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Laughing In The Wind Ep09

Episode 9 Here you are. Let me try. Beautiful.
Pingzhi, you’re really clever. – I’ll cut one more for you.
– Good. How time flies, my dear.
Spring is around again. It’s nearly a year since Pingzhi
came to Mt. Huashan. Right. – Let’s go.
– All right. Look. In this way. Dayou, what are you doing? Are you showing off your wealth here? I like it. I earned 18 coins today.
I’ll throw all of them away. I know what you mean. You mean it’s 18 days
since I saw Brother Linghu last. You’re not too stupid. Brother Linghu. You haven’t seen each other
for long. You may have a good talk. I’ll bring down the basket first.
Let’s go. Dayou, don’t you run away. You came together
and we’ll go back together. Little sister. I want to talk to you. Dayou, you may stay here
and listen to Brother Linghu. – As to your sword.
– I’ve told Mommy. I said the sword suddenly came out of the
scabbard when I was practicing sword skills. And it fell into the valley,
I cried over the lost sword. Mommy on the contrary consoled me and
said she would try to find a good one for me. So this matter is over now.
Why do you mention it again? I’ll certainly find a same sword from
the Martial World and return it to you. It was my poor martial arts to be blamed.
Who else is to blame? All the human affairs lean on Buddha’s will. What did you say? That is what Pingzhi often says.
All the human affairs lean on Buddha’s will. All the human affairs lean on Buddha’s will. Pingzhi. He is clever and works hard.
He once saved my life. Daddy says he has chivalrous heart,
normally he looks somewhat silly. But no one expected this Chivalry Lin,
who is the champion of the oppressed, are not so good at the martial arts. Martial skills can be trained and improved. But the chivalrous heart is innate. This is
where different characters originate from. Brother Linghu.
Beside the chivalrous heart, You and Pingzhi have nothing else in common.
That is bravery. Pingzhi and you are the same. You are all very proud of yourselves
and would never yield to injustice. Brother Linghu has the right to be proud but
not Lin Pingzhi. He has nothing to be proud of. Brothers all look down upon
him for his behavior. Dayou.
Why should you be so hard on him? I think he is in some way like Daddy. It would be all right if he behaves himself
properly. Othenlvise, I won’t let him off so easily. What on earth is his improper behavior? He? He… Come on.Bayou.
What on earth is that’?
– Dayou, what makes you so hesitating?
– I wish I have seen wrong. Bayou! The destroy all Huashan sword skills. Five Righteous Parties are shameless. They plot against others
when defected in competition. I’ve found the heirs
of Sword Sect of Huashan Party. I personally met Cheng Buyou
and we have come to an agreement. What did he say? He is grateful to you for upholding justice
and helping them to get rid of Yue Buqun and take back the chieftainship. He would go and find some more people
before come to Mt. Songshan to visit you. Good. Once Yue Buqun is got rid of, Master
Dingyi of Hengshan Party is the only one left. Anyway they are just a group of nuns.
They can’t get anywhere. Brother. You can be ready
for the Chief of the five Mountain Party. It’s Frozen Vital Qi! On Chief Zuo’s order,
Songshan disciples are here to welcome uncles of
Sword Sect of Huashan Party. Good. Please. On Chief Zuo’s order,
Songshan disciples are here to welcome uncles of Sword Sect
of Huashan Party to come up Mt. Songshan. – Good. Up please.
– Uncles, please. On Chief Zuo’s order,
Songshan disciples are here to welcome uncles of Sword Sect of
Huashan Party to visit Junji Mediation House. Thanks. Up please. – Uncles. Please.
