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Laughing In The Wind Ep10

Episode 10 Yue Buqun is really absurd.
Mere trash! You naturally have the makings of a chivalry.
But he has made you a silly ass. Grandmaster, I won’t learn from you. Unless you don’t curse my master.
I will learn from you. It seems I need you to learn from me. – Look, These are elders of Evil Party.
– Elders of Evil Party? So far as martial arts are concerned,
They even didn’t reach the top martial arts. They didn’t know all martial arts were rigid,
while the martial artists were alive. Right. What move is it? How to defeat it? Good, Let me try. This is not a move at all.
No way to deal with it. If you didn’t have any move at all,
how could the enemy deal with it? No move at all. How to deal with. No move at all.
Naturally there’s no way to deal with. Grandmaster, I still can’t understand it. Linghu, what is this move? Each time, there’s no move.
How will you deal with it? Each time no move.
Each time no move. Don’t brother what move it is.
Bravery gets upper hand! Come on, What is this move?
Attack me! Come on. What’s this one? Come on. What’s this one? Why don’t you move? You have no move. Neither have I. Each time no move.
The whole world will be at peace. I think it’s better for us
to sit down and have a drink. Among the youth at the five Righteous Parties,
only Linghu has the makings of a chivalry. Grandmaster is flattering me. But grandmaster. why these elders of
Evil Party were dilled here in Mt. Huashan? Among the disciples of Yue Buqun, there is even such a fellow who
is over busy and cares not only sword skills. – Wonderful Pretty good.
– Grandmaster, I was wrong. No, no, You’re right. You have a flexible way of thinking.
That’s very suitable to my liking. These elders of Evil Party
were all brilliant swordsmen. They found the way to thoroughly defeat the
high level moves of the five Righteous Parties. But they did not know the most clever move
in the world did not lie in the martial arts, but in schemes, intrigues,
stratagems and traps. Once you fall into a trap, you will be helpless and could do nothing
even if you have highly- skilled martial arts. Brother Linghu, Come out. Let’s fight again. Grandmaster. Since it’s getting dark,
Tell him to fight tomorrow morning. You should not sleep tonight.
We shall make use of every minute of it. – I’ll teach you some moves of Magic Sword.
– Magic Sword! Yes. Brother Tian, let’s start. Hey. What happened to you? Brother Tian. Shall we go on? I have got headache and
stomach ache. Head ache. If you’re not well,
You’d better go back and take a rest. We can go down the mountain tomorrow. Tomorrow we continue our fight. Tomorrow. Continue? Well, all right! I don’t care. Grandmaster. So, you fooled him and get one day
and night without making much effort. But that’s a bit contemptible and shameless. Well, sometimes you have to use a bit dirty
tricks to deal with such a villainous man. What if you meet an upright gentleman? An upright gentleman? Right, if it is an upright gentleman,
what will you do? An upright gentleman… Suppose he is a true gentleman
and when he wants to kill me. I cannot just wait for my death. Then perhaps
I will use a bit dirty tricks to deal with him. Good, Good. What you’ve said
shows you’re not a hypocrite. A brave man would do as he loves to do.
One must be natural with every possible means. The customs in Martial World and party rules
are all damned rubbish. Right. All of them are damned rubbish. Grandmaster
The Magic Sword you just mentioned… This skill was created by Elder Dugu Qiubai
His name literally means “Beg for Defeat” He hoped someone could beat him.
But until he died, no one did. Magic Sword! No retreat but attack.
Every move is to attack. Attack the enemy without defense.
Magic Sword. No retreat but attack.
There is no need for defense. But it is absolutely impossible
to manage the Magic Sword in one night. I find you’re very clever. You just need to learn the three moves
and you can defeat Tian Baiguang. Good. If fail to manage these three moves
tonight, Let Tian Baiguang kill me. Don’t look down upon these three moves.
The first move includes 360 changes. Gui mei qu wu wang. Chen si zhi jiao. Wu wei zhi jiao. Feng wu shi yi bian. Shan ze shi yi bian
Shui huo shi yi bian. Qiankun xiang ji. Zhen dui xiang ji
Li ji xiang ji. San zen er cheng wu. Wu zeng er cheng jiu. Linghu, It took me three months
to learn this move only. It’s impossible for you
to master the three moves within one night. Gui mei qu wu wang. Chen si zhi jiao. Wu wei zhi jiao. Have you ever learned the magic Sword? Never.
