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LAST ONE to CRACK MOST LIKED EGG wins 45FT DROP TEST!! (Mystery Box Treasure Chest Challenge)

– What’s going on Sharers.
Welcome back to the vlog. Today we’re doing another
challenge with my brother Stephen. – What’s going on Sharers? Let’s
get this challenge started. Grace, what is this challenge? – Today’s challenge is the
three marker challenge. Sis verse bro edition. – Oh, yeah! – That’s right Sharers.
And then last vlog, me and Stephen did another
sis verse bro twin telepathy milkshake challenge. And let’s just say,
things got really messy. – Well, what is in it? – Oh… (dramatic scream) Oh no! But today, we’re bringing
out the markers and doing a three marker challenge. Let’s get started with level one. – What’s the first level Grace? – Well, the first level is Lego! – Oh yeah! – And we’re getting ready
for the new Lego movie. – Oh, we’ve got the Lego character with the share the love shirt on. – Oh yeah, a personalized custom Lego. – Oh yeah Sharers and Grace and I actually went to Lego Land. And if you ever go to
Lego Land, you’ll see that I have my own little
Lego figure in Lego Land. – Yeah, and mini Stephen
Sharer Lego in Lego Land. – Yeah Sharers, okay, Grace,
so let’s get this started, you’re gonna go first. Close your eyes and pick three markers. – K, closing my eyes. – And pick… – Picking three markers. – Ready? – One… – Don’t look. – Two… three. (exclaims excitedly) Two orange and a gray. – Oh, that’s not good. Okay, Okay, I’m ready, I’m ready. – Okay, close your eyes Steve. – Okay, here we go. I’m ready. – [Sharers] Three, two, one… (playful sound effects) – Oh, wow, those are good colors, Steve. – Red, purple and blue.
I’m off to a good start. Alright, should we start drawing? – Level one, in… – [Sharers] Three, two, one… go! – Okay, this is gonna
be easy, pretty sure. Since I’m wearing a red
shirt, a love shirt, I’m gonna make this Lego
character have a red share the love shirt. Let’s draw this in. – This is about to be a little hard for me because I have two orange and a gray. – Yeah, Sharers I might
be winning this one but remember it’s up to you to vote. So comment down below,
who has the best drawing? For level one, I think there’s gonna be a lot of Stephen comment. – Uh, well Sharers, you
know who’s your favorite, so I think there might be
a lot of Grace comments. – Sharers, it’s all
about who has the better three marker drawing. And I
think mine is going to win. I got three colors. Grace
only has two colors, orange and gray. Not sure
how that’s gonna turn out. Oh yeah, check it out,
this shirt is almost done. Its got the red shirt.
It’s gonna have a blue share the love logo. Basically, it’s gonna match
exactly what I’m wearing. Although, my share the love logo is black. But, it’s close enough to black. So, let’s go ahead and fill that in. – I only have two colors. I’m gonna add my personalized details
like these polka dots and a striped shirt. – That’s actually a good
idea Grace. When in doubt, when you don’t have the colors, max it out with some designs. So I got my shirt done, now we just gotta get the pants. You know what, red shirt, blue pants, matching the logo. I
think that’s a great idea. – Hey, that kinda looks like you. You’re wearing that
shirt love more charlie. – Yeah, with the… smile
on the side like that. I like it. Okay. Filling
it in, let’s do this. – I’m gonna do gray face. – Hey, just like this. Blue
shoes, blue legs, blue pants. This Lego character’s looking good. – I’m almost done. – Hmm, I better step it up a notch. I got more colors, so there’s a lot more for me to fill in. – If this was a speed challenge,
I would win that for sure. – It’s not a speed challenge though, it’s three marker
challenge, and let’s see, what should I do purple
face? Alright, let’s do it. – I’m all done Steve. – You’re done? – Two colors, faster artwork. – Okay, well, I’m gonna go turbo speed and get my Lego character
done. Oh yeah, here we go. Three, two, one, turbo speed and boom, done with my Lego character. Okay, Sharers, well uh, the
voting is going to start in… – [Sharers] Three, two, one – Go! – Let the voting begin. Who do you think should win this round?
