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Laughing At The Moon

Well, have you ever had a
roommate that was just a little off? That’s what happens in the new
movie, “Laughing at the Moon.” But there’s a twist
in this story. Maybe the so-called
weird one isn’t the one who really needs the help. NARRATOR: Natalie McClay
is looking for something. I’m waiting for
someone you’d never expect to have the
answers to life. NARRATOR: And for
the perfect roommate. Let’s just hope the
new roommate is dull. Why do you need a
new roommate anyhow? Just how much do you
think it costs for me to keep up with my lifestyle? NARRATOR: Iris doesn’t look
like the answer to anything. Ready to meet the encyclopedia
from the Happy Dale Sanitarium? I’m Iris Kreedle. Honey, ain’t nobody
like Miss Iris. NARRATOR: They could each
be what the other needs. You see life in
a whole new way. I’m going on a date tonight. Well, clearly you need help. And obviously, I’m
the only one qualified to help you get
ready for your date. Let’s go. But I thought I was ready. This ought to be good. NATALIE: Where have
I been all your life? Presenting the new Iris. Well, joining us now with
more is Alyssa Addison. She’s the writer, the director
of “Laughing at the Moon.” And she’s also the actress
who plays the role, Iris. Welcome, it’s so nice
to have you here. Oh, thank you, Terry. At one point, you
were a counselor in a domestic violence center. Yes. How in the world did you go
from that to the film business? Well, my heart has always
been with film and acting. And I started acting when
I was about four years old. And so it was always a passion
that I did on the side anyway. So where did the inspiration
for “Laughing at the Moon” come from? Well, I wrote it
first as a play. And we did it in Southern
California and North Carolina and then converted it to a
screenplay, and here we are. TERRY: How did it
turn into a movie? That’s a big transition to go
from just writing something. I mean, when you wrote
it, you didn’t really know whether it would
ever become anything. Exactly. TERRY: You wrote it just out
of your own creative spirit. How did it get to
where it is now? Well, we had gotten
to meet Alex Kendrick and got to go down on
the “Courageous” site when they were
filming “Courageous.” And Bob Scott, who
filmed “Fireproof” and “Courageous” and “War
Room,” he filmed our movie. And so it’s just kind of
one miracle after another. TERRY: Talk a little bit
about your character, Iris. I mean, here you are, you’re
in all of these roles. You’ve written this. You’re directing
it, and you’re iris. But really acting is
what started you off at four years old. Tell me about this role. ALYSSA: Right, well, Iris is
kind of a quirky crazy person. You find out later
why she’s like that. But inside of her,
there’s a heart for God. And you find out later, you
know, what really moves her. And it’s an example of Jesus
laying his life down for us. It’s about sacrificial love. It’s kind of a love
letter to people, just to let them know just
what kind of love that was that Jesus had for us when
He laid down His life for us, along with a little
humor and wit but then a very heartfelt, touching story
to minister the gospel to them. So is it laughter as
well as moved to tears? Yes. In it, yeah. What was it like for you,
what is it like, you’re still in the whole issue of promoting
the film and all of that, to play all of these roles,
the writer, the director, the actress. Well, next time I think
I’ll let someone else direct and I’ll write and act because
it was really quite crazy. But it was a
wonderful experience. And we were so blessed to have
Erin Bethea from “Fireproof,” and just so many people
that stepped in to help us. And now we have a lot
of cities asking for it. And we don’t have the resources
to go to all these places. So we’re just praying that God
opens those up and opens up those doors, just
like He already has. So you’re opening in a limited
number of cities, right? Right. Tell me about the opening. Well, we’re opening September
9 in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia. And then on
September 16, it will go to Orange County, Los
Angeles, and Riverside in California. And I believe it’ll
go to Asheville, North Carolina,
after that and then wherever God opens up the
resources and time after that. TERRY: So how does that happen? If people want to see the
film that we’re talking about, “Laughing at the
Moon,” how can they initiate the process
for their area? Well, they can
go on our website, And they can click on our
Bring It to your City button, and it will give you
all the instructions about how to go about that. TERRY: Is that complicated? Is it something anybody can do? ALYSSA: No, anybody can do that. Usually it takes about 500
people in an area and a couple churches. Show the trailer and that
can happen pretty easily. Boy, I guess so. Well, that’s awesome. I mean, what was
directing like for you? Did you enjoy it? ALYSSA: Yes. Hard to say when
you’re also the actress? It’s a little
crazy but Bob Scott was the cinematographer there. He helped me quite a bit
and just a learning process. I had directed a lot of
plays so it was a little bit different than that. And I had acted in
films before so I had a little bit of knowledge. But then I had a lot of help. What do you see
your future, I mean, God has put you in
such a strategic place. You’ve had a love
for all of this. So in some way, you
kind of went away and did a practical
counselor sort of thing. And now you’re back
in the creative field. Is it something you
want to keep doing? Oh, yes, we have
other films planned. And I can’t wait
to do another one. And this is kind of
directed at women. I mean, anybody can go but it’s
kind of a chick flick comedy drama. And so it really
resonates with women. And we’re hoping to
do more like that. Did you have to do the
selection of the other actors and actresses? Well, I had a casting director. But we also had
some say in that. And I just can’t wait to
see what God has next. Well, it seems to me that’s
sort of the theme of your life, can’t wait to see
what God has next. Yes. TERRY: And here you are doing
the thing that you love so much and that’s been a part of your
life since you were a child. There’s almost a message
in your personal story, also, to people who
maybe have a dream that doesn’t seem very possible. I mean, God really
resurrected this. Oh, yes, there was many
deaths to the vision as Pastor Fred Musser down in
Georgia always used to tell me. He’s also in our movie. And then, God would
just resurrect things. So it’s about never
giving up and trusting in Him for His timing. What do you want
people, when they come to see “Laughing
at the Moon,” what do you want them
to take away from it? Well, I want them to laugh. I want them to cry. And I especially want
them to be reminded of the amazing, you
know, unfathomable love that God has for us. TERRY: Be inspired by
the greatness of God. ALYSSA: Yes, be
inspired, and for people that don’t know Him that
they would come to know Him is what my prayer is. TERRY: Well, Alyssa, you have
a wonderful personal story. And the movie sounds like
it’s really inspiring and fun at the same time. You can go even further
into “Laughing at the Moon” by checking out Alyssa’s
Facebook live interview. All you have to do for that
is go to And to see if the movie
is playing near you, log on to And as she was
sharing with us, you can make it happen in your
area if you’d like to see it. So thank you so much. It’s so nice to have you here. We wish you the best. Well, thank you so much. God bless your efforts.

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