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Laughing At The New Inquisition

Some of the opinions I’ve heard recently have made me realise that I disagree with “progressives”, not just ideologically, but for mental health reasons. One of the main strands of “progressive” insanity is of course the idea that all cultures are equal, even gay-hating, women-hating, Jew-hating ones, apparently. Yes, I’ve looked into it, and there doesn’t appear to be any sort of qualification threshold on this. We have to treat all cultures with equal respect – except, of course, for western culture, which is racist and imperialist, and should be trumped whenever possible. It’s what we call equality, I think. Or maybe it’s diversity. It’s one of those nice cuddly “progressive” words, anyway. Well, it would be, wouldn’t it? There are many reasons why I could never be a “progressive”, not least because I am genuinely tolerant of difference. I believe in diversity, especially diversity of opinion, which is something “progressives” seem to feel threatened by. With some of them it has become such a phobia that a kind of “progressive” inquisition seems to have developed to stamp down on opinions that are incorrect. And I think this is because most “progressives” inhabit a self-reinforcing social or professional bubble where everyone carries around the same shallow, unexamined assumptions and certainties, and they’re simply not used to being disagreed with. They find it traumatic, poor souls, which is why “progressives” are more likely than anyone else (except Muslims) to demand censorship of opinions they don’t like. You can measure how “progressive” you are, if you want to, by how long it’s been since you called somebody a racist for advocating secularism or democracy – racist, of course, being the handy catch-all word for any social or political opinion “progressives” disapprove of, used typically as a first resort, like a pepper spray, to shut people up before they can be heard. You see, “progressives” instinctively know what’s best for everyone. It is their core defining trait. They believe that if they find a thing personally offensive to them, it should be banned for everyone. Opinions they personally disagree with should be shouted down before anyone else can hear them. “Progressives” give themselves permission to think and behave this way because they believe they occupy some kind of high moral ground, an idea that, like so much “progressive” thought, is both amusing and disturbing at the same time. But because they make this typically arrogant and false assumption, every disagreement becomes a moral judgment, so when they encounter somebody with a different view, a “progressive” will tend not merely to disagree, as a normal person would, but to actively judge and condemn them as a despicable human being who deserves to be personally vilified and their opinions, however valid, deliberately misrepresented and crushed by any means, however underhand or dishonourable. So they’ll quite happily slander you as a racist when they know very well that you’re not, yet still be smugly convinced that they’re doing the right thing. Being called a racist is especially unpleasant because it isn’t just a casual insult that can be shrugged off. It’s a shunning word like “traitor” or “pervert” that can stain a person’s reputation whether it’s true or not. And “progressives” invariably use it with that express intention, from up there on that high moral ground, right across the border from Cloud Cuckoo Land. And they police each other, too, with a puritan ferocity. I know people who are afraid to speak their mind in front of their more “progressive” friends because they know they’ll be judged and condemned for it, and they don’t need the hassle. So they keep their mouth shut and pretend to be somebody else. And that’s fine with “progressives”. They don’t want to know who you really are. They only care about who you’re supposed to be. It’s all about a world that should exist, but doesn’t. Another important quality “progressives” possess is that they appear to be excellent mind readers. Whatever you say, a “progressive” can always tell what you really meant by it. It’s a simple formula: if you say X, you must mean Y, and Y is unacceptable, therefore your opinions must be crushed. However clearly you state your position, a “progressive” will always manage to read between the lines enough to change it so that they can call you a racist. It’s really quite an amazing skill… I mean sickness. And it is what I think of as a kind of altitude sickness from constantly occupying that high moral ground where “progressives” just don’t belong, bless them. Their shameless double standards are simply not equipped to survive in an atmosphere that makes such impossible demands on them for unqualified integrity. The strain is just too much for “progressives”. It seems to weaken their already diminished capacity for clear and honest thought so that their minds fill up with crazy “racist” apparitions, and the spectre of “Islamophobia” looms over them like a ludicrous bedsheet ghost. They’re running scared from their own propaganda, these poor people, afraid to step out of line in case the Inquisition turns on them; compelled to keep repeating the lie that all cultures are equal because if they told the truth and said: “Well, actually, “the evidence is that all cultures are nowhere near equal, “and to claim otherwise is an insult to everyone’s intelligence”, then by their own shabby “progressive” standards they would instantly become racists, which in “progressive” circles is tantamount to being anointed with the plague. They just can’t do it. And this is your real tragedy if you are a “progressive” (apart from actually being one, that is). You’re trapped up there on that imaginary high moral ground by your own dishonest propaganda. Your history of shameless slander and lofty condemnation would make any climbdown far, far too humiliating, especially when those flimsy relativist double standards of yours simply explode under the pressure of returning to reality, as we like to call it down here on terra firma. And then all those nasty little labels that you have maliciously and falsely pinned on others in the past would come home and attach themselves to you, where they have always belonged. And we can’t have that, now, can we, “progressives”? So I guess you’ll just have to brazen it out and keep up the ridiculous charade with your vile and cowardly racist “anti-racism”, and your ugly hypocritical moral posturing, while the rest of us all have a good laugh at your expense.

