )

    HIS NEW WORDS: sacred obligation, fearless patriots, supreme vigilance, (well done)

    Watch live: Trump participates in Veterans Day ceremony in New York

  12. Trump knows no better because apart from his obvious afflictions he's an uneducated fool, for him money was not his friend because it allowed him to think he was great when in fact he was an underachiever and an abject failure.

  13. Very interesting information from an extremely biased person. I wish the report would have been more subjective.

  14. Different people have different strengths. There are people who are math geniuses but are horrible at writing. That's actually quite common. There are people who are extremely accomplished writers but they can't balance their check book. Donald Trump is a genius in business and in creating business relationships and deals. He does that far better than the vast majority of the population. If English is not his strength, so what? For example Judge Judy is a accomplished lawyer and a judge. Long before she was given a TV show to entertain she sat on he bench presiding over difficult family court cases involving children and families for decades in NYC. She freely acknowledges she is horrible at math. She regularly relies on the bailiff to preform simple math calculations or to check her work. That doesn't take anything away from her accomplished legal mind, it just means most people are either good at numbers or writing. there are exceptions where people are wonderful at everything they touch, but that is even more rare.

  15. WoW I love this video, extremely interesting. Helps to validate everything I thought about him. Thanks for this awesome interview with this very articulate and knowledgeable PhD.

  16. One of the best examples of the non-scientific side of linguistics. By far the most useless part is feeding fools and pseudo-intellectuals. Sad.

  17. ….and this"OldMANchild"
    Is Americans president….
    LMFAO😀😅😂🤣 this is
    The time I'm so proud to be a CANADIAN,EHH!!!

  18. In journalism school, you are taught to write at 6th grade level. There is a reason for that. "High way of talking" only means that you wish to appear intelligent. This is such a wanted report.

  19. Our President is plain and precise, anyone with common sense knows exactly what he is saying. He is calculated and knows exactly how he wants to come across. These people are educated beyond their intelligence.

  20. I haven't noticed that he is any less eloquent than most Americans and certainly he has a wider vocabulary than most, "like", "awesome" Millennials.

  21. I am watching the impeachment hearings and I am disgusted at how politically driven these hearings are! When Schiff said in previous quotes, that "the impeachment inquiry is worth It even if Trump is not removed from office" that statement in its self, tells me and the world, that the Democrats had devised this evil plan to get rid of President Trump prior to 2020 and Schiff and Pelosi have coached, educated and directed, false statements to be made by their so-called "key witnessess". Thank you Captain Obvious! 🤮 If the House would investigate the shananigans of Pelosi and Schiff and their key witnesses, they would find far more incriminating evidence of corruption by Pelosi, Schiff and their team!


  23. So we are now ok with utilizing psychiatry to socially murder a person. One step closer to a communist social mindset.

    If you’re going to use your psychiatry skills, please at least give your “professional” opinion on everybody, not just a targeted individual.

  24. Well for being a casual speaker he certainly is a brilliant negotiator and businessman. Until all his critics are worth millions or billions and have had a land-slide victory to the highest office in the land…there really is nothing to blast him for. Move on…..

  25. Same linguist, in a TED talk, heralded the way people simplify their communication via text as being genius. Dude is just jelly.

  26. Hey "language expert" – if someone says: "yo mista, ain't you gonna pick soma pieces ofa gold froma street over dere?" would you talk about his poor vocabulary? Trump did many good things leftists cannot comprehend with their red cells of a sick brain…

  27. "Ad-libbed superlatives" = "bald-faced lies". And, "deodorant-wearing, Sunday-best way of speaking" / "looks like you're just talking because you're moving your mouth and vibrating your vocal cords but . . . " — this guy is a genius.

  28. what he is saying is trump isn't reformed enough but what he is describing is a new yorker they all talk like that and a big part of why he was elected he is like your typical american much like daniel boon very down to earth real

  29. Tomatoe Tomatow now why isn't anyone laughing about the lowest African American & Hispanic unemployment on record . or how he hasn't started any war with any other country , and be real , when all the white people saw that the guest speaker was black 99 % said no way & 99% of blacks called him a uncle tom . if you did not vote shut your pie hole , and if you did , what has your party done for the country to date , i'll tell what they have done NOTHING and it's a fact , correct me if am wrong ,

  30. Ya I don't think so… He slept with someone to get his part and probably his grades as well. YVO This one smells…

  31. Right so this professor n the reporter is insulting the president n its ok,Trump insults sumone n its out o line,what a bunch of ignorant hypocrites ,what right does this professor have to judge how people speak,to me this professor talks like he's a conceited arrogant hypocrite imbecile ,Trumb made billions talkin the way he talks ,he talks his mind unlike the fake media n the lying swamp leader shifty schiff n pelosi.

  32. Most Usa people talk stupidly. Here Ellen out of geere. Dates back to front confusion between Continent and Country. Atrocious spelling. I oftenn need English sub titles to understand usa movies. Trump is at least clearly understandable.

  33. In the mighty and holy name of Jesus, may enlightenment comes to those who cannot see the truth!!! They adore him so much but, God knows…

  34. Yeah most of us figured this out decades ago but i guess the clowns who protected Lauer and Wenstein had other priorities……..

  35. everybody has their own opinion .. don't believe everything you hear .. specially from people that have a love – hate – hate relationship… MY opinion
    This all BS

  36. MSNBC should thank The Mighty Donn for the few knuckle draggers who still tune in!!  They make their living getting the story wrong.  Only abject idiots still listen to these propagandists

  37. He wasn't groomed like obama to pull one over on the public. We know that for a fact. They hired a public speech trainer that worked with movie stars that speaks identical to Obama. Trump is speaking what he believes not what is programed

  38. He has to speak that way so the public can somewhat comprehend and they still cant. They twist the words into something he never said since day one

  39. I don't watch the news anymore but really….. is the type of reporting / new pieces they are running with nowadays? Man I am really "impressed" with this. Bwjaja

  40. Have any of these "experts" examined or explained the speech habits of Ross Perot ? As odd and unconventional as he was ,,, HE WAS RIGHT.

  41. Keep knocking, but like water off a ducks back YOUR President Donald J Trump doesn't give a … he's helping citizens of America to live a better life. Real news needed not aspersions about a great American President, Donald J Trump. WWG1WGA

  42. It is worth noting with the books, articles and everything publicly expressed by mental health experts, that they would bring on a "language expert," with a Ph.D. to talk about, to "flirt" with the psychiatric-psychological aspects of Donald Trump's personality. The reason has to do with the "Goldwater Rule," and how many (not all) psychologists, psychiatrists and others licensed by their respective States, are still intimidated to openly speak on the media about Trump's mental status, because they have not had an opportunity to formally evaluate him. The language expert is skimming along the surface of a much deeper and profound psychologically regressed and narcissistically (at best) disturbed individual, whose need to force himself upon the public eye for the past forty or more years has given not only mental health experts who are old enough, but intelligent, informed people enough information in which to come to some hypotheses about how ego centric and self absorbed this man is. Language is an expression of our psychology and underlying personality structure. In this case, it is symptomatic of, and trump's all other factors.

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