I even didn’t know what is magic Sword. Then how can you do it and recite it? I just learnt when you were mumbling and
flying here and there. I learnt right from you. Well. We’ll make it. You will definitely
learn the three moves tonight. The first move is a general formula. You’re really gifted and clever. The second is sword wrecking formula. The third is knife wrecking formula. It is used to defeat single knife, double knife
devil head knife, huge chop knife and all different kinds of knives. Tian Baiguang is using a fast single knife. You must move faster than he does,
if you want to defeat him. The trick is Motif first, and moves follow.
You must be the first to make move. You foresee what he is going to do,
And you start before he does. Your sword is already pointed to his vital part
before his hand is ready to move. You’re faster than he is. Motif first, and moves follow. How is it, Grandmaster?
Three moves overnight.Brother ‘Han.Let’s see who is better. – I’m waiting for you.
– Let’s start. What a move! So fast! Here is a faster! From whom did you learn this move? How is it? Kill me if you want. No more nonsense. Brother Tian. I’ve got the upper hand this time
because of your momentary carelessness. What about fight again? I won’t fight with you.
Grandmaster Feng’s sword skill is magic. There is no match in the world. As to your sword skills,
I’m afraid I can never overtake you. Right. Thanks to the directions of Elder Feng,
I’m lucky to win the competition this time. Brother Tian. Elder Feng
asks you to give him a promise. My life is in your hands now. Be sure not to mention anything about
Elder Feng when you go down the mountain. I will be grateful to you. I promise you. But for the sake of my own life,
I will have endless things to do with you. I will have endless things to do with you. Thank you very much. Grandmaster has not only saved my life,
but has also taught me the top sword skills. I can never repay for your great kindness The top sword skills?
No. far from that yet. I venture to beg grandmaster to teach me
all the nine styles of the Magic Sword.All right.If I don’t pass on the Magic Sword to you, I’m afraid, in a few years.
the skill will totally disappear from the world. Thank you very much.– Brother Unghu.
– Bayou.
Brother Linghu, something happened! Brother Linghu. – Something happened.
– What happened? It’s terrible. – Something wrong with Little sister?
– Nothing wrong with her. As soon as our masters were back, Songshan, Hengshan
and Taishan Party the three parties came here. And there are someone said to be from Huashan
Party. They’ve come to seize the chieftainship. Seize the chieftainship. Absurd! Brother Linghu. you’re still in confinement.
You can’t go down the mountain! I’ll take the responsibility
if master blames you. Hurry up. Brother Linghu. What do you want to do? Linghu Chong, We’ll bring you to see
the little nun. How is it? All right. I’m sorry. Please give way. I have something
urgent. Othenlvise I’d rather die than surrender. Why will you die? You can’t die. You can be alive. You shouldn’t die. You don’t have to die. Nonsense. Let me go. Let me go. – Do you want me to die?
– No, we don’t. Then let me go. Othenlvise I will
commit suicide by biting my tongue. You can’t speak if you bite your tongue.
The little nun will not like you. Brother Linghu! – Linghu Chong.
– He is scared to death. – He can’t be.
– He’s dead. He’s not scared to death. No. How is he dead if he was not scared? – He was choked to death.
– Chocked to death. How is he dead after all? I died by breaking my own nerve vessels. Go back.
You can’t pass through. Go back. You have good skills. But you are no match for those highly- skilled men
of Songshan, Taishan, Hengshan and Huashan Parties. – Where are they?
– At the foot of Mt. Huashan. Where are they? Where? They said
they most hate those six monsters. What? Really? They will crush you to death, the way they
crush ants, when they see you six monsters. We are not ants. We are six immortals. – The elder is Tao Gen.
– The second is Tao Gan. – The third is Tao Zhi.
– The fourth is Tao Ye. – The fifth is Tao Shi.
– I’m the sixth one. I’m Tao Hua. So you’re six immortals. But they call you six devils. – Who?
– You’re absolutely no match for them. But we can defeat them. – Can you really defeat them?
– Yes, we can. But the little nun asked us to invite Linghu. The less trouble the better.
I’m leaving first. Come back, brother! Come back! Don’t brother about him,
He’ll be back in a moment. Let’s go first. Let’s fight against those ants from
Songshan Party. Right. Fight against those ants. The six immortals are well known in the world.
