Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughing In The Wind Ep16

Episode 16 The young girl’s verses seem to be
related to Linghu. Who’s she? My dear, you saw the old man at the dock.
What kind is his Gongfu? I am also wondering.
The way is strange. Yes, it is. Without moving the hands or feet,
he got the two big fellows into the river. By his Gongfu,
he’s not in the righteous side. He was nice to Linghu. It seems that he’s
not going to make trouble to the Wang family. It’s the two sons of the Wang family
to be blamed. You think
who’s the girl singer? Her singing did not sound evil. Although we are going by river,
we’ve got to be careful. You think someone
will come and make trouble? I have been wondering these days
if we are being cheated. We’re near Kaifeng at last. My dear, do you remember
the famous killing Doctor Ping? He’s somewhere around here. Perhaps he can cure Linghu. But Ping Yizhi is on the evil side. What? Don’t you think
we had enough trouble? Moreover, If they learned that
we’re asking Ping Yizhi for help, terrible thing they would say. Don’t be afraid. We’re going for the doctor
instead of making the evil friends. But Doctor Ping Yizhi has a principle.
When he cures one, he’d kill one. What if he cures Linghu and
want us to kill someone? Daddy, Mommy. We’re near Kaifeng.
Let’s we go ashore and walk around. What makes you so happy? All right.
But you must promise me two things. First. You should return
before it gets dark. Secondly. You should not be alone. Okay.
Thanks, Daddy. – My dear…
– Yes. Since we are here,
better go and see Ping Yizhi. I saw, on the boat,
Linghu suffered a lot with the wounds. It’s up to Ping Yizhi
if it’s curable or not. If we don’t go to him,
I won’t feel easy. All right. I’ll do as you wish. Let’s go. Look. How about this one? Excuse me.
ls Chivalry Linghu on his boat? Yes. That’s me. My master learned about your heart
and was worried. Here are some presents from my master.
Please kindly accept. Hurry HP! It’s… Be quick! Quickly! – Excuse me, but who are you?
– Eh… It’s kind of you to ask. You have good fortune
and will be recovered soon. Please take care. Goodbye. Who is your master? Such largesse.
How can I repay? Tao hua. Tao hua. Tao hua. Why should you use the knife?
What for? You’re killing him! You, how come you opened his chest! I’ll kill you. Yes. We’ll open his! You, you can do nothing but killing.
You’re not a doctor. Does it mean death, with the chest open? Since I’m noted as a killing doctor,
it’s not strange for me to kill someone. What did you say? You, fools.
You bumped him on the way here and got his nerves and veins all upset.
They are in a state of disorder. If don’t opened the chest
and get things fixed one by one, he will become disabled,
even if he could survived. A good- for- nothing is better than a dead. If I made him disabled,
I shall loose my face. Okay, I’ll stop here.
Quickly take away this living corpse. You really make me angry. You say you are furious, but still alive. No more empty word,
or he’s doomed to death. You five, listen to me.
Step aside! Keep silent!
Don’t utter a word! Or, I will stop doing. Keep silent. What if I break wind? Good wine. Nice smell. Sir, you haven’t tasted yet,
how do you know it’s good. The bottles are not open,
yet it smells good. This must be the 62 years old Fen Wine.
It can’t be bad. Yes, really good. Well, if you don’t mind,
come on board and let’s drink together. We don’t know each other,
how can I intrude? Men in the world are brothers. From what you just said,
you must have a good knowledge of wine. I want to learn from you. If so, I won’t stand on ceremony. Please. My name’s Zu Qiangqiu. My name’s Linghu Chong.
people call me Linghu. Good name. With good wine, everything is good.
Please be seated. Damn you! Why you hit me so? Damn you!
You would be dead, if I don’t. The two gentle- persons outside,
come in please. Look, who’s that! It’s her. Kill her! Calm down! Calm down! We promised to the big monk
not to fight with females. I’m Yue Buqun from Huashan Party.
I come with my wife to visit Doctor Ping. So, it’s the Chief of Huashan Party
and have been waiting outside. What can I do for you? My son got a serious wound.
Would you please help? Ask me to cure the wound?
I have a regulation, you know? Yes. He cures one and kills another. We agreed to kill someone for him.
He helped Tao hua. Old man, whom are you going to kill? One more word
and I’ll have you to kill him. I will help,
if you agree with my condition. – Won’t there be an exception to my favor?
– To your favor? Mr. Zu, please. Brother Linghu, you have good wine
but you don’t have good wine appliance. When traveling, I have only these. Please make do with it, sir. No, no. You’re so careless about the appliance.
Obviously you don’t know the real taste of wine. It is said in Tang Poetry
“A jade bowl holds amber light.” You should drink Fen wine
with jade cups. Well… This is white wine from the north.
It tastes good. Not so fragrant, though. You should use cups made of rhinoceros horn.
That would be most enjoyable. How about this grape wine? Poetry says,
“Good grape wine and luminous cups, Really attractive, but I have to leave… Grape wine should be with luminous cups. The color of the wine resembles the blood. To drink the wine is to drink the blood.