Level one goes to… – Stephen, you’re getting all those votes. Come on Sharers, vote for me.
Come on, come on, come on. – Hashtag Stephen, let’s do it. – Hashtag Grace, let’s do it.
Come on, come on, come on. – Oh, and it looks like
I pulled away Grace. – Oh, you really won that one. – The three colors helped
pull it away. Oh yeah. Well, that’s it for the Lego round. (upbeat music) – Next round, level two, let’s do it. – What’s level two? – Level two is Pokemon. – Pikachu! I’d say Pikachu is
one of my favorite Pokemon. Grace, what’s your favorite? – I like… I like Charizard
because he has fire and flames. – Okay, well, hopefully
we can make our Pikachus look good this round. Rock, paper scissors?
Find out who goes first? Let’s do it, ready? – [Sharers] Rock, paper, scissors, go! (exclaims) – I get to pick first and hopefully, I have more than two colors this time. – Alright you ready? – Ready, eyes closed. – Mixing it up good. Eyes closed. – I hope I get like Pikachu
colors, like yellow, pink and orange. Oh, I got gray again,
pink is good and brown. – Okay, now, not the best colors but at least you got three
different ones this time. – Okay Steve, you pick. Close your eyes! – Alight, mix them up for me real quick. Here we go, ready? – Yep! Your first color
– And… one, And two,
– second color – And three,
– Third color! – Orange, pink and gray. – Not bad!
– Not Bad! – Okay, you ready to start round two? – Round two, in… – [Sharers] Three, two, one… – Go.
– Begin. – Of course, I’m gonna
do his cheeks in pink! – I’m gonna do pink ears, just like this. – And the tongue pink! – Pink ears sounds good. I like pink, that’s a cool color. Then I’m gonna do a pink tongue… assuming… maybe only that part, yeah,
maybe the whole tongue’s not pink, just this part’s pink. And his cheeks just like
Grace, just like this. Let’s see, eyes. I wish
I had blue for the eyes, I like blue eyes a lot. Hmm, let’s see, orange.
Pikachu’s normally yellow, but I feel like orange is
close enough to yellow still. Mine’s gonna look pretty natural. – Yeah, every Pokemon out there has some sort of orange in it. – Yeah and you know, maybe
this Pikachu changes colors or something. – Oh yeah, like a magical Pokemon. – Or maybe Pikachu just has a tan. – I’m going to do gray. I
can’t believe I got gray again. Hopefully, the next time I have no gray and awesome colorful colors. – So far, I’ve been pretty
good at picking colors. Although, I did get gray this time. I’m not sure if I’m gonna
be able to use the gray. What am I gonna use the gray for? Maybe, I could use it for the tail
– Lightning bolt! Hey! I’m using gray for the tail. As soon as you said that, I was doing it. – Oh dear! Sharer! – It’s like twin telepathy. – Yeah we didn’t do too well at that. Okay, orange face, pink ears, pink mouth, orange body. Gotta fill the rest of the body in with orange. – My Pokemon Pikachu has a
crazy lightning bolt tail. It’s like striped. It
must give him extra powers ’cause there’s more colors. – Wait, what are your three colors again? – Brown, pink and gray! – Brown, pink and gray. I think you should fill in your Pikachu with brown. – Brown? – Yeah, might as well make use… – Well, let me see if
I listen to you Steve. – You know what, I’m
gonna do something clever with this tail. I’m gonna
do a pink and orange tail, I think and I’m gonna do lightning bolts with end. So something like… this. – Mine kinda looks like
a real life Pokemon, because it’s brown, and like, kind of like a real life color. – I’m gonna fill mine in with orange now. Pink and orange tail, I
feel like, look really cool. – I have a pink and gray
tail. Maybe they’re twins! They kinda look like twins! They both have pink.