Please set my younger brother free. Let’s fight together against
those Songshan ants. Well, go and fight against those ants. At the time when Sword and Qi Sects
hand a fight on Dongfang peak to decide the chieftainship where not there.
You said Qi sect was the winner. You were in inglorious in the winning. That was 25 years ago.
Men of Sword Sect already left our party. They were no longer our disciples. I don’t understand
why you’re here to make troubles today. The orthodox martial arts of Huashan Party
is sword skills. Now you’re the Chief of the party. You teach
the disciples to practice Qi instead of sword. You are bringing harm to the disciples. Harmful and hazardous to the disciples?
I don’t think it’s likely to be. Who not? Judging by the good- for- nothing
disciples you have taught. Brother Cheng was right in saying that you
should be the Chief. You’d better give it up. What did you say? Lingshan. Back off! – Little sister.
– Brother Linghu. – Where’s Master?
– He is there. – What happened?
– Try to think over a way, Brother Linghu. Sword Sect, Songshan Party and
Taishan Party surrounded Mt. Huashan and are pressing dad to quit the chieftainship. Master said
Sword Sect is no longer part of your party. The old man named Feng got angry.
He threatened master to give up the chieftainship. Absurd!
Come with me! I’ll see who dares to hurt Huashan Party. – Daddy doesn’t allow us!
– Why? We were about to struck the blow,
Master or dared us out. Brother Linghu! If you find
your Gongfu is really marvelous. Then you can set up your own party
and distinguish yourself by your martial arts. I will admire you very much. You come here today only to make troubles.
It results nothing good or beneficial. Brother Lu Bai, what do you think about it? Brother Yue, this is the internal affair of
your party. We should not meddle in. However, we are in the same alliance, when one of members does something wrong,
the entire Martial World will ridicule us. The alliance would inevitably
share the humiliation. Do you mean to say
Huashan Party has done wrong? And it was because of this,
you surround Mt. Huashan? This is Alliance Chief Zuo’s order. The authority flag doesn’t speak. The authority flag cannot speak but I can. Here is Mt. Huashan!
What you say doesn’t count. It is said Chivalry Ning is
a super Chief of Huashan Party. I’m glad to meet you today. Okay, what I said doesn’t count. Are we afraid of that? Chief Zuo must have heard one side of
the story only. I’d like to meet him in person. Don’t talk rubbish.
Are you willing to give up the chieftainship? Draw you sword. At a time like this,
you still put on a hypocrite manner. Who breaks wind here? Smells terrible! – Linghu!
– Master Ning, Masters! What are they doing here? They want to force your master
to give up the chieftainship. These people? Are they qualified? You said that, didn’t you? Is your surname Feng? – Yes, how is it?
– Nothing! Masters, Master Ning,
let me fight against them first. In case my Gongfu of Qi sect
is not good enough, I’ll leave them to you. Master Feng, If you come to realize your errors
and wish to return to our party, lam not sure whether Master
will take you in or not. But if he agrees, you have to call me
elder brother according to the rules of the party. Little devil!
Draw your sword and accept your death. With vital Qi, grass and wood can be weapons.
To deal with you, no need for sword. – Come on.
– Linghu. Give up, will you? You lost. Master. Linghu! Go! Brother! Yue Buqun! How cruel. Stabs others in the back.
He deserves punishment. – Yue Buqun!
– Wait. Brother Cheng, as things are now
let’s bury Brother Feng first. You… We should think about the overall situation.
Let’s go. We have time for that. Yue Buqun! As long as I am alive
you cannot stay in Mt. Huashan in peace. An upright man rears no gossip. The cause of Huashan Party has
a history of 100 years. It is not to be shacked by
your handful individuals. Go! – Where’s Linghu?
– Brother Linghu? – Go and find him.
– Where’s Linghu? Be quick. Go and find him.
Brother Linghu! Away, keep away- You don’t understand. You keep away too. The guy looks pale.
We have to inject vital Qi into his acupoints of Shanzhong, Juque, Xuehai, Yunmen. The turn to his armpit and then
his internal wounds will be cured. Wrong! His internal wound is related to the heart.
The vital Qi should go to his Shenluo Shanjiao. You did not penetrate into his body,
how could you know it relates to the heart? To cure him, it needs vital Qi
Going through his Chengshan, Yongquan. Brother. I have admiration for you, but your skill for wound treatment
with vital Qi is not as good as mine. You see! He has a high fever all over.
His Yanggi is too strong. And he has to be treated with vital Qi. You’ll cause him death if you do in this way. Nonsense.
