Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughing In The Wind Ep01

Episode 1 Smells nice! You know wine? No, but I love it. How beautiful is the music!
How beautiful! You know music? No, I don’t know
but I love to enjoy it. You’ve used the word “love” again and again.
I think you’re man of passion. Here is not a place for you to stay. Leave here! Have some wine and leave immediately! Fine, thanks. Qu Yang, come with us
to see Holy Lady. Hey, what are you shouting about? Don’t you see,
the old man is playing music? Listen, Qu Yang! Holy Lady wants you
to go to her and be executed. Holy Lady?
Who is Holy Lady? Can she decide
whether a man lives or dies? Shut up! You have no respects to Holy Lady!
I’ll cut you into pieces. Good wine! Hey! Look at this move!
No monkey can get wine from my hand.QM Yang!How dare you befriend with Huashan Party? Nonsense! The move he just made
is obviously the light Gongfu of Huashan Party. You are not ignorant of that I suppose. In Huashan Party, only Chief Yue and his senior disciple Linghu Chong
have such outstanding Gongfu. – But you’re very young.
– I’m Linghu Chong. Thank you for your nice wine. Chivalry Linghu. Pleased to meet you. – May I know who you are?
– I’m an elder of Holy Party named Qu Yang. You’re from the evil side. All of you are evils! Right! You didn’t expect, did you? We are your deadly enemies. – What kind of Righteous Party you are?
– Come down! Come down! Come down! Come down! Are you still willing
to accept a drink from Elder Qu? If you take this wine. you will not
be able to tell right from wrong. Me… Don’t know what’s right or wrong,
black or white! – You are taking an enemy as a friend.
– A drink. It’s nothing. Good wine! Kill him, come on! You too, have a drink? Thank you for your help. You’re an elder of Evil Party. My master often warns me people have
deep hatred for Evil Party. Absolutely irreconcilable! We must use swords and knifes
to deal with those from Evil Party Little brother, come on then! Both you and I are men of passion. I’ll have no regrets. To die in your hands. Good for nothing,
all of you! Hurry UP! Hurry! Young master,
you killed two birds with one arrow. No, You didn’t see clearly. Young master used a ship.
Double gains with a whip! Young master, some more. Young master,
your vigor of sword fills the sky. Young master, a great hawk
spreads its wings. Is this guy
also from your Evil Party? This is Junior Master Ling Pingzhi
from the well- known fuwei Escort Bureau. Lao, gai,
come and take the horses? Go and bring
some wine and dishes. Sir, you want to drink wine. Of course.
How can we have tea! – Get us three jars of Bamboo wine first.
– Okay… Wan Er,
three jars of bamboo wine. Well.
You are the new owner here. Yes… My surname is Sa,
lam also a native of this place. I’ve been out for business
since childhood. I’m getting old.
I want to return to my root. The pity is I can’t understand
the native dialect. Neither can I speak. This small wine- shop was transferred to my daughter and me
at a cost of thirty liang of silver. Thirty liang of silver!
Let me tell you. If you do a good cooking today
and make it to the tastes of our young master, Your thirty liang of silver
will soon be recovered. Well, I am going to cook for you. Please, young master. Wine please! Wine! Fujian is full of mountains.
That made our horses tired out, These two are from Sichuan. Wine please! What wine do you want? Brother Yu.
The girl is good in stature. But the face is like
spiked shoes stamping on mud. What a large pockmarked skin! What are you? Two damn blind things,
coming here and act wild! Jia Laoer, they are shouting abuses. Do you know whom he is cursing? That guy is only good at performing
a female role. But no good at fighting. This is young master of Fuwei Escort Bureau.
How dare you defy the mighty! Are you all right,
Escort Zheng? What is Fuwei Escort Bureau for?
I’ve never heard of it. What are you looking at? The bureau beats
particularly those son- of- bitches! You bastard, you are smart. I think you must be
a girl dressed up. Your face is red and tender. Let me kiss you. Stop fighting! All right? You’ve suffered a lot again? Young master… You refused to do
what I wanted you to do. I told to sing an opera,
but you refused. – Brother.
– How is it? You really want to fight? Come on! Come and help quickly. Come on, Sing something for me… – Come on, you bastard!
– Brother, no killing! Sing something for me.
Come on, Sing something. Young master… – Junior Master!
– Tell my father. Take revenge. Go! Hurry! LWill. What shall we do,
Escort Shi and Zheng? I didn’t intend t0 kill him. Hurry up!
Bury him at once. Young master,
have you any money? Yes, I have. Hurry HP!
Hurry HP! Young master,
go rest over there please. You two come with me. But… Don’t bother. Let’s go. Lady! Don’t worry girl. If anything happens,
I’ll take the full responsibility. – In a moment…
– Young master, we’d better hurry back, or Master will be worried. Let’s go. Hurry up! Young master. Dad! My son, one of your arms is lost. Fortune, power. Which goes first? There’s power, there’s fortune. Wrong. fortune comes first, and power follows
You have no power without fortune. Flute sounds. Flower blossoms. More friends. Fewer opponents. – I don’t want you to be a boisterous playboy.