100 thoughts on “Laughing At The New Inquisition

  1. It's as if he was perfectly describing a prof I had in Uni.  Anyone who disagreed with her about anything was somehow racist without having insulted any race.

  2. No, not really. It's just some people are so willingly dumb and proud of that as if 
    they gave medals for that. They can't tell the difference between moderate Islam and ISIS or Hindu or Buddhism religions and philosophies. All are supposed to be equally baaaaaad. Except for the one and only, the one with dinosaurs having blast parties with humans 5000 years ago for instance. And if you disagree, you're ISIS 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, these evil morons have the power to force their wishes on others, so we can't laugh too loudly, and "their expense" does not cost them nearly enough.

  4. PZ Myers cares nothing for any particular ideology. Anyone attacking anyone he fancies is automatically a fascist misogynist Islamophobe who rapes children.  In fact, that's basically the go-to for the SJW community: They are almost exactly like creationists, anti-vaxers, anti-GMO advocates, Scientologists, climate deniers, and other woo peddlers, except their insults skew farther to the left (except for universal insults like pedophile and libertarian).

  5. It seems to me that the progressives that Mr. Condell are calling "progressives" aren't progressives, though they may call themselves that. Is there a better word for them?

  6. I think that "progressives" are calling themselves "social justice warriors" these days, or maybe there is something that I have missed, —just throwing that out there. I'd really like to know if they are the same or different.

  7. True genius. I watch this and think, 'Yes!', 'Yes, that's right', 'Yes that's what happened to me'.  Thank you for being able to express exactly what these people are like, things that I could never put into words.

  8. This man inveighs against tendentious language yet is happy to use the very sort of accusatory phrases progressives use e.g. "gay-hating", "jew-hating." Why can't someone oppose gay marriage or gay adoption without hating gays? Why can't I find Jewish politics irritating or Jewish jokes amusing without wanting to send Jews to the gas chambers? Jews are responsible for the very laws and mechanisms of ostracism that Condell protests; e.g. being branded an anti-Semite is an even worse stigma than 'racist' while "Holocaust Deniers" go to jail in most (all?) countries. Whose doing is that? Hint: Not Muslims or Christians. Condell is the coward. He knows who can safely be criticized and who can't.

  9. Well you see, by lowering western cultures that value freedom and rights, and elevating a culture that devalues freedom and rights, it puts them at a sort of even ground to each other… or must be the logic going on

  10. Progressives used to worry about workers' rights, healthcare, jobs — now the movement has been taken over by feminists, especially, and other special interest groups, which has basically destroyed the original concept.

  11. Hey…! Pat did you stop counting how many Islamist stupid fatwas that got your name on them ???
    I do hope you stop counting & keep yourself safe at all time with a couple of Taser guns, also a case of two of the strongest pepper sprays for safety sake of course…! I'd be laughing lesser than ever without your videos…! I really enjoy your sarcastic reality by using comedy…! You either have a fantastic memory or a tele-prompter because I never see your eyes going sideways or down like many do to read their texts HA…! HA…! HA…!

  12. Problem is Pat that only a small percentage of us are taking note. The rest are busy watching Emmerdale and Eastenders ('tv fodder for the brain-dead' for those who are not familiar).

  13. It's the western Caucasian human disappearing pretty much like the Cheshire Cat bit by bit until only the smile remains – that vapid, imbecile, yokel-like and self mocking smile of the Libtards Regressive Left – and even that too winks out in the end.

