Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughing Buddha ~ I Can’t Find My Mind!

Silent Retreat
02 September 2016 – Satsang 2 ‘I Can’t Find My Mind!’ [Questioner] Hello, Mooji.
[Mooji] Hello. [Q.] Now I’m nervous. [Q.] You said, ‘The mind doesn’t exist actually,
it’s only a thought’. So something happened. I can’t find my mind! [Mooji] You can’t find your mind?
[Q.] No. [laughter] [Mooji] Everybody help to find it for her.
[laughter] [Q.] So I feel some thoughts coming up,
but I can’t find my mind. [Mooji] Yes.
[laughter] [Q.] So it happens. [Mooji laughs] [Q.] I don’t know what to say!
[laughter] [Mooji] What you are speaking is true. What you are speaking is true. The world has not understood. It will not understand you. ‘I can’t find my mind.’ The next step after that,
you know where that goes. [Mooji] But here that is so beautiful, because nobody can find their mind. [silence] [Q.] When I woke up in the morning, I had a feeling that something has to happen. It was an urgency arising out of my heart, and it felt like something must shift,
or move forward. In the Shiva temple, I was surrendering, and saying,
‘I surrender to Shiva, to Krishna, to Mooji, to Ramana, then everyone, to Jesus. I don’t know what will happen.’ So you said this small thing … I can’t find my mind!
[laughter] [Mooji] Shall we put it up on ‘Missing persons’
or something? [laughter] This is so beautiful.
In my ears that is the most beautiful music, ‘I cannot find my mind’. You’re here, but you cannot find your mind. [Mooji] Wonderful. [M.] Do you want it back?
[Q.] No. [Mooji] No, no. Very great. Let’s see if she can live without a mind.
[laughter] At first you are so happy about it. A little bit startled. [Q.] There’s such a peace.
[Mooji] Yes. [laughter] Where is your mind when you cannot find it? [laughter] [Q.] I try to find it, but I just …
[laughter] [Q.] It’s a miracle.
[M.] Yes. [laughter] [Q.] It is just so simple!
[laughter] [more laughter] [Mooji] I can’t find mine as well. [continuous laughter] [Mooji] A blessed predicament! [laughter] [Mooji] Yes, for twenty-five years, I can’t find him. [Q.] How is it? [laughter] [Mooji] Very happy. [silence] May you never find it again. [laughter] We must have a board up there, you know?
‘Missing minds!’ [laughter] ‘Last seen …’ [laughter] [Mooji] Very good. [Q.] Thank you. [Mooji] What good fortune. Copyright © 2016 Mooji Media Ltd.
All Rights Reserved. No part of this recording may be reproduced
without Mooji Media Ltd.’s express consent.

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