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Laughing Gas at the Dentist

I read that not only was Byron Buxton everything everybody knows that follows the twins he was out for a stretch because of concussion issues but he also had three of his wisdom teeth pulled oh ouch for some of us that's a miserable experience yeah I got lucky I didn't get bothered but my wife it was really bad woo-wee I tell people all the time that I would have rather had my teeth go crooked than to get my wisdom teeth out did you swell up oh yeah it was awful and that's when I smoked a lot of weed and I couldn't smoke oh you couldn't touch any marijuana cigarettes nope is that what were you awake when they pulled them Lord to the doctor completely out I was knocked out but remember I told you I woke up and my shirt was off no this is this is a crime like why is my shirt oh why was your shirt off no one gave me an answer still to this day you don't know why you were topless for a wisdom tooth a procedure no Randy shaver do you know any local authorities we can contact about this I'll look into it the shirt came off that happened to me tower lat last staff meeting somebody shaved one of my eyebrows off seems like there's always somebody's always drawing a penis around I had an easy experience with wisdom teeth my clothes stayed on there wasn't a lot of ill what do they call that right After Effects so I've never done a drug you know any illegal drug they gave you the laughing gas oh that was the stuff and I thought okay I get it I get it and now I understand why people want to do this kind of thing did you call it truth teller well yeah because you can you could be questioned under that that drug and be known to tell the truth really not be able to live here that Ross oh we got to get some laughing gas get some in here we got to get a doctor in here with a jar that laughing gas and just give you enough of a dose to where you'll finally stop lying to us I had a couple of friends whose faces just blew up like balloons when they got those wisdom teeth piled out of now what I remember about the procedure they also filled me full of that laughing gas and what I remember about it is the dentist was very annoyed because I wouldn't stop laughing I've seen that so when my when one of my kids was under she was laughing like crazy yeah and the nurse was I guess I know he caught ya was really a be worried about the whole oh no really it worked on me literally as soon as the dude got to work I thought it was the greatest act I'd ever seen in my life and I'm laughing hysterically and you know I'm you know the jiggling a little bit from my laughter and he couldn't he's like hey can you settle down for a minute it was the greatest high I've ever had 93 X thanks for checking out the half-assed morning show highlight was your favorite part me Ross because my favorite part was me Ross for more of the show and me listed on demand a 9th Rick's calm on the 93 X mobile app or iTunes

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