– Good. It’s our great honor to have both of you
hare at Mt. Songshan. You personally lead the disciples
in martial arts drill. it is most admirable. Through the whole winter Chief leads
the drill everyday in all weathers. Chief Zuo is the only one
to unify the Martial World. You’ve come back to the Martial World
to develop Sword Sect of Huashan Party. It is really a great event
in the Martial World. Thank you very much. 25 years ago, a conflict between Qi and
Sword Sects broke out. It was a fratricidal war. Sword Sect was forced to retire and
hide themselves from the Martial World. We are grateful to you for
not cold- shoulder us and allow us a chance to
return to the Martial World. Huashan Party has held sway
for hundred years. Yue Buqun alone shouldn’t monopolize it. He has usurped the chieftainship
for twenty- five years. It’s time to drive him away. Entrusted by the heirs of Sword Sect
we would like to beg Chief Zuo to issue the authority flag
to stand forjustice wipe out Yue Buqun, and help the Sword Sect
to take over the leadership of Huashan Party. Let’s discuss it later. What? All the heirs of Sword Sect request Chief Zuo to unify the five Righteous Parties
and be the Chief. It is the public expectation
that the five parties be merged and Chief Zuo takes up the chieftainship. It’s the will of the people. Hengshan and Taishan brothers. What do you think of helping them
to seize back the chieftainship? We obey whatever your instruct. Bring here the authority flag! Taishan, Hengshan and
Songshan Parties send men to help Huashan Sword Sect
to seize back their chieftainship. We obey your order. Wants to destroy Huashan sword skills,
an idiot’s dream! Well, let me complete with you. Thrust! Destroy the Huashan sword skills! Let you destroy
all the Huashan sword skills! Who is laughing? Who is it? Such shameless thing, I could never do that! Elder. Elder. Elder. Elder. Elder. Bayou. Why is it you? Whom did you call elder? Dayou, when did you enter the cave? As soon as I came in, I ran into you. Why? Any trouble in the cave? Why’s your hurry? Brother.
Masters are coming to see you. Where are they? It’s said they will teach you Zixia Gongfu.
And they will first examine your internal strength. They are coming in a minute. Dayou. Please go to meet Masters.
I have to clean the cave. Hurry! – Brother, shall I help you with the cleaning?
– You go immediately. Master Ming. Go ahead. Mommy. Good sister. Thank you, little sister. Of the nine Huashan skills,
Zixia ranks the first. In order to teach
the top level martial skill of our party, we must first examine Linghu
to see how his conditions are. – Now, start!
– Yes. Linghu, you start. Master Ming, please. Daddy. What kind of move mommy is making?
It’s not like sword skills but knife skills. She is imitating Tian Baiguang’s knife skill. If you want to kill that wolf,
you have to use fast movement against his. Look! This move! Hit back at once! Daddy.
What move brother is making? Linghu, be careful to beat back. – Oh, no!
– Daddy. Mommy. Dirty swine, what are you doing? Master, I was wrong. Linghu.
What skill did you practice at Siguoya? I made the move wildly in an anxiety
without any thought. – I know you didn’t use your brain.
– Yes. Do you know that is
the evil way of Sword Sect? Sword Sect? As early as 25 years ago, there were
Qi Sect and Sword Set in Huashan Party. We Qi Sect held we must take Qi against sword.
Sword skill training should begin with Qigong. But Sword Sect held
once they learnt the sword skill, even if their internal Qi is just so so,
they could beat the opponent by surprise actions. Qigong and sword skill both are keys. Both are keys means no key! And this assertion almost goes evil way. If you had that 30 years ago,
you would be killed. Daddy, it’s horrible.
Anyway, Sword Sect admitted defect. But they were stubborn
and never admitted defect. They suffered a crushing defect
at the match on Yunufeng peak. Most of them committed suicide. The whereabouts of the survivors
is a mystery. Huashan Party suffered a big loss
in the fight on Yunufeng Peak. We lost more than 20 elders. They were all our brothers.
But we killed each other. The final outcome of that fight was we lost
the chieftainship of the five Righteous Parties It was seized by Songshan Party. It was because the struggle
between Qi and Sword. So I have to remind you, Linghu if you go on practicing your sword skills
in this way you will have more sword than Qi skill in 3 years
and will ruin yourself finally. You will also ruin the orthodox martial arts
founded by your elders the cost of their lives. And furthermore
you will ruin our Huashan Party. Masters, I made big mistakes,
I deserve severe punishment. – Ignorance does not deserve blame.
– You must correct it if you know it. Let me tell you if you go on
practicing sword skills in this way, you’ll either lose your life or your internal Qi will be annulled.
Finally we should get rid of you. – Have you all heard it?
– Yes. – Keep it in mind all of you.
– Yes. Yes, Master. My dear, Do you think the thrust Linghu just
made was done with or without intention? I wish he made it without intention. That is to say,
you think he made it with intention. Linghu has a very high power
of understanding. The thrust was made accidentally. But it seems he has practiced the kind
of movement. Or he has had it in his mind. The accidental thrust
was due to intentional practice. Is it possible
someone has given him directions? Can it be that, at Siguoya,
there exist leftover evils of Sword Sect? Master. Master. What is it? Master, information came saying
Tian Baiguang has left Changan. He is now in Kaifeng
and committed grave crimes. – All right. You may go.
