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hi folks welcome back to meme the left hope you having a cracking day well as you most probably know the leftist politicians dragged Robert Mueller back before the you know the House Oversight Committee forced him to force him to testify Mueller didn't want to testify it was like watching an old man that was being bought out of like a retirement village someone who's possibly suffering from like early onset dementia it was it was a sad performance and you know the Mueller didn't get the left what they wanted it was a disaster for the left that day and and what we've now we've got Hollywood is just imploded Hollywood is demanding impeachment Hollywood demands impeachment after Muller testimony no more ethic around oh my god boys these people are serious now I've got a whole bunch of memes lined up I want to just get through this story really quick we've just got some hilarious our reactions from these Hollywood wankers I mean the day was a disaster for the left and they're like somehow they're still pitching on still growing on about impeachment the Hollywood left call on Democrats in Congress to impeach President Donald Trump we're not really sure why but they're just calling them for to do it after former Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress on Wednesday and we got Robbie Reiner here it is imperative Congress must start an impeachment inquiry this president colluded with a foreign enemy power to undermine our democracy no he did not you wanker you absolute wanker okay there's no evidence there's no evidence of collusion what must we know what muck that they left they dragged they dragged Muller in there they asked them all the questions there is no collusion there is no obstruction Muller was asked you know was your investigation impeded or instructed or obstructed or hindered and he came out and he said no and there is no Russian collusion these leftist wanker celebrities from Hollywood still keep calling for for this impeachment about this fake Russian they're not letting it go even after Muller you know old man mill they bought him out and he's just I I I'm actually I'm beyond I'm almost lost for words that they're still pushing this bullshit they're still pushing the Russian we may got John Cusack hopefully to announce the impeachment we are told speaker Pelosi will join house Intel chair Schiff and house sir judiciary chair neighbor and a press conference that that was not to announce an impeachment you effing wanker John Cusack you are come a complete and utter wanker I mean do these people even know what they're saying I won't go through this whole thing but it's like celebrity after celebrity you know did they did they watch the same thing that we watch did they watch the disaster yes they did watch the disaster that was the filler you know the hearings there they watched Muller like an old man who barely knows what day it is who's been bought out of the old-age home right I just wanted to get that off my chest I was gonna make like two videos I was gonna do a means video plus I was going to do the Hollywood video but no I'll put them both into one right now let's get let's get stuck into some memes and we're going to start with some memes that were like we've got Trump now these are like the memes the left were using oh we've got him and these are like if you think Michael Cohen's testimony made things worse for Tron wait till the Muller report drops oh the S storm will turn into an S hurricane Oh boys we're gonna get him when the mirror report drops because this meme was probably like six months ago and they're like oh we got him now boys we got a few more of these early on memes and Muellers I got your fire and my fury is coming oh no boys fear of his fury gotta watch me Restless Mueller's fury it's coming Trump's in real trouble he's in real trouble now oh no soon oh this also cutting meme this one he's coming for Trump we're just gonna have to wait and this was like the media they were just going on tour soon come on mule is coming out with it or we're gonna get it soon we're gonna get it oh yeah it's almost there mule it's gonna release the report and then Trump is going down just go to wait a little bit longer they kept the Russian narrative hoax just going on and here we have couldn't use is you're not under investigation anymore bad news is you're under arrest what I think that happened no no no no no that that didn't happen oh Mega Moolah ain't going away oh no Trump's in big trouble here folks prop was in really really big trouble he's really worried about this Mueller guy he's not going away and then we're tied sort of turns I'm not happy with the election results and me and my team of Hillary donors need to find whatever dirt we can to take down from even if we have to make it up that's right Russian narrative was just complete bullshit the whole thing the steel dossier fusion GPS it's all made up it's all the fact narrative all from the Clinton campaign the whole thing from the Clinton campaign are we going to have an investigation of where this crap actually came from no probably not our question at anytime of the investigation was your investigation curtailed or stopped or hindered Mueller no in other words no obstruction and the story done okay we're done and I'm Michael Moore Michael Moore came out a frail old man unable to remember things stumbling refusing to answer basic questions I said it in 2017 and Mueller confirmed it today all you pundits and moderates and lame Dems who told the public to put their faith his team Robert Miller just STFU from now on you know you've got to hand it to Michael Moore he's he's hit the nail square on the head here I think Michael Moore is I don't like him I think he's a piece of human garbage but you know he's right he is absolutely spot-on right here the Mueller report to Nigerians wearing megawhatts stole all solid evidence of Russia Trump concluded collusion this of course is the you know the tie in with the justice smaller with the two Nigerians and the hats I thought that was I thought that was pretty funny and just like that Mueller is a feeble old man who can't remember anything