Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughing In The Wind Ep19

Episode 19 Please give order.
We will surely do our utmost. I want to kill someone,
but I could not find him. You tell people that anyone in the Martial World
kills this person, I will offer heavy reword. We don’t deserve reword, but if you want this man die,
we will find and kill him wherever he is. Please Holy Lady,
tell us who is the reckless villain. He is a disciple of Huashan Party.
The name is Linghu Chong! Why? So, you are
on good terms with him. Okay. I will trust someone else. No. Holy Lady. We will certainly catch Linghu
and bring him to you. Yes, we will certainly bring him to you. Who told you to catch him? As long as Linghu Chong is in this world,
my reputation is hurt. Kill him as soon as possible,
and make me feel at ease. – You can go now.
– Yes. If you want to kill me, you don’t have to
drag in many people for that. I miss the Granny
at Green Bamboo Lane. – There’s no Granny!
– Yes, there is. Granny was very kind to me. She was kind to you and I am not. Leave me alone. No, you can’t go away.
You promised to protect me. Your Gongfu is
hundred times stronger than mine. You will please forget
those idle words I spoke. If you leave here, they will kill you. They kill me.
That’s just what you want! Don’t force me! Why should you force me to say? Why must I tell you clearly my intentions
before you understand it? I want them to do so, the reason is
I want you never go away from me, be always together with me. Wonderful.
Now, we have some meat to eat. You break a fly upon the wheel. Chivalry Linghu killed a few frogs
with his sword. There was dog killing heroes in the history, no wonder, there’s a frog killing Chivalry
nowadays. If the late chivalries learned this, if they learned the successor is so hopeless,
they would get me out of their rank. Granny. I don’t know your name yet. You don’t tell me. I will just call you Granny. – Granny. Old Granny.
– Stop! My name is Ren Yingying. – Call me Yingying.
– Yingying. What are you staring at? The stars. I’m trying to find out
which star is missing, then I will know your origin. Naughty 9″!’- So, you’ve been pretending
to be serious. In front of a hundred years old Granny,
how could I not to be serious. Oh, the Pellet that Mr. Zu spoke of,
what is it exactly? Seems that they’re very much afraid of it. That’s a poison. Everybody fears it. If they have swollen that Pellet,
and do not get the antidote in time, the poison would develop and
their internal organs will get rotten. Aren’t you afraid of that? Sure. Then, do you feel regretted,
to be with me?Regretted?I don’t know. Oh. my frogs! Ah, all burned. Yingying, since you are Holy Lady,
why should they want to arrest you? I’m looking for my father. Who is your father? I can’t tell you. Daddy is the only relative of mine. He disappeared suddenly
twelve years ago. Uncle Dongfang,
he told me that he was dead. But, I learned recently some information
that my father is still alive. So I must find him. I will help you. You? You can’t. Why? You know why your uncle of Huashan Party
died? And why Elder Qu died? You are from Huashan Party.
I’m from Holy Party. If you help me, would your party agree? And those so- called Righteous Parties,
would they agree? Anyway, I will. My respect, Master Yang. How things are? I’ve found out
the whereabouts of Xiang Wentian. But he is very fierce
and has killed dozens of my men. You fool. You can’t even catch a Xiang Wentian,
how could you unify the Martial World? How about the Purity Sword Book? The Book is well- known
in the Martial World. However, its owner, Lin Zhennan, and his family has
been terminated by Yu Changhai of Qingcheng Party. His son survived
and has gone to Huashan Party. In my opinion, that book is false. It can not be compared with
our treasure of Mallow Journal. It was all because of Zuo Lengchan,
who attempted to wipe out his dissidents. He used it as an excuse to frame
Huashan Party, and created much disturbances
in the Martial World. Where is the girl? She left Heimuya and went to Wuba Hills. When she reached there,
people were dispersed. As far as I know,
they gathered at Wuba Hills to entertain a young man named
Linghu Chong from Huashan Party. This young man is
much admired by the girl. Linghu Chong? Linghu Chong. Tell me, where is the girl now? She’s still at Wuba Hills. As far as I know, she had a shelter
in the outskirts of Luoyang. I think she must have gone there. – Shall we ambush there and get her…
– Dare You! How can you be rude to Holy Lady? Aren’t you afraid of
being executed by Chief? I was wrong. Forgive me. You, silly ass!