“Talk and laugh over cups of Hun’s blood.” Isn’t it heroic? Well, as you say
it’s impossible to drink now. Why? At this time,
where can we find those wine appliance. Brother Linghu. if I don’t have all these, I would not have said all that. This made of old cane. And this, jadeite, glaze cup, rhinoceros cup, amber cup, white jade cup, old porcelain cup, and luminous cup. How admirable. Really admirable. I was told by an elder in Luoyang
about wine, its history, the smell, the way to make it and the way to keep it.
But I knew nothing about the appliance. Brother Linghu,
These cups are real treasures. However, if you are not bold enough
you can only take one cup and never take the second
because there’s a strange taste. I never met anyone
who can drink eight cups. That’s easy. Is there any difference
with the wine you drank before? You really know how to drink. This wine is really strange.
I never tasted it before. Very bitter.
Like sort of Chinese medicine. Take your time and drink one by one.
And then we’ll talk. Good. Good. You are really extraordinary.
Eight cups at one go. How’s the taste? In this wine… Brother Linghu,
you now feel a heat in your chest. Don’t try to stop it.
Let it go naturally. Your arms, legs and the body,
all turn warm. Mr. Zu, what have you put in the wine? How comfortable. Chivalry Linghu. – Brother Linghu.
– I must go now. Mr. Zu! Linghu Chong! Linghu! Excuse me.
ls Chivalry Linghu on board? – Elder, please.
– Be seated, please. I’m Doctor Ping.
Someone asked me to cure your sickness. Would you tell me
who asked you to come and help me? Doctor Ping, how is the case? Strange. In my life,
I never met with such type of pulse. You have eight vital Qi in you. Two of them
are strong and the other six are weak. The strong ones
Are like those of Monk Bujie. The six, most probable are
those of these idiots. Why are ours weaker? Those of the monk’s should be weaker.
You foolish doctor. You fools. The two of Monk Bujie
suppressed the six of yours. Can yours be stronger?
What a shame! The monk has some Gongfu
but he doesn’t have brain. An idiot, as well. Doctor ping,
I learned that you have a principle. If you cure someone,
the one must kill someone else for you. Right. That’s the principle. Okay, I don’t want to kill anyone for you. You don’t have to cure me now. In the first place,
your case is serious. I can’t cure it. Secondly, if I can manage it. Someone promised to do the killing for me.
You don’t have to do that yourself. Thanks for telling me. You, six fools, listen.
Chivalry Linghu was injured because of you. You should take good care of him
until he dies. The sickness is…
I have never see such a case before. I really don’t know what to do.
It’s a shame. I have here.
However, ten pills. Take one in ten days,
and you will live another hundred days. Here are still two left in this bottle.
You can take all. Oh, no, please.
Since you treasure the pills so much, it must be something strange. I think it’s better to keep them
for someone else. I can live no more than a dozen days.
The pills won’t help. A real man takes little care
about life or death. Well it’s a pity.
A shame. A shame. Now, I have a question.
Whoever has asked you to cure me? No more questions. Doctor! Linghu, let us drink together. Good, Let’s drink. Come on. Okay. Let’s.
Come on. Cheers. Good wine. Linghu, good guy.
Now, we will treat you with Deep Rooted. Single Stand. Grow Strong. Beautiful Bloom. Fruit Clusters. Red here and there. No, no. Two words only. Red all over. Wrong again! Red everywhere. Linghu, man always turns
red with wine. Right? You guys stop teaching me. What wine you have really?
Let me have a look. It’s the fresh Tao family wine. Say. what sort of tricks
are you playing with? Now, everybody. Linghu, come and drink. Unbearable! Too much noise! Okay, stop.
It cost my soul to do that. We’d better go and sleep.
Let’s go. So. You drank again. You have a wound.
Should stop drinking! ‘Up- You should drink as less as possible. Okay. I’ll stop.
Lingshan, I have a word to you. Say it. Okay. Nothing, really. Linghu, I know
you don’t feel well and comfortable. But you should look into the future. You should not torture yourself. For things in the past, I’m to blame. If I said anything wrong,
or did anything bad, take everything easy. I did not blame you. I was wrong.
I should not treat you as that. I don’t want to blame you. Linghu Chong!
Linghu Chong doesn’t need mercy. Right. I’m dying. But if I die before my masters. And before you. I have no regret. And I want to tell you I never did anything
that is harmful to Huashan Party. Neither did I anything against my master.
And I did nothing against you. I never did and I will never do. Pingzhi, what do you want to say? – You.
– Speak out. – You feel regret, don’t you?
– What to regret? The words you told me at the Temple. So, you heard
what I spoke to Brother Linghu. – Everybody heard that.
– It’s nothing important. Mother told me,
that he can live less than a hundred days. I wanted to comfort him.
Nothing else. But he doesn’t need your sympathy. – What he wants is…
– Now, you don’t believe me. I said I love you.
I will never give my heart to anyone else. I admitted to him that I was wrong. That was because in Luoyang
all of us were unfair to him. When we were at your family,
your two uncles was always hard on him. That was
because he did not behave properly. He was strange all the way there.