He will die without treatment. Brother Linghu! Sister! Pingzhi! Do you think
Brother Linghu will have any trouble? I don’t think so. Those six monsters
came together with brother. They will not cause any trouble to brother. But I was scared at their look.
It was really very horrible. Sister, when Brother Linghu fought
against Feng Buping, was he using Huashan sword skills? Um… Is that the one you and Linghu
created Chong Ling sword skill? No, Linghu’s sword skill today was
strange and fast. I’ve never seen it before. Our family’s Purity Sword Skills
are famous for its peculiarity and swiftness. – What are you talking about, Pingzhi?
– Nothing. I spoke without thinking. Sister. Let’s go and look for Brother Linghu. I want to warn you. If you dare to talk something
about Brother Linghu in this way in future, I… Stop! Lin Pingzhi!Bayou, what do you want’!?What I’m going to do is,
to give him a lesson. Shit! Your family has Purity Sword Book.
Why didn’t you come out and fight with them? Dayou, don’t… It was me who asked
Brother Linghu to help dad. None of your business! Whatever elder Brother
Linghu does for you, I have nothing to say. But What is he? He has neither ability
nor broad mind, but a handsome face. Say no more, Dayou.
Pingzhi, let’s go. Go! Ling Pingzhi, bear in mind, if something wrong with Brother Linghu,
the first one I’m going to blame is you! What kind of the six monsters Gongfu?
Why should they take away Linghu? Those who come are not friendly
Judging from their behavior, I don’t think they are on the Righteous side. Evil Party? I hope I was over worried. My dear, have you ever seen the moves
Linghu made to fight against Feng Buping? The moves he made on Siguoya
the other day were a bit strange too. Linghu is only too clever.
I’m afraid he has taken a wrong path. – How could he think out these moves?
– Then… Look, my dear.
How beautiful is Mt. Huashan! What a pity! Everything will be changed. The Sword Sect case emerged again
after more than twenty years. Now there came the six monsters. Is it possible they are here for Pingzhi
and for the Purity Sword Book as well? The coming of Sword Sect
was instigated by Chief Zuo. But I am not clear
for what these six monsters came. In any case, since we took
in Pingzhi as a disciple, it is expected there would be
endless troubles. In any case,
I couldn’t refuse to help him. I’m afraid the good will of Huashan Party could be made use of by
the contemptible Zuo. Lengchan. Since the death of
Liu Zhengfeng and Qu Yang, Holy Party has been trying
to stir up troubles in the Martial World. I didn’t expect right at this time Chief Zuo wild after the chieftainship
of the merged five- mountain party. He wiped out Hengshan and
won over Taishan Party. Now he is aiming at our Huashan Party. It’s not so easy to destroy Huashan Party. The original purpose of the merger was
to get the Righteous force strengthened But if Zuo Lengchan becomes the chief of
five Righteous Parties, the Martial World would… My dear, What you said is just right. Masters, Master Ning!
Brother Linghu has come back. Be quick! Be quick! Stop. Put him down! Don’t you hear me?All right.Give way! Linghu! Linghu! Master Ning, I… – Comes to life again!
– Let me have a look. – Brother Tao Ye! Brother!
– You! Stop there! Don’t hurt my master! – Or I will… I’ll break my own nerve vessels.
– Linghu! You! Go away! Brother Tao Ye! We go away. Dumb Granny.
Don’t laugh at a little nun. I’m missing Linghu when my eyes is open.
And I’m still missing him when my eyes is closed. I think he was wounded by Tian Baiguang
when he was trying to save me. As he was injured, I carried him.
I carried him and kept on running. Whenever I have a dream, I dream of
going to Mt. Huashan with Brother Linghu. But when I wake up,
I found Guanyin Buddha laughing at me. I know a nun is not allowed
to think of a man. But I beg Buddha to bless Linghu to live in peace and safety. How is it? Six vital Qi were poured into his body. Did the six monsters do it? These six streams are very strong. I can handle it if they came separately. But it’s now hard to handle
because the six came at once. Luckily, you killed one of them. Linghu, do you know those six monsters? Linghu, you were only too rash.
Feng Buping is a master- hand of Sword Sect. – Master, I’ve brought shame on you.
– You’re not to blame. I’d have fought against them if you hadn’t. I’d like to know from whom you learnt the sword skills
with which you fought against Feng Buping? ‘Up-

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