Can you use your brain? If Chief had not protected her
for the sake of old friendships, I would have killed her long before. Yes. I was ignorant. I heard Linghu is wild in nature and
he likes to defend anyone against an injustice. He has lots of enemies
in the Martial World. If you tell the enemies
about her shelter in Luoyang, what would happen? Good idea. I will do that. My Chief said they were going to Fujian. I don’t know where they are now. Perhaps, you now go by boat down southwards
and you can still catch up with them. It’s no good to catch them up. I now am a murderer
who killed my sixth brother. I am the thief
who has stolen the Zixia Manuscript and a traitor and heretic
who made friends with Evil Parties. My master would not forgive me. The little sister would not forgive me. Then you go to Shaolin Temple.
Didn’t the monk at Wuba Hills say their special treatment will cure
your wounds? Doctor Ping was the master of leech craft,
and he could not do that. There is no use to try anyone else. Life is like the water in the river. Sooner or later, it will go into the sea. My wound is doomed. It’s incurable. Yingying, what’s the matter? I’m all right. All right? If Mr. Zu and others saw you like this
they would laugh at you. They dare not! Did you ever think about this.
If you are dead, someone will be heartbroken. Who’s that? Your Master, Master Ning
and your little sister. – Now, why are you weeping?
– I’m not! Leave me alone!
You’d better go to your little sister or she would miss you,
and blame me for that. What will you do then? Go to look for my Daddy. I looked for him for
12 years all by myself. I don’t have to ask for your help. Okay. I will go. Oh, no. You have ordered the Martial World
to catch me. Should I go away, I will be torn into pieces
by your terrible subordinates. I’m scared. Okay, I gave up.
I will stay. A gentleman should not go back
on his words. I will help you to find your Daddy. And after that? Back to Mt. Huashan. It’s my birth place, my home. Pingzhi, you said we would pass by Mt. Wuyi
before we reach Fujian. Yes. Have you been there? – No.
– It’s really beautiful there. More beautiful than our Mt. Huashan? They are not the same. There’s a river in Mt. Wuyi.
It has nine turns and eighteen curves. We can take a bamboo raft floating down from the top right to
the bottom of the mountain. I wonder how Linghu is now. If he can catch us up. Don’t you mention Linghu any more. – But, he…
– He is doing harm to our party. Everybody now knows that our first disciple
is muddling with the Evil Parties. Zuo Lengchan is watching.
All in the Righteous Parties are watching. If we can’t act properly on this matter,
we can never wash away the dirt on our name. What are you going to do then? What should I do, eh? I have to make a decision
to clear up the situation. Brother. Why, back so late? Brother. Two peoples of our temple
and one of Kunlun Party met in conflict with
the Evil Party at Wuba Hills. When I got there, I met a disciple
of Huashan Party, named Linghu. He was with a siren of an Evil Party. Linghu?
ls the first disciple of Chief Yue? Right. Linghu was seriously injured. But he stood on the siren’s side
and fought with me. I was surprised to find that he is a successor
of Feng Qingyang’s Magic Sword. Magic Sword? Yes. Elder Feng had
contributions to our temple. I dared not to fight on.
So I stopped. As successor of Elder Feng?
He could not be on the Evil side. Who was the siren? She’s not ordinary and quite skilled. She must be one of the heads
of the Evil Parties. That’s strange. Brother, the Evil Parties held
many activities in Henan recently. I’m afraid something would happen. A man can’t be always healthy
and the weather can’t be always fine. Ever since the death of Ren Woxing,
Chief Dongfang has been quite for ten years. After Liu Zhengfeng and Quyang’s incident, the smell of blood is
getting stronger in the air. Brother, we need to speak to
Zuo Lengchan. He’s the head of the Five Righteous Parties.
