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Laughing at DIablo Immortal

So i know the diablo franchise is a bit like beating a dead horse you gotta come up with something new but you know.. adding new content to the old games would be just boring Diablo IMMORTAL on the mobilephone mobile mobile phone We keep telling the community that we love them and take there opinions into matter mobile Theyre are people who have playing the game for +20 years with A mouse and a keyboard and we just shitted on them you should have seen the faces of people in the blizzcon crowd someone actually stood up and asked if this was a april fools joke and wyatt answered no its not what a legend you have a phone right A PHONE mobilephone that guy is a legend for not laughing in front of the crowd we destroyed the franchise with diablo 3 already will just please them with another themed season they’ll just come running back for primals no but seriously we are here to get a bigger crowd from the mobileside of the gamers and were not here for the microtransactions microtrans.. who am i lying ofcourse we are its so easy money pay for raiding dungeons and lootboxes with your friends Mobile and guess this we hyped them up for this ‘we have multiple diablo projects on the work’ yet we still give them something totally different People are wishing for diablo 4, world of diablo, diablo 2 remake or new content for diablo 3 and they got a mobilegame? a mobilegame thats why we gave destiny 2 for free nobody saw it coming i told them its a risky choice did they listen? nope. they told me it was what the community asked for so they created this game they must be blind what do you think? a hack and slash diablo mobilegame that will be easy money from all the lootboxes

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