– Dad, let me off please.All right.Enough of your mnemonic rhymes. Pingzhi, come with me for the meal. You too. – My son, are you hurt?
– I’m right!Just a minute.Tell you a good news. Chief Yu Canghai of Qingcheng Party
has accepted our gifts. He has sent four disciples
to visit us. I think our Sichuan Branch
will soon be set up. Good. Our business
is getting prosperous. Master! Behave yourself.
What’s there to be so excited? Master, Baier was killed. Who killed him? Did you gamble and fight again? No, we didn’t. Little Li went to the latrine
and found Baier lying in the backyard. Take your meal first.
I’ll go and have a look. He is over there, Master. The body is icy cold already. But no wound
is found. It doesn’t seem to be poisoned. Tell the accountant
give 100 liang of silver first to his family. Yes. Did Baier go hunting with you? Yes. But he was well
when we came back. Master.
Escort Zheng is also dead! How come! Some evil ghosfs taken them away!
Also, no sign of wounds on his body. Is it possible we offended Sichuan evil spirits
when we went hunting with Young Master? Are there any Sichuan evil spirits at all? The four dead from Sichuan,
named Yu… Go to the backyard
to dig out the corpses. Dad Look, Dad. The wine- shop owner is a poor girl.
How could she have such a good silkware? Is it possible she is their partner? It’s hard to say. The Martial World is vicious.
They often caught you in a trap. You said Yu Canghai of Qingcheng Party
had sent here four disciples. They were just four persons. Devils! Devils! It was men from Sichuan that we buried. How come it turns out to be Escort Shi? Escort Cui, what do you think of it? I think the death of our people must have
something to do with the shop owners. It’s likely they poisoned them. It’s quite certain the girl and old man
were straight aiming at us. I wonder whether they and
these two Sichuan guys are of the same kind. You said Yu Canghai
had sent here four guys. They are just four. For what on earth should Chief Yu
make trouble with me? Pingzhi, did you fight with them?
Do you know the style of their Gongfu? Master, I do remember
the move he kicked Baier. Looks like Qingcheng Party’s skill. Can it really be Chief Yu making trouble with us? Madam, something happened! Madam… Come with me. You go over there. – Madam, look.
– What’s the matter? Who did it? Master’s back. Master’s back!
Master… You see!
What a beastly bully!Escort Cu“!– cut down those two flag poles altogether.
– All right! To challenge our escort bureau,
It’s not easy! Dad, it’s all my fault.
I’ve stirred up such a big trouble. It’s nothing for our Lin family
to kill someone. What can they do about it? Those guy, if they run into my hands,
I would kill them all the same. Our flag’s been there for three generations.
No one ever dare to bully us. Call everybody together
and reason it out with Qingcheng Party. But, I’m not sure
who exactly did it. We’ll wait and see. I killed the guys.
I will take the consequences. I’m afraid of nothing. I’ll send someone to go around
and make investigations right away. Pingzhi, You and your mother
go and rest first. Young master’s horse…
Young master’s horse is dead! Didn’t you hear the neigh
or any other sound? No, we didn’t Pingzhi, don’t be upset.
I’ll buy you a fine horse. Master! Master!
Come to the front yard and have a look. Something happened again? My dear brothers, I, Lin Zhennan, would be nobody, If I don’t take your revenge! But, can any of you tell me
who on earth is our enemy? Who is our opponent? You are a group of rascals. You must be scared by our Purity Sword skill. Master. They’ve gone too far! He is a cook. They both went out together.
One of them is not back yet. – Let me go and see.
– No, you can’t Master. You can’t go. Generous rewards rouse one to heroism.
I will grant a reward of 30 liang of silver. Who will go and bring him back?
He will be rewarded 30 liang of silver. Where is Pingzhi?
Where are you, Pingzhi? – Pingzhi!
– Here I am… Pingzhi! Young master is really a hero.
Young and most brave. You’re only too rash, Pingzhi. It was all due to my momentary hot temper.
that so many men died. Am I still somebody
if I’m afraid to risk my neck? Master, come and look!
Death caused again! Go! Hurry! Dad. – His heart was shattered into eight or nine pieces.
– It’s Chief Yu’s Heart Breaking skill. I didn’t expect he himself came. Yu Canghai
even didn’t let off a cook and maid. This son- of- bitch is changing his face. Change face? Qingcheng Party is in the west of Sichuan.
They have a custom for hundreds of years. Normally they have human faces.
During fighting, they changes into devil faces. If they change their faces,
they will never stop making troubles. I don’t care if he is a man or a devil,
I’ll kill him if he shows up. They’re afraid to show up.
Perhaps they’re afraid of the Purity Sword skill. His Gongfu is much more powerful than mine.
I’m never take amiss of anyone. But when I saw Escort Cui’s heart
which was shattered into pieces, I… Or let’s go to my father in Luoyang
for the time being to avoid him. Ten years are not long for
gentleman to take revenge. Their provocation is directed against me.
lfl leave here, I’ll bring trouble to you all. Qingcheng Party has no enmity against them.