He committed lots of sins. That could have helped the Evil Parties. I have sent message to Mt. Songshan. Let’s see how they react. Good. After you. They want me to stop.
How can they! These old monks.
They know nothing but to worship Buddha. Brother, we now have forced Yue Buqun
into a dead end and there’s no way to return. You need only to say one word
and Huashan Party will be utterly discredited. Their first disciple, Linghu,
attended Evil Parties’ gathering at Wuba Hills. Chief Yue could never explain and escape.
He could convince nobody. Wrong, you are. As long as Linghu is alive,
Chief Yue would be able to do that. No one could ever prove his innocence
just by punishing a dead. Brilliant idea. Yue could never vindicate himself
when Linghu is dead. You should find out
the whereabouts of Linghu and take actions ahead of Yue Buqun. You just ask those blind men to do that. They are eager to take revenge.
They would not miss it. Yes, sir. Forgive me, Master.
I didn’t do well. You, idiots!
Can’t even kill an invalid! Damned Linghu! He killed my beloved pupil,
and make fool of Qingcheng Party in public. I won’t feel relieved
if I can’t have him killed. Take it easy, Master.
I will find out his whereabouts and kill him
for the revenge of Brother Luo. Come on! Does Elder Zhu know that
we are coming? He’s gone. Gone? Are you tired? No. I’ve been well
taken care of by a Granny. Granny is old.
She needs care from the child. – Hold me.
– Yes, Granny. I won’t allow that! What’s the matter? Don’t move. Take this soup. What’s the matter? You scared me. I made soup for you.
See, if you like it. You, what happened? Nothing, really. Your face. Naughty! Dare you, laugh at me! Oh, spare my live. How sore! That’s nothing!
You, heartless guy. I tried hard to make soup for you
and laugh at me! All right. I admit my crime. Mm, smells good! My gratitude, Granny. That’s better. Come. A toast for you. Tastes really good.
I want more. Why? You don’t drink. Hate to share it to me, right? Not a good liar, you are! Just to please me.
Why compel yourself to do so? You pretend to be well.
That is my worry. Pingzhi. Pingzhi. Pingzhi, what happened? Nothing. Nothing? You were
talking and laughing in the past days, now you become silent,
no more talking. What happened, really? Lingshan, as we are arriving Fujian, I become worried
how my family house is now. It doesn’t matter.
We’re going to stay at your home. No. But I want to stay at home. Will Chief agree?
Will you help me? You want to look for
the Purity Sword Book, right? No. I only want to be alone for a while. What’s in your mind? You think of
Brother Linghu’s words, don’t you? I want to take revenge. My father said, with this book
my force were unconquerable. If it is really great,
how come your family… When you learned
all the Gongfu your father had, that Yu Changhai will be no match for you. As a man of honor,
10 years isn’t too late for a revenge. Ten years! I can’t wait that long. That’s not difficult.
Wait till we returned to Mt. Huashan. I will ask my father to help you. I don’t want any help. I sworn before my parents’ tomb, I must kill my personal enemy
with my own hand. Then, you don’t have to be nervous. What is yours is yours.
No one will want that. Father already announced, in Fuzhou,
you can go anywhere you like. And you can do anything you like. No one is to ask why.
And no one is to meddle in. Really, Chief said that? I’m not misleading you. You know, I dreamed last night that we were at Mt. Wuyi.
sitting on a bamboo raft. We were all alone, floating down the stream. You held me in the arms
saying that you are taking me to… No, no. Won’t be good if Chief sees us. You’re expecting someone,
aren’t you? How do you know? Music comes from the heart. Wise originates from celebrities. I’m waiting for a man. He probably knows about my father. Can you tell me
what kind of man your father is? Can you tell me? You will naturally know
when we found him. Brother Xiang,
you can’t escape this time. Look! You don’t have to mobilize such a troop. If not, how can I get hold of you? We’ve been waiting here
over the past ten days. I believed that even if
you are a real spirit, you will need food. God doesn’t bless me. I give up. Something unexpected happened,
perhaps. We will wait till tomorrow noon.