it's funny how his demeanor is kind of like when you I saw him on the camera you know like a month or two ago sky was pretty sharp he was on the ball and now you know he's been you know and he said when he did his press conference I think it was like two months ago he said that's all I'm pretty much going to say on this matter you know mic drop what walked out of that walked out and that was it he said everything's in the report and then the Democrats cuz they just couldn't let it go the left just couldn't let it go they dragged him back in before the Oversight Committee kicking and screaming he's basically looked like he'd aged about 20 years if you hold the Mueller report up to your ear you can hear the sound of Hillary losing okay I mean the left just can't stop losing to trump you know a lot of these celebrities that they're going on as if this was some kind of a win to them I don't know how they extracted a win out of this I don't know why they're still pushing for impeachment we've actually had some pundits saying that impeachment is dead there's no chance of impeachment now elder abuse is more than physical it can be political if you or a senior you know who's being abused by Democrats call toll-free one 800 800 Buse prevention support line speak directly to a peer support volunteer fully confidential you know this is kind of elder abuse I mean this this whole guy he's dragged up there in front of this committee he doesn't want to be in front of you know he's kind of done his job he came out he said no collusion no obstruction he doesn't doesn't want to be in front of the committee sorry this is you can see this is like some kind of like Elder Abuse and Matt Gaetz you know thanks to a very Nadler thanks for bringing in Mueller today I thought there was a pretty good a pretty good tweet and here we have you know the game of Thrones kind of mean what the Dems expected from the Mueller hearings the ending they got that's right that's right they haven't got what they wanted they didn't get what they wanted out you know the first Mueller the renewal report when it dropped and they're not getting what they want out of when they've brought Mueller back to try and extract something out of him so desperate they are to accept the narrative alive and extract something out of it but it's gone it's all dead it's finished as the tweet I asked Rep Matt gates how he thinks the hearing is going he texted for Democrats and sent a gift of a mushroom cloud that's right the whole hearing that was an absolute disaster for the left couldn't have gone worse for the left and here we have you know this CNN's CNN's Twitter YouTube account Anderson Cooper debunked Trump's false claims after Muller hearing I just want to touch on a few things on this on this image for a start you know CNN 7.1 million subscribers there and the videos got like you know 40 43 thousand views I mean 43,000 views for a channel with 7.1 million subs is absolutely pathetic engagement and look at the like to dislike 1/2 thousand likes you'll nearly four thousand dislikes okay CNN on YouTube is garbage no one no one's watching CNN on YouTube ok but YouTube keeps trying to push CNN up in the search results in the recommended it's just like it's pushing a turd to the you know to the to the like the top of the bowl or something that no one's watching this crap on YouTube people come to YouTube to get away from garbage like CNN they don't want to see Anderson Cooper on their YouTube and I'll Bill Maher here tweet it out I can't watch this anymore go home guys you made oj try on the glove reference to the oj simpson cat case and it just didn't work you can still win the election but i wouldn't bet my money on it if this mueller testimony was supposed to be the movie it's a Terrence Malick movie Democrats are a political party that does not know how to do politics that's right Bill Maher is admitting the whole thing was an absolute disaster for the left and here we are when your mum writes your book report and you're asked about questions about it in class you know there were so many times that Mueller was asked something in the report in his not really sure where that was I mean clearly this is a guy who had very little input into the report and you know he had obviously he's got a staff it's not all his work it wasn't you know it's got his name on it the Mueller investigation but he has got a whole team of lawyers obviously he just probably you know signed it often that was like you know okay I'll approve all this but obviously he doesn't he doesn't really know what's in it and when the congressman and when the politicians ever asked him questions and he's like I'll have to refer I'm not too sure about that mainly he just didn't know what was going on we've got an old guy that just his mind is going he didn't want to be there and he's either just playing dumb or he just just doesn't doesn't really know what's happening huh so if you made to the end of this video I thought we'd you know go through those memes start off with Hollywood reacting still demanding impeachment I thought they might have liked turned it down a little bit you know turn the impeachment sirens down now that the hope the whole disaster the whole disaster that is the Mueller report is like laid out to bear I mean it was laid out to bear before but they bought in the big rotten carcass and they've just thrown it on the table and now we've just got the disaster that is the Mueller investigation just laid out to bear so and yet the Hollywood wankers that they're still calling for investor they're still calling for impeachment I mean that's even with mule is like no no no no obstruction there was no obstruction the investigation you know there's no evidence of collusion with Russia and the Hollywood wankers they're still demanding it it's I'm truly lost for words at the wanker ISM in Hollywood at the moment by these Hollywood celebrities anyway thanks for making it to the end of the video let me know what you think in the comments you know do you have any other memes you want to share drop and below the links below and we'll keep the fun going anyway thanks for watching and I'll catch you in the comments