  14. It's the western Caucasian human disappearing pretty much like the Cheshire Cat bit by bit until only the smile remains – that vapid, imbecile, yokel-like and self mocking smile of the Libtard Regressive Left – and even that too winks out in the end.

  15. Pat Condell, the man who articulates your frustration with knobheads.
    Listen to this man as much as possible, and at the next diner party you have to go to, you will be the life and soul of the conversation. Peace!

  16. if you look closely,,,you can see halo around this guys head !!! fuking unreal…..:) love you like always,,,,you are a role model

  17. Again, I wish you had your own TV show. You should come to the US and have your own show. I think you would get a much bigger audience here and you could help keep us from turning into Britain, Sweden, France, etc., concerning these subjects. The USA is heading this way and we need someone with your blunt, clever personality to help stop this from happening. I don't think you would get as big of an audience in the UK, even though I think, secretively, most Brits feel as you do.

  18. tell it like it is Pat : Dylan did….but he was so last century…and the world he lived in was so different…but he knew all about  double standards , injustice and delusions of morality

  19. ya progressives are idiotic morons and easy to laugh at until they become politicians and professors and have control over you and your children..

  20. Well said…it seems this illness has swept the planet..there are multitudes of this in the U.S. is there a cure…perhaps a lobotomy for some..maybe there should be public alerts to address this strange phenomena…

  21. Progressives don't occupy the moral high ground, they stand atop the pile of millions of human bodies who died as a result of the murder and famine progressive socialism has caused in the world. From these lofty heights, amidst the rarified air of the stratosphere, heavy with the gaseous products of tens upon hundreds of millions of rotting human corpses of the victims of the progressive establishment, intoxicated by the perfume of moral supremacy and a cause greater than the horror it consistently yields applied in quantities sufficient to overcome any remaining vestigial urge to self reflection, they shout obscenely towards those of us who recoil in horror at their revolting visage and sputter pejoratives at us in the tune of the mindless calls of unthinking fear and project forth their own self-loathing in the form of venemous acid words lashing against any who do not emit the progressive mantra that they are beautiful and good no matter what they may do. As when Perseus defeated Medusa, a mirror is the most potent weapon against this monstrous foe, and thus it seeks to censor any who would challenge and defy its own mantra that they are beautiful and good no matter what they have chosen to do. So it is that, as in all times, the spectre of totalitarianism having clawed it's way back out of its unresting grave again must once more be put down and buried deep in a prison fitting it's relentless danger lest the beast devour us all and digest the human race in an obscene feast of extinction, the inevitable result of its parasitic nature. Forever will we have need to be vigilant for its return as no prison may perpetually hold that which lurks in the dark recesses of every human mind. We must defeat totalitarianism and abolish the progressive establishment now and forever if we are to be free, if our progeny are to inherit Liberty, if indeed we are to be beautiful and good because of what we have chosen to do.

    And furthermore the progressive establishment must be abolished!

    Michael Paul Foye

  22. Pat,you are a TRUE hero and i would sleep well if you where chairman of the UN human rights council.You are pure awesomeness! 💪👌✌👊

  23. Pat hit the nail on the head as usual… progressives really love to assume your thoughts and tell you what your thinking. I was having a discussion with several relativity left-wing classmates a short while ago and I made some comments mildly critical of Islam and other Christian denominations (I'm catholic) among other conservative statements and the whole thing ended up with them trying to paint me as some sort of far-right radical.

  24. …and look at the average 'progressive's' age….20-35? Yes, all nicely brainwashed in school since it all kicked-off in the early 90s.

  25. there are 3 stages of political correctness
    stage 1 I feel slightly awkward talking to someone of a different ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disability etching

    stage 2 the offended person senses the awkwardness

    stage 3 the offended person uses the awkwardness to gain something or lever a position

  26. This isn't about "progressives". It's about the Regressive Leftists. True progressives are disgusted by their authoritarian ways too.