– Yes. I think we’ll have to go to Kaifeng. My dear, now we are threatened
by growing crisis. Songshan Party has sent people
to the back range. Once they find the heirs of Sword Sect there
would be conflict again between our two sects. My dear, in name, we’re to
get rid of that evil doer Tian Baiguang. In reality, we must try to find out
what Chief Zuo is doing. Huashan Party cannot
sit still waiting for death. I’m afraid there will be a bloody fight
in Mt. Huashan.Here’s good wine.Here’s good wine.It tastes good.It smells good.Brother Unghu,
Tran Barguang is here to visit you.
Brother Tian, It’s really out of my expectation!
How could you come up to Mt. Huashan? I learned that you were imprisoned here.
You must be in need for something nice. I have here two jars of wine.
I got it from Zexian Restaurant in Changan. Excellent wine. They are as old as 130 years.
I’d like to drink with you to our heart’s content. You took this 50kg of wine up
to this mountaintop. It’s really a great gift to me,
full of friendly sentiment. Well, Brother Tian, obedience is better
than politeness. Please give me a minute.– Come on, Unghu.
– Brother ‘Han.
Try this. How nice it is! Try it. It’s really good. Good wine is rarely found in the land. I was told Zexian wine
is the best wine in Changan. In the old days,
Li Taibai often got drunk with it. Now these are the only two jars
of Zexian wine. You won’t find a third. It’s impossible these were only two jars
in Zexian Restaurant. Well, I took these two jars and I found
there were over two hundred left. I asked myself if those noble and ordinary people
in Changan should drink such good wine, why shouldn’t Chivalry Linghu? Linghu is outstanding
and different from the common run. So I went into the wine cellar
and crushed all the hundreds jars of wine. The nice smell filled the entire restaurant,
and the wine came up to my waist! Brother Tian, you actually smashed all those
over two hundred jars of wine! Yes. That’s right. So there are only these two left.
How precious the gift is! Really precious indeed. Thank you very much. In fact, you have taken such a great trouble
to carry these two big jars up to Mt. Huashan from Changan. I am really grateful
to you for all the trouble. I should thank you if it is only fresh water,
to say nothing of this best wine in the world. You’re really a nice fellow. I am a wolf
and have done all kinds of evil. You don’t suspect if there’s poison in the wine.
You just drink it heartily. You are a true man and open- hearted.
You deserve this good wine. Are you making fun of me? I met and fought with you twice.
And I know well you have a bad conduct. But I don’t think you would
injure someone by understand means. Brother Linghu, do you know I carried these
two jars of wine from Changan to Luo yang. Then I went to Kaifeng and did two cases
before I came up to Mt. Huashan. So it is to draw away my masters that
you found your way up to Mt. Huashan. Am I right? I was forced to do so. Well then, since you’re here. You’re my guest.
I have nothing to treat you is this bare mountain. Let me borrow your wine
and propose a toast to you. Good. Oh, why you did so? Why you did so? Tian Baiguang. You’ve done
all kinds of evil and everyone hates you. I respected you for your generosity. You were not a shameless person
so I drank the toast to you. Now our wine friendship comes to the end. I’d like to have the experience of
your fast knife skill. You changed much at Cliff Siguoya. Why didn’t you ask me the reason
I came here? To the kind of person like you, I should
draw sword and kill with no questions asked. I’m here this time to help you.
It is to your great benefit. Let’s speak with sword and knife. If I’d known than what was going to happen
today, I wouldn’t have acted as I did then. Where is today? Where is then? Then, we both had the friendship of drinking
together at a same table in Hengyang. And we shared the sentiment
for a young lady. You talk nonsense. I talk nonsense? Brother Linghu. You admired that lovely
little nun. I was willing to let you have her. Right. I let you have a good master. I was wondering why you have come to
Mt. Huashan from thousands miles far away. I understand now. It was on your master’s order
that you brought here the two jars of wine. That was because I helped her
to get such a good disciple. This matter has nothing to do with
the little master. Oh, there is something to do. Master is master
no matter whether it’s big or small. You’re lucky to acknowledge Yilin
as your master. Are you going to deny that? You! Your martial skill is not very good,
but your mouth skill is quite good. Now I tell you the truth.
The little nun Yilin misses you days and nights. She wants you to see you there.
How is it? ls your mind disturbed? Go or not? No. I won’t go. I wouldn’t even if
it was my master who had asked. Not even if it was
Chief of five Righteous Parties. In any case, I won’t go.