– Kind of. True. We did get the
same color which is cool, but my Pikachu has more
lightning in its tail. So I’m gonna fill mine in,
a little bit like this. – My Pokemon looks so
cute, I want it as a pet. – I wish Pokemon were real
so bad, they would just be the coolest pet.
– They are real! Pokemon are real! – Have you ever seen one in real life? – Yes! – Where? – I don’t know, but I’m
pretty sure I saw them before. – Well if you guys know
where to get a Pokemon in real life, comment it down below, because I would love to
have a Pokemon as a pet. That would be the coolest pet ever. – Yeah, like imagine walking
this little one on the street, that’d be so fun. – Yeah but Grace, when
they use their powers… – Oh yeah, we wouldn’t
know how to react back. – I don’t know what
would happen when Pikachu used his powers, that’d be crazy. Okay, but here we go. Boom. I think I’m done with Pikachu.
– I’m done too. – Okay, well, not bad! I think mine looks good.
– Markers in. – Markers in, markers in.
Okay, well should we let the voting begin? – Yours looks like a Cheeto. – Yeah, like a Cheeto Pokemon. Yours looks like… a chocolate Pokemon. – Chocolate! I love Chocolate!
– Ooooh! Alright, should we let the voting begin? – Let the voting begin. – Three, two one… [Sharers] Go! – Oh!
– Oh! – It’s a close call. – Hashtag Stephen if you think I won. – Hashtag Grace, if you think I won. Comment,Comment,Comment – Oh.
– Oh. (excited chatter) – Grace won that one. – Chocolate Pokemon won! – Chocolate Pokemon won! If
only we can eat that Pokemon. That’d be good. A chocolate
Pokemon in real life, that’d be amazing! – Yeah!
Okay, so, so far Sharers, the score is one… – To one! – Okay, not bad. Grace, I think
we gotta do another round. – Yep! – We gotta figure out who’s
gonna win this challenge – Oh yeah! (punches) – Pick me Sharers! (overlap chatter) Moving on to level
three? Three, two, one… Move on to level three.
What’s level three? – Well, just like Pokemon,
we got another animal, How to Train your
Dragon: the Hidden World. – Oh yeah! Dragons!
Okay, I absolutely love that movie Grace. – Yes Steve, and after
we draw these dragons, maybe we can fly and
train them in real life. – Oh, that’d be so awesome. Oh wait, rock, paper, scissors
to find out who goes first. You ready? – [Sharers] Rock, paper, scissors, go! – Oh, I get to go first. You ready Grace? – Close your eyes.
– Closing my eyes. – Mix them up… – And…
– And… – Pick! – Pick, pick, pick. One, two, oh dear I feel like I got bad colors, three. Blue, orange and black. – Oh boy! – It’s not so bad, Okay,
I got three colors. – Hold that, mix it up
– Ready? – Yep. Hopefully, I don’t get gray. – Here we go, ready, and pick. – One…
– One… – Two…
– Two… – Three…
– Three… – I got three real colors this time. – Okay, Grace got three real colors, I got two real colors and a dark black. – Are we ready for level three? – Yeah, let’s get our
dragons ready to fly. – [Sharers] In three, two, one.. – Go!
– Let’s do this. Okay, I’m going to do my dragon in blue. – Now that I have three colors, it’s kinda difficult what color to use ’cause I have so many options now. – My dragons gonna be mainly blue. – I’m gonna start with purple.
And my dragon will be purple. – Although you know what, in the How to Train your Dragon
movie, one of the dragons is black, so I could’ve done black. But you know, I like
blue a little bit better. So I think blue is gonna
turn out even cooler. Like, how many people have
seen a dark blue dragon before? I don’t think that’s a thing. Is there even one on the How to Train your Dragon
movie? I don’t think so Grace. – Maybe the new one! – Ooh, that’s true. There’s
only one way to find out. – I’m giving my dragon special powers by adding these grain textured things. – Oh, that’s scales.