Even the master felt…What! hate most is if anyone
uses bad words over Chivalry Linghu.
Now, if anyone does so,
I will let him down.
Who’s that? My daughter. I’ve been working on this medicine for you,
and it will be ready. Pills. Will it cure me? Sure. Come. Who’s he, Daddy? He? It’s the medicine, not a man. – Then, what are you?
– Me? Old man. For what you arrested me. You stole the medicine
for my daughter. I didn’t. You drank the wine from
the old rascal Zu Qiangqiu, didn’t you? The wine contained my medicine. Oh, that’s why. I want to take the blood from your heart
to cure my daughter’s disease. Aren’t you scared? Yes? Blood from your heart
and your life will end. Everybody dies. It doesn’t matter
if it happens sooner or later. If my blood can save your daughter’s life,
it’s worthy to do that. What I care is, if the blood doesn’t work,
I could just die for nothing. Come on. Well, you are a real courageous man. If not for my daughter,
I mightjust let you go. Okay.
I will do it to your great satisfaction. Stop! – Old devil, don’t do that!
– You wretched. None of your business. Let me tell you… Understand? – Really?
– Absolutely true. What’s the matter, Mr. Zu? Linghu, I’m old and muddle headed.
Even death cannot atone for my offence. What on earth is the matter? Honorable and merciful Linghu,
forgive me for my ignorance. Please stand up. Who is there giving me such a honor,
respect and such courteous reception? You must be clear about that.
Please don’t ask us to confirm. Right. We’d rather die
than reveal the secret. Okay. Then, you two
bundle yourselves up! Yes, sir. Pingzhi! Lingshan!
Where are you? How things go? Master Ning,
Little sister is not found yet. – Go on searching, quickly!
– Yes. – What happened?
– Lingshan and Lin Pingzhi are lost. Don’t know where they are. That’s trick to
“lure the tiger out of the mountains”. We probably
have fallen into someone’s trap. Master! Master, Look at this. Return your damned daughter
in Wuba Hills. Sorry for the offence. Daddy. No. Girl. Don’t be afraid. I took the medicine
which your father made for you. But I did not know that.
Now, I will return you the medicine. No, please. No, please. Drink it. It’s the medicine.
Drink it and you will be fine. No. We can’t go in. Don’t you force me to do that.
No, I’m dying. – Come on, again.
– So much blood. I beg you. Good girl. Daddy. He forced me
to drink the blood, his blood. – Chivalry Linghu.
– Stop crying. Go and take the medicine! Damn it. It’s clear that they look down
upon us Tao Six Immortals. It we know
who has captured Linghu, – we shall certainly cut him into four pieces.
– Eight pieces. – No, sixteen pieces.
– 32 Pieces. If is it because of the Purity Sword Book
that they took Pingzhi in custody? It can’t be othen/vise. These people were surreptitious.
Their Gongfu is odd and evil. They seem to come from the evil side. When I saw this lot of presents,
I knew it was from some Evil Party. We should be on our vigilance.
I will find out who is there threatening me. You think, Linghu must be involved. Master. – Linghu.
– Yes. It’s him Linghu. Look! He lost much blood.
His life is in danger. Gentlemen, I don’t know
when and how I offended you. Why should you capture
my daughter and Pingzhi? I’m not putting you in hard situation
today for the sake of Linghu. But I tell you things about your girl
and that damn guy are not at all my concern. Chief Yue, we really don’t know about
your daughter and the boy. Since they are sister and brother of Linghu.
I think they will be all right. They were taken to Wuba Hills.
You will understand when you go there. Bye. Master Ning. Linghu. You wake up. Linghu, tell me.
where are Lingshan and Pingzhi? Master, I… He came to life just now,
and died again. They caught him on board and carried him away,
and his daughter is caught ashore. – How could he know where the girl is?
– No, he can’t. Should you dare hurt him,
we’ll let you down immediately. – Cut you into places.
– Into pieces. – How many pieces, say?
– How many? – Lao Denuo!
– Yes, sir. Look at him. Without my permission.
Don’t let him go ashore. Yes, sir. Wake up. Brother, on board this boat
there’s no wise man other than Linghu. Why not! What about the six of us? Right Brother. That girl probably eloped
together will that guy. Why should they blame Linghu for that? Absurd. Right. She muddled along with the guy.
She will not arrive at anything good. Probably Linghu loves that girl. He must be blind then!
There are better girls everywhere. – If there’s none. what about us?
– How nice the six of us are! Holy Party, forever great,
Chief Dongfang, rule’s over Martial World. Bao Dachu, where’s Xiang Wentian? He escaped, my master. Escaped? Xiang Wentian was really fierce.
I tried to catch him with more than 20 men. Still he escaped. You, how dare you
Chief Dongfang has been kind to you. But you are ungrateful
You followed Xiang Wentian and rebelled. We did not betray the party. Hope Chief Dongfang ascertains the facts. All right. Let’s see
If you are harder than my sword. Stop.

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