Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughing Doesn’t Fix Everything but It Sure Helps!

Today’s quote is “Our five senses are
incomplete without the sixth one – our sense of humor.” Now I don’t know about
you, but for me, one of the things that makes life a little easier to get
through is being able to laugh at the things that happen. As an example, when I got sued by my former business partners back in 1996 for 10 million dollars, one
of the first things I did is make a joke about it. And someone asked me, they said, “Well, aren’t you upset?” “Of course, I’m upset but, you know, what’s that gonna get me?” And I think this is a great illustration of it’s so much easier to
get through the problems we have if we’re just willing to kind of laugh
about them. So whatever you’re facing this week just remember to have a few
laughs along the way because it will not solve your problems but it’ll make the
journey a lot more enjoyable. All right, and with that I wish you an awesome week. We will see you soon.

One thought on “Laughing Doesn’t Fix Everything but It Sure Helps!

  1. True. A sense of humor helps us get through the difficult times in life. Good advice, Tim ❤️.

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