If you leave, the escort bureau will be in peace. Shall we go openly from the front gate? Or slip quietly out of the back door? Pingzhi. Tell everyone to pack up. And leave here at daybreak. Besides… Tell the accountant
to give everyone some money and tell them to come back
when the trouble is over. Do you mean we’ll just break up?
Then who will take care of this bureau? There’s no need to take care of it.
Who dares come to this haunted house? When Pingzhi comes back in a few minutes,
he and I will disguise ourselves as attendants. You will dress up as a maid. Some hundred of us
will disperse at daybreak. Though Qingcheng Party
has better Gongfu, They’ve got only a few people here.
They can’t run after all of us? Good idea! Welcome! Master! Master had a divine plan. It is just as
you expected Lin family has all run away. He cannot escape from me,
even if he disguises himself as a beggar. Make a borough search here.
Don’t neglect every inch of the land. Yes! Some of you go over there. Be quick! Hurry HP! Brother, which way to go? – This way.
– How do you know it? An old beggar told me. I don’t think the old beggar
is a nice man. Well. You go that way
I’ll go this way. Brother. You must think ways out. We can’t let the Lin family
suffer from murderous scheme again. Before our departure,
master didn’t tell us to save anyone. You’re impervious to other’s misfortunes.
I will leave you alone. Little sister! Don’t get angry- How don’t deserve to be a chivalry! As a matter of fact, I’ve been trying
to find a way to save them. You… How… ‘up- Now, I will act as a father
and you will be the daughter. All right? Hold it. Father should have beard. You, naughty brother!
You make me very angry. Brother, When on earth
will they pass by? Don’t worry.
They might come here from the front or from left… or from right… In any case,
they will pass by our little wine shop. When on earth will they get here? What a fine weather!
Let me have a drink. You drink again!
I’ll tell my father when I’m back home. Am I not your father? Aren’t you my father?
You are. You’re my father. Well. I’ll call you daddy
in the presence of my father – Dad, Dad!
– Little sister, you can’t do that! Stop! Stop! Mind my wine jars! It’s your wine shop. You also want to drink wine. Do the cooking at once.
Or I’ll kill you. Prepare the meal
I’ll go and do the cooking. I’ll cook. I’ll cook. Daddy. What are you looking at? What have you done? Stop! May I have your name?
Are you a disciple of Qingcheng Party? Right. I’m Luo Renjie. The four followers of Qingcheng are heroes.
so you’re one of Chief Yu’s four senior disciples. I always have respect for Chief Yu.
I should have the courtesies. But you have even killed my master’s son.
You don’t have the courtesies. No more nonsense! You have killed many people of my family.
I want you to repay the blood by blood. Show up your devil’s faces. Only with master- hands
will we change faces. But to deal with you,
no need for that I’ll show you my Purity Sword skill. What? You also know Purity Sword skill? Right! I can as well. Tell you what. Every disciple of
Qingcheng Party know the Purity Sword skill. Our master has long planned
for the fight today. Now ten provincial Fuwei Escort Branches
have been wiped out. You’ll please give up your idea forever. We spared the three of your family. That’s out of my Master’s noble mind.
That’s a special grace. Nonsense! What on earth are they going to do? After meal,
kill the old and young first. Brother? What shall we do? When I serve the meal in a moment,
I will fight with them. You go to save them
in the firewood room. You will fight alone?
Isn’t it dangerous? I’m afraid, with the daughter present,
the father would be in more danger. Waiter! Be quick with the dishes! Coming! – Brother, what do you do for the meal?
– Bring me the bowels. I’ll serve them a hodgepodge. Put in some salt. Vinegar. Some chili. Some mud. And bean curd mixed with foot mud. Good! Be quick with the food. Coming! Be careful, Brother. Be quick! Try my specialty. Why, it tastes terrible! You’re from Sichuan. You like hot tingling
chicken and peculiar beans. Here we like this strange flavor dish. Well. Help yourselves. Do you know
what are the four giants of Qingcheng? Yes, I do. They are
four animals of Qingcheng. – Bear, Wild boar…
– Damn you! Have you done the cooking?
Why are you out here? I’ll do the cooking. This is a special move. It’s you… Hurry HP! I won’t go, Daddy. Pingzhi, go away at once.
Run for life Quickly. Go to Mt. Hengshan to attend
the retirement rally. Ask forjustice in the presence
of all the heroes. Hurry up! This is another move! Huashan Sword skills.
Speak up. Who are you after all?

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  1. I really thank you for your kind hard work. Hope you can upload other precious wuxia series with english subtitle also. They reminds me so much of my childhood memories. When it was released in TV, I didn't have a chance to watch it's all episodes. You fulfill my dreams.Thanks again.

  2. this is hands down my favorite wuxia story and so far my favorite interpretation. Had a poetic mixture of morals/values versus people's greed for power. Also a wuxia main character that didn't make me cringe

  3. damn this was such a good yapeng was a good actor, i really liked legend of the condor heroes 2003 version with him

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