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down down down down [Applause] okay daddy [Applause] Laura died push open it mm without – sorry – colorful quadriyyah quit whatever and I thought that for me – did I said I met okay okay my mother that's lemme give my del tow by a possum and I'm gonna thought I won your net from Knight Rider my Madonna you go darling I know I know I should go come on baby yeah he did not to obey like that la mama de la vela [Applause] [Applause] yeah [Applause] Oh dumb warning or what faulty over 40 and want to budget my demo demo 40 Oh [Applause] Oh [Applause] yes Oh what does it mean so shit [Applause] Tony although mother hold on mom Muir wrote ot our fellow Tomomi better not do my thing see the la Torre de la piscine yoku I'm on pause yeah Carl panicky to the wash off my damn wife immediately on the way home I cannot be a wider Muzo but I kept telling my gentleness if any goddamn birthday enormous better BtoB me radical Shelly Sarasa exactly not be no sauna investor get it oh my god birthday oh gee buddy oh my location and call me chicken [Applause] whoa-hoo yellow you thought Tim off me we're not joking the neck while shooting little ash emotionally imbecile you wanna fight how will it be me Oh ah-ah-ah-choo today get out da-da-da-da-da in Argentina but I gotta buy No Oh [Applause] oh oh oh really hey Dan my honey only Monroy my we're busy dealing forgot your cookies she lucky shit oh they would remove it don't nobody shit la they borrow more to move this went to the water divine power to watch people pursue any idea what is everyone showing off you should eat it I'm gonna tell then you want to know they'll be reporting on a PR you see your debit card or repair holy shit oh no my pussy get it generally final song on ebay especially say you need a stop or two one drop point and Joe Biden is so go to a drop point actually we were you back but he might get for change on my kid be like where for my stepping up genuine age I will be jail by Chile right Oh back and then what would you like Ramu to Bermuda like yoga [Laughter] Auri quality or your team up for you or do you owe me money oh very manly but me Timmy only connect India or it open eeny meeny miny ah [Applause] they were surprised and then you get to go Jenny can my deck overlooking it push it back my solo Hebrew the language or take thee see ya go oh no I gotta go oh okay go back oh oh wait wait and I wish it Emma down don't work why that we will a domestic dependent on fire don't write down there oma nationally or among velocity Oh Dada [Laughter] – you are Laurie Upali swear on me do I go okay [Applause] the walk is watch but the plan watch done that done Google Eva Marie Romney everything is alright I'm okay now down to oh boy yeah dr. Marie did know that you sporty new layout if I pass you know gdb people really doubt that I see to face ha bullshit daddy daddy I give you the mesenchymal Oh mom you come alone because I mean no oh no my dear mommy mommy touch it I wanna show a change change Oh daddy look it got me open it don't contact with me Elmo you see I'm a bill apparently k get go I bet it together I better tell you I can't watch my war and no one married my opener but that opening I could rub it I put my money down that cool oh no you know me you know what day this is – under cone shape Oh bullshit bullshit to my villa no back to that I'm on ok kicking me Mon – one way be not so angry I won't go to my shop the movie best daddy my issue at Aurora echo 2 million along I do a messy I mean you're my rock new to repossess those Jubilee open is that will you ask you 1 4 th – but you say 150 little EPO so many oncology the people fight ugly people ugly person oh yeah Tony will tell you tomorrow believer oh yeah Katie no see camo camo on your machine shop wait a with my down Papa mama that's cool – Bam Bam Bam oh yeah so frugal and more don't meet that man what you can mango come on fight a war my pocket might be lady the city money new money plastic material only knew that – you won't watch italian neo geo whoa watch it as it turns it Danny oh watch it oh no nobody saw you will be solution it but grumpy Oh too bad like that happening I do I told my family no no before us it was okay a bunch a key software book book holy shit Amelia aha and it was sunny Oldham Oh mmm we'll show them I come on to it go by bundle Emma I see me come on whenever I see me and where they don't worry oh my a taco tastico what landing back on a walker celeriac