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Laughing At Jesus : Pastor invites Jesus to Preach in Church!

to you issues like comment share subscribe and south african pasta invited Jesus Christ forever to preach in his church they even gave Jesus the microphone and after church service members were taking pictures with Jesus this would even be made so Jesus voice so the beauty that Jesus is why just implemented we're gonna figure a figure of Jesus panting I never thought that was a words like this I have a video of Jesus dancing from yesterday and never ever come to like what other people have been saying about this situation after the picture was moving on social media is weights the disciple who occupied France it's not fine but it can't stop laughing I know then I never say the white is coming the white Jesus is finally here that's which all practices to come back and they will go through the place oh yeah Savage I forgive you come prank videos coming out there's a prank you come out tonight please make sure you watch them if you want some of our prank videos make sure you do we're doing the most thank you for watching peace

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