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Laughing at Her Own Joke - itsjudyslife

good moaning I have to leave it's 5:30 in the morning and where you going today but I'm going to Disney World Disneyland Doobie Brothers in Florida dude near Anderson LA but Kiowa don't forget you making you shake it no I think the blush you know I said equally not enough I know you sound like you said wash yeah mm-hmm I love you okay come here hurry up the ubers waiting good we'll see you buddy nothing funny by Kyra I love you mommy honey oh the Hornets are gone you're excited Kyra what are you excited for a little California baby [Applause] [Applause] yeah it looks like five minutes what sir Wayne's all right can you hold it hey I like what you did with your Little Mermaid good morning throw out this Oh Benji's gone and I'm just realizing we're out of so much food well okay that's an exaggeration not so much I want to make a Lucado toast and we're completely out of pepper empty so I went to get our jar that we refill it with empty uh-oh okay maybe not entirely oh man I could have used that earlier before it decides to do alcott otos I was like okay I'll just make banana pancakes for the kids out of syrup so I'm like okay I'll just use jam completely out of jam it's okay we don't need jam because if we're getting Sara and then I'm like okay I'll just make some whipped cream we have the heavy whipping cream but we ran out of powdered sugar so Giuliana's making a list no not Costco we're gonna go to the other store oh I know she wants the samples am i right yeah the sample our grocery list on one of my photos this was for promotion of my eyeshadow palette from a long time ago we have a bunch of these cards left so we just add that as pectin oh oh you did sweetie so okay read the list so any strawberries tear up black pepper cream powdered sugar and broccoli mm-hmm is there anything else you need I think that's it is your my pencil so we made it but unfortunately Kira tends to get sick and that's why we landed closer to where the hotel is she puked so this is where rat hey are you ready to go and you want to hang out still oh no expression yeah we're gonna be sharing a bunk bed all right I'll sleep in the bottom you sleep on top yeah so yeah we just got into the room thankfully we were able to get in without any troubles and time to wash my shoe puked on it that's right you need a rest you were right well on her way to the happiest place on earth Disneyland not Disney World right Disney World is where and Disneyland is I can't hear you hon bye bye bye bye oh wait I wanna talk baby one one may be small fine one okay we're gonna go to the library cuz there's some zoo animals that are gonna be there I'm not sure I saw a thing on Facebook I don't know what the weather's like though looks like it's about to rain oh my god she had spring clean so you know I don't buy a lot of makeup nowadays because I'm like I have a lot but I was so excited it was a YouTube video I came across and I wanted to try out the dragon beauty where is it oh that's so funny a hundred dollar dragon bill dragging down I wanted to try it the brightening powder or she calls it the transformation face powder and I'll try this out later what supposed to be Nguyen I think it supposed to be just money meal yeah no fake money hate where should help me on today's with this end up I gotta join the fourth of July because they were having I think goes like 20% off the entire site okay like I learned that this owl looking bird is not an owl and it has a mouth of the Frog Oh what you learned about that l-e poop mm-hmm all living things poop what else what do they eat spiders journalist a lot of insects oh and they eat tiny snakes bolognaise fettuccine alfredo chicken and a sign of carrots impressive Disneyland what she really really wants cake crops it matches your many years that's right hey let's take a picture and then you can eat it okay does that really good okay let's find strawberries what else broccoli favorite part of the store where we get to just look dare dare to a box oh my god something that's happened where is this from that movie the ugly dolls no no man adopt at your own risk okay I don't think that's from the movie the Barbie aisle they didn't have both I think I've had one of these when I was a kid it was called life-size or my life Barbie and get people okay look II didn't sense one who she's so pretty that you lose up for two seconds these are the ones I was talking about these actually look cute and innocent pony up and shine oh my goodness this is legit terrifying hey there's no lines yeah and we don't even have Fast Pass have you ever seen this ever ever oh yeah this is amazing [Applause] that will all walk I want to say we roll seven rides in almost an hour and a half that was a record I guess so let's go to mommy okay see always always Taggart a lean on each other all no I'm not no I'm not about to make another fruit fly trap cuz there's around two in the hizz-ouse alright one two three cheese thank you [Applause] [Applause] so in this one I'm putting in I wish I had a banana peel but it's already in the compost so I just took the top of a banana some rice wine vinegar and I'm just going to throw in some white and you just turn this piece of paper into a cone there you go just make sure the cone doesn't touch anything inside the cup otherwise the Flies are gonna crawl right out now I'm gonna trim this sure we'll check back in an hour I am time to go somebody gets to what stay up we'll see about that how long she's gonna stay I'm tired Giuliana and I are editing one of her videos it's a LPS what is a JPG vehicle canon an LPS cafe yeah we caught a lot thumbs up if you made it this far and we'll see you guys tomorrow

28 thoughts on “Laughing at Her Own Joke – itsjudyslife

  1. Watching this as I am in Disney world!! We check out today 🙁 when the happiest place of earth becomes the saddest 💦💦😰

  2. Judy does Benji bring Keira’s car seat or booster ? Im assuming Uber didn’t provide that 😅 always wondered that with Uber’s 🙂

  3. I mean why are they getting so tall!!! Aw!! Baby bears! Youre growing too fast!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  4. At 15:13, did Minnie Mouse use her two fingers to ask about Miya? Referring to the fact that Minnie knows they are twins? If it is, that would just be so awesome! <3 I love watching Daddy daughter trips, they are way too adorable!

  5. That is really heartwarming Julianna kept one of the “scrap paper” photos to put up her mom in her bedroom

  6. To prevent travel sickness NATURALLY try putting a brown paper bag on her tummy, touching her skin. It can be a little uncomfy but it works!! I am over 40 and still get travel sickness but the brown paper bag works every time!!! I may feel a little queezy but I don't vomit.

  7. An effective fly trap would be to use Saran Wrap and then poking holes in it on the cup or bowl you’re using!! It’s much easier!!

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