I definitely will not. Definitely not! Brother Linghu. Don’t refuse a toast
only to drink a forfeit. Let’s have a bet. What is the bet? I won’t go if I win.
But if I lose, I won’t go all the same. You lose but won’t go! If you can take my 30 moves of fast sword,
I’ll leave Mt. Huashan right away. If you fail,
you have to come with me. Thirty moves.
You somewhat look down upon me. Take my move. One, two, three, four, five moves
six, seven, eight, nine, ten moves How many moves? Twenty five, six, seven, eight,
nine, ten moves. I have lost. But did I tell you beforehand
that I wouldn’t go in any case? Did I tell you? How can a man go back on his words? This is something strange. I made you disciple of little nun.
I was making fun of you. I didn’t expect
you take it seriously now. If I fail to invite you there,
I will die a tragic death. Is there really
such an arrangement at all? Look here. I was poisoned
at the dead acupuncture point. If I fail to take you there,
I will become putrid and festered. I will suffer for three years and half.
And will die gradually. So that is what it is. I don’t know which highly- skilled man
has made such a great fun of you. Don’t make sarcastic remarks to me. If I die, I won’t let you live in peace. Brother Tian. Just now I lost in the match. That was because it was too hot
and I didn’t sleep well. I’m not convinced.
Let me have a short rest. We’ll fight again. Where are you going? I’m going back to my cave to sleep.
I don’t want to listen to your endless talk. Go to bed? What a lovely place! Tian Baiguang! I’ll make you suffer now. Tian Baiguang!
Take my 30 moves if you dare. Do you want my life? My rib is fractured. How hard you kicked me! Tell me. The sword skill you did just now
were really vicious. Who taught you? It’s my own creation. Is it all right? We agreed that we fought with sword. But you fought with both hands and feet.
It won’t do. Brother Tian, I fell down on the ground twice
carelessly within your thirty moves. Let’s say your Gongfu is better than mine.
You may kill me if you want. Laugh, all right. Why do you laugh grimly?
After that, are you going to mock at me? We were fighting to see
whose sword skill is better. I didn’t want to know whose feeling is better. I can laugh as well. Let it be my fault. All right?All right.I’ll go back to my cave and think it over.
Let’s go on fighting. Just wait. You found
so many strange moves from the cave. Who is inside the cave? I want to get in and have a look. Can I get in? No, you can’t. In the cave there are
many elders of our party. But you are not a disciple of Huashan Party.
How can you get in? So that is what it is.
Why didn’t they come out? Brother Tian, It’s quite natural these elders
do not like to fight with you. They held themselves aloof!?
They fish for fame! They have unearned reputation!
They really have unearned reputation. What kind of people are they? Brother Tian. These few elders
have retired for quite a long time. As to their names, I cannot tell you. If I tell you, I’m afraid
you still don’t know who they are. So, just forget it. Who else is there in your party? Ah, Feng Qingyang, Elder Feng. Don’t speak carelessly. Suppose it is your Grandmaster Feng,
no good anyway. No good. I’ll just give some directions.
That’s enough to settle with this fellow, eh? You are Elder Feng Qingyang,
aren’t you? It I didn’t make a mistake,
you are Linghu Chong. Yes. You’re too worthless.
Let me teach you. You make the Rainbow Pass Through The Sun.
Then Phoenix Makes It’s Appearance. And thirdly. Wild Goose Block the Sky.
Then the Cut Sword Style. Yes. Thank you very much.
Grandmaster Feng. Brother Tian, you are really clever.
Take my move. Rainbow Pass Through The Sun. You must come with me.
Or I’ll choke you to death. I won’t go with you.
I’ve done more than hundred moves. I don’t mind how many moves you made.
You must come with me if I win. What a fool!
No wonder you are a disciple of Yue Buqun. You just stick to the old methods
without any change. The key of sword skill is to be natural
and smooth by every possible means. Linghu Chong,
must you use sword all the time? Will it make sense? Brother Tian. I’m leaving. Grand Disciple of Huashan Party pays
his respect to Grandmaster Elder Feng. The sun is really wonderful.
I haven’t been under the sun for a long time. Grandmaster. – Let’s get in. I’ll teach you some moves.
– Yes. Yue Buqun is really absurd.
Mere trash! You naturally have the makings of a chivalry.
But he has made you a silly ass. Grandmaster.
I won’t learn from you.

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