Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughing Challenge w/ YBillions

I was super yeah obviously got pizza here with my cousin Bailey come on what's your name I'm waiting from where are you coming from you always think today oh can we do like we did today then try not to laugh Channing get me yeah yeah very good it's kinda original I know I know I know it is not know whatever gonna be mobile obviously must not be didn't try to have challenge to get me hey Dom I'm home subject Dom oh my god Oh I do chill how's the left G come on oh yeah but every time you laugh again we get to put it over person I mean to make a bit more interesting come on and it's you left in its oh man it's banging [Applause] oh my day they still made a final [Applause] nothing yeah you already know it's watermelon time boy Thanks wait took you for no reason what huh get all your things in the free uh yeah yeah nice just oh they like that weird jumps than that family they just cook the next Cleveland's open or shut up then resides once both sides are open yes oh wow POW know what I mean crane that mangle is Jim you don't go Jim [Applause] look at me lucky just it's random it's random boom pow Martin you know what next next time you left see I'm gonna hear motor I'll be way less over calories wait a minute it kind of looks like a very very Oh a power about the rich hearing care in what they're worried you oh wait a while now this is the mine yes why is minecraft League infamous always mentor look at I used to burn by the game yeah but not this exactly more dice well you left you left first more diamonds alright I want to kill that spider how do we do I put my sergeant into a gigantic pumpkin so nice quickly knock ourselves out of there and let's take a look at what sort of resources we got no I'm uh [Applause] we did make the video usually yeah well obviously yeah catch my live in it fan out so not man joking I'm joking yeah I COO and thank you thank you all for watching you get me catching the next video – but a few videos lined up you get me yeah yeah yes

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