– Scales, yeah. – Oh, that’s cool. – And then I’ll fill it in, with purple. – Oooh, okay. My dragon’s
body is gonna be blue but it’s gonna have
some orange like flames and cool stuff coming out of it. – Steve, what are you gonna
train your dragon to do? – I would just, honestly,
if I could train a dragon, I would just train it so
I could fly around town. That’d be so cool. – I would teach mine to transport places. Like, I’ll hop on the dragon
and it could take me anywhere in like a millisecond. – That’s more like a flux
capacitor for time travel, Grace. – Yeah but my dragon, if I’m training it, it can do anything.
Especially since I gave it magical powers. – Hmm, Sharers would you
rather have a flux capacitor, or a dragon? I think
I’d rather have a dragon because it’s more like a pet. It could be like your best
friend and everything. – Yeah, and it can teach
you such awesome things. – Okay, well I got the
body of my dragon blue. Now I’m gonna do the wings in orange, bright orange. This is a
good bright orange color. Okay, Filling in the wings, oh yeah. Check these wings out. – Sharers, comment down
below, which dragon you think will fly the fastest. – Who? Between mine and yours? Hmm, I don’t know. I think
mine would fly faster because it has the orange
wings and normally, like orange means like it’s flying so fast ’cause the wings are heating up ’cause they got like super powers on ’em. – Yeah, but you don’t
know what color mine are. Mine are clear right now
so it’s like invisible, so it’s gonna go super
fast through the sky. – Yeah but then the body
of your dragon is purple, so you would easily see the
dragon flying through the air. – Yours is blue. – Yeah, blue, the sky is
blue. Think about it Grace. – Yeah you’re right. – Just the orange wings,
but if it flew so fast, you’d think it’s just a fast moving cloud or something. Let’s see, so I got the orange wings.
Oh then, I’m gonna do an orange tail and orange
under body on the dragon, like the skin of the reptile. I’m gonna do an orange mouth because
my dragon’s old enough, it can actually spit flames now. Just like that, oh yeah. And just so I use all three colors, I’m gonna use the black
and I’m gonna make it with a blank antlers. Just like that. Ooooh yeah! Because it’s like stealthy, you can’t see the black antlers, Just in case you need
it as like self defense. Or something like that.
– That’s a good idea. – And boom, Voila! My dragon
is done, now I’m ready to go train. – I’m doing yellow wings,
– That looks pretty good Grace – Just like lemon drops.
Maybe my dragon smells like real life. Like the
yellow would smell like lemon, the purple would smell like grape, and the green would smell
like apple or something. – You know what, I’m gonna name my dragon, I’m gonna name my dragon, Bono. I feel like that’s a cool name. – That’s cool. I just gave
my dragon rainbow color, whatever these things are called. What are they called? – I don’t know, scales or something? – Yes, scales. Things on
the back of their back. Okay, I’ve been drawing mine. I’m going to name my dragon, what does it look like? – Hmmmm… – Perry! – Harry? – Perry, P-E-R-R-Y. Sharers,
smash that like button, I just wrote that upside down. – Well, I wrote mine upside down too. – Well, Sharers double
smash that like button because we got magical powers, we can write upside down. – Yeah, but Grace, it’s
all about who wins. – True. Markers in the bucket. – Markers in the bucket,
let’s let the voting begin. You ready? – I’m ready. – Here we go in three, – [Sharers] Two, one… – Let the voting begin. – Go Sharers! – Okay,
– Comment away – Who’s gonna win this round
of the three marker challenge with their dragons? Vote for mine, Bono or
vote for Grace’s Perry. – Perry! (overlap chatter) (Excited shouting) – I’m the winner! Okay Sharers, that completes
the three marker challenge. It looks like I won the
three marker challenge, but Stephen won the twin
telepathy milkshake challenge, so it’s one to one. And the hot lava challenge was a tie. So Sharers, comment
down below the ultimate awesome challenges, so we
can see who the winner is. – Yeah Sharers, we
absolutely love your ideas. Comment your awesome ideas down below. – And if we pick your idea,
we’ll give you a shout out. – Oh yeah! – So until next time,
you know what to do… – [Sharers] Stay awesome, and
share the love, peace. Woot! (upbeat techno music)

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