  27. I wonder if sjw's and progressives suffer from a form of autism or aspirges I will admit I don't fully understand these conditions but I do understand that the progressives sjw's don't seem to be able to reason logically, it's child like and irrational

  28. I hope they all get a dose of Ebola pat and it wipes out 30,000 libtards in the first few weeks after all they like taking in people unvetted in with out screening them for TB,AIDS,HIV & of coarse the terrorist that you the taxpayer will have to foot the bill for in the end,

  29. 2018 Pat it hasn't got any better the elite and the progressives and the whiners in the big babies they just go on and on and on will it ever end? I appreciate your videos

  30. Most progressives are mentally ill
    As they occupy a moral higher ground.they will vilify you in the wink of an eye. Woe betide you if you disagree with these muppets they will crush your opinion.progressives are sick people.condemning people who oppose your posturing and calling people racists an facists when in fact it's the progressive idiots that are the racist and facists. Your minds are befuddled by a cleansing cloud of reality from those of us that realise how bat shit barking mad you and others like you are. You've lost the plot and your sense of direction never to return to the real world

  31. Margaret Thatcher must be rolling in her grave to know that her beautiful, majestic Christian British country is now a heap of Bedouin dung.

  32. That sir, was absolute genius. A huge THANK YOU for elucidating and articulating these issues so clearly, and with such wit and style. Watching this video, I feel a release of the curse of “progressivei-ism”, and it’s intent to lead us all to a politically correct gulag.

  33. I do not believe in not insulting innocent people who do not hurt anyone. I do believe in shutting bigots, racists, and fundamentalists, especially Muslims because their ideology is murderous as has been proven over the centuries. Dangerous ideologies must be shut up and outlawed, Be they KKK, Nazi, supremacists or Muslim.

  34. Allah Akbar please change your braces ! Bring some colour into my life ! Or wear a burka with a crucifix underneath ! Whilst walking your pet pig !

  35. So then, No Gay Pride Parades this year in Saudi-Arabia. But we have turned the old St. Patrick's Day parade of Catholics in Sodom-On-The Hudson (formerly known as New York City) into yet another only homosexual celebration of every possible vile perversion your pervert heart desires. In fact this has grown so much that even small children rarely can be found that have any true 'Innocence' anymore. We're almost finished stamping out innocence in small children. Of course we are not yet as foul as the Islamists who marry little girls, children, to foul old men. Now that's a really Perverted religion dedicated to death in all its blood and gore. Keep up the blood dripping wet work all you Ayatollah's and Imams, America welcomes you.

  36. Is Pat a queer? He brings up that Muslims kill homosexuals. Muslim men are homosexual all over the world. Go to a Muslim country see them men holding each othets hands. Don't you know that the Muslim men love to have sex with little boys?

  37. Christians are characterized as haters of gay people, because we believe the act of homosexual coitus is a sin, or immoral. I find it difficult to understand how someone can not logically separate the act of putting one's member in another person's anal area, from the person as a whole. If I steal 10 dollars, that does not invalidate my entire life, but as a Christian, I must be a hater of gays, because i believe anal sex is wrong.

  38. Progressives cannot tolerate other views being expressed because all other ideas – even the most ridiculous and backwards – look sensible when compared to theirs.

  39. Bullshit. I'm a progressive and I agree that 100% if an Iman is inciting violence toss them out.
    I'm appalled at how free speech laws in Britain seemed to have deemed offending someone as illegal.
    It's a false victory because government will use it against everyone to shut down free thought and political thought and not just religion.
    I agree no burka if you want to be in court or a bank. They should follow the law.
    A doctor refusing to treat a gay (Something that happens in Christian America too) or refusing to handle acohol in a supermarket or ham in a butchers, then you should be free not to hire them.

  40. I can't agree with you more Mr. Condell, and I really like the way you use your choice of words and perspectives. Mr. Condell you are a genius and comedian at heart.

  41. Maybe the conservative sane ppl left can go to a certain country to start over. The muslim 3rd world vermin are doing it so let’s go make a new land great again….then keep them out…will be easy with all conservatives in charge..!

  42. Great stuff. But how did an obvious fallacy such as the equality of cultures ever get such currency? Could it be possible to make the world believe that there are no biological differences between men and women?

  43. I hear that Cambridge University Theology Department revoked Jordan Peterson's fellowship recently. An utterly reactionary and outrageous decision.

  44. Leftists should all be forced to live in Saudi-Arabia for six months or until they are beheaded or stoned, whichever comes first. That would fix the problem

  45. Spot on Pat. These people are the product of an evil conspiracy (political correctness) which has now brainwashed and successfully turned an entire generation of young people into mindless morons.

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