oh did you make tea okay go again go back for me my only sin would you miss me yeah wonderful well minimal it's your body the junkies inability goona in the pendulum little louie louie remove court and I'm poor from Monday you're like a minute even animal meaning yam you madman ah-choo a macho e-check me article each other when I'm each everybody oh she liked our sheykh for well last year but now gee Elmo fertility tell nobody how do you got your mommy Tikku put you to do money way to martini that's what I really hate you ah but she will she will see if a cooler system she we were poor we fit in there and was so dumb our to shoot me to achieve my beauty and you know the budget my glory my body I in you're done I like with your body alma mater new cinnamon so funny to Bay City poor fellow oh they grow Turkish where Danny that do support way today next week even now I or just boo – English masha'Allah no Laurel oh no me farewell uh Coco okay but I do but then she will go off opportunity and cause one more letter associated Oh Monica Goodwin come out of where okay so no me shitty Taco Bell a TD nightlife me owner are no walk with fifteen fifteen thousand fifteen so body shot 15,000 be fifty thousand oh oh 50 Magritte one YC and you 500 Jesse like Pluto you noticed once it'll do Topher gangbuster on me to Jerusalem he Waldo pepper one mode to you you pussy motive shall my loss to be tomorrow 30 more beer Tom Tadashi soon right so any collaborative draw one more way he taught himself on your body voila Oh um you gotta remember Kim occasionally and we really need to movie I know my distance I am eating nearly almost one red wine red with their babies I want /i evening when you finish watching question abortion we are combination which is we ended he's watching doesn't blow look effect of Intel which I hope you know I'm an end table to move tomorrow yeah woman my teaching you cannot really bother with anybody oh yeah oh you really carry each other they learn to move beautiful able to digitally I can't believe I'm doing yeah any oh boo boo – you know ochio teardrop shape and murdering people over my knee and touching [Applause] thank you baby I'm gonna call damn it you can poke him to walk away my friend possible to UT I'm okay I'm a little bit down down ray I do woke up let you get good luck idiot a mini Delta or got no more gotta jump on over and you know and in anything open it up boss ya ain't so my friend let me get the bear Monaco or do an innie or you aleni but you talk about a few war matter bad banana for Shenmue saga Sonia is a mini meal or no doubt that get me for talking to their mommy mommy mommy open day Tammy they told me in the glass give me on the mini milky but by the bottom where one is love fanatic carefully Bakula my jacket Arun quit da-da-da-dah why did you do quick adaptation buddy Oh okay Oh commonly people on you yoga teacher boy yes sir welcome in England and there was that Lisa well in the Eternity right when we are shopping yes you why Oh be careful I'll keep IEP I'm nearby bye-bye Oh come on JP 102 4000 nano watch what you talk that we let you down 181 Oh my first lesson me if they live yeah but fury share with your mom living out up and that to me was a certain point if it's not for me – oh no doubt that what so now never wrong or sorry we will go but II read out that will come up a filly said get down the path of a beautiful damn damn babe Mirotic they we move ahead out that move double voted out that was Sally oh fuck me but I can we begin by dipping you only get one more question Mary you don't know what watch your money but I give you a cherry what stuff oh I did baby but then I gotta I see a militia during which families in the same outfit but if you shadow India whoa and down yeah should we wish to teacher Oh what if you publicly what they cooking rather keep around these two people oh my god oh my god every learning fun not bad okay is that you began Ciel ski and don't laugh I always do okay [Laughter] OPA Naraku I you oh here we go Maserati yeah baby she's my fan miss y'all Yuri but I like it bu if Oh if a Yahoo if if a toreano you'll see fucking OPI yeah if they are if they are live if Maria want me bottle age on your moto t'lani on football Oh oh yeah baby she's my fan miss y'all Yuri but I like it do you feel if a Oh if a Yahoo Oh tae-ryung baby shower berry red Beauty little monster Oh see I should not yeah if they if AI lü if they live if a mommy

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