  1. Loved your video. I think this was the first time I watched one. Keep up the reporting. The pivotal moment for me was when Mueller didn't know what Fusion GPS was. Seriously, it was priceless. As far was the Hollywood "actors" , they are washed up has-beens trying to grab as Sunset Boulevard moment. I virtually stopped watching TV and spending my hard earned money to go and see a movie with the heavy hitters (Hanks, Dinero and Streep ).

  2. ** Pay attention to the people screaming the loudest…
    Poor Hellyweird… lol… Those Monsterous subhuman's ARE SCARED TO DEATH!! lol…
    If they don't get rid of President Trump THEY ARE ALL GOING DOWN FOR SOME PRETTY FOUL DIRTY DEEDS…

  3. If you want to know how the left can treat this as a win then I refer you to Diane West's 'The Red Thread'. She has expressed frustration at how the Republican's in tackling Mueller operated as though the FISA warrant against Trump was obtained via some form of legitimate process and not as a result of the false unverified bit of nonsense the Steele Dossier. In fact they laundered the Steele Dossier through the judicial and legal institutions in the US and the assumption became that simply because it got as far as it did there must be something to it. If the Democrats can get the Republicans to operate within their 'reality' and accept even for arguments sake that a piece of slanderous political fiction (The Steele Dossier) is a valid platform for debate and they are thus reduced to arguing what is to most semantics against it – it naturally follows that the Dems must be thinking of what new parameters they can impose on the next manufactured scandal with their next lie. Ultimately Pelosi still has that gavel and they still have the MSM – giving them a license to lie and obstruct.

  4. @MEME THE LEFT Even their 137 Democrat voted against the impeachment, Good luck on Hollyweird on getting 137 Democrat to vote for impeachment lol!!!

  5. You make a mistake.
    "POTUS coluded with a foreign enemy power".
    "No he did not, there is no evidence".
    You just accepted 'their' narrative of Russia, a christian nation, being our enemy!!!!!

  6. Wow big parts of the left are in such a BUBBLE that no reality can penetrate anymore!!

    They are practically in a realm of WANKERS!!!

  7. Robert"I dont agree with your characterization"Mueller… Soon to be accused of colluding with Russia and Trump 2020 campaign

  8. These liberals are too stupid to understand what exoneration even is…. If you are UNJUSTLY FOUND GUILTY then are FOUND NOT GUILTY then and only then CAN YOU BE EXONERATED. Its so obvious to why they are hung up on this… he has been guilty in their minds the entire time without due process…. But hey, they hide behind their rights while stripping everyone else's… Not fascist at all…

  9. Archie was spot on!!! He said that Mike was meat-head and in reality he really is!! Reiner, you are a "rotten meat-head"!!!

  10. Hollywood idiots don't need evidence when attacking anyone who does not agree with or bend to their will. Do you have this many wankers in your country?!!!

  11. Amazing that some people seem truly disappointed that the President of the United States is not a foreign agent.

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