If he doesn’t come by then, we’ll leave. Brother Xiang. What? Time’s up? Brother Xiang,
I was just told by the Chief that he’s not going to see you any more. – He asked us…
– Kill me on the spot? Brother. You only need to say a word I will certainly go
and beg for leniency for you. You don’t have to. Brother Xiang,
I wonder if you would listen to this. Say it out. We were together for years.
We worked hard at the risk of our lives. It’s not easy to come to
the present position. Why should you… Everyone has his own will. Chief’s been kind to you. Justice is the first thing
in the Martial World. How did the late Chief Ren
treat Dongfang? And how Dongfang treat him in return? Moreover, what sort of man
Yang Lianting is? Dongfang lets him take up the power. He himself is hiding behind the scene. Don’t you see
what has become of our party? I know. But… You! Brother, you did not do well enough. Okay. Go ahead. Anyway you still call me brother. I won’t kill you. But you must understand Yang wants to kill me today and
he can also want you to be killed tomorrow. I’m going. See you again. The man you are waiting is arriving. I beg you for one thing. Yes. There come three groups of people,
but not the one I expected. We probably are betrayed. Your inner wounds
would not allow you to fight. Moreover, it the internal affairs of
my Holy Party. I don’t hope you to be involved. I beg you to leave here immediately. What a dying man loves most
is to die where he likes. This is the place I like. Since we have the same object,
we will combine our forces. Good. Take the revenge together. Right. Kill the damn guy, leave alone
the morality of the Martial World. Come on! Linghu, come out and deserve death! They are looking for me! Don’t you go out! Your internal wounds are
serious. Going out means meeting death. A man of honor I am.
I would not hide just for an immediate peace. You leave here immediately. You have not found your father yet. Moreover,
that’s my Righteous Party’s affairs. I don’t want you to be involved either. Hello, everybody.
What moral and ability I have that have brought all of you here.
You’re favoring me too much. We come here spontaneously
just to put your dirty life to an end. Ah, it’s Uncle Cheng. Come on,
let me introduce to everyone here. This was, for a time
also a follower of my Huashan Party. He left us 25 years ago.
He hid himself in some sort of dirty place. Now he jumped out and he wants to
be the Chief of Huashan Party. Rubbish! This guy doesn’t
know what’s good and bad. Let me kill him. For 25 years, you’ve exercised restraint,
you don’t care for another minute, do you? Ah, Brother Yu. I don’t know if you’ve learnt the unique skill
of your party? You learnt it or not? Enough to take your life. I missed all of you. Each of you exercised
Gongfu for dozens of years. As we are in the martial art community,
we stand forjustice and against violence. However, you help evils
and hurt people with hidden swords. I made you blind last time
just to warn you. But you don’t think of repentance. Shit! We don’t see anything these days. We want to eat your flash
and suck your blood. Come on! Come on! Kill him! Don’t move. Calm down. Kill her! Cheng Buyou! You don’t take my advice.
Don’t blame me for my ruthlessness. Linghu. You can’t die. You said you would help me
to look for my father. You can’t just say it without do it. Sorry. I’m not able to help you now. After my death,
send to back to Mt. Huashan. Mt. Huashan… No.
If you die, I die with you. Linghu, You can’t… Linghug Brother!Linghu, you treat Chief and me
as your parents.
We also take you as our own child.But, today, we’ll have to…I spoilt you and I’m to be blamed.You have a wild nature
and observe no regulations.
I always make excuses for you.
That made you go wrong again and again.
Now, it becomes irredeemable.Your Chief has written the document
to expel you from the party.
Don’t you ever blame him.He could not get into sleep last night.His eyes became cooked in water.I know it was hard for him
to make the decision.
Sister. Would you please go
and beg Chief for mercy. Brother saved our lives. Yes. I thought so. But you don’t know my father. It won’t do even if mother goes for that.
To say nothing of me.

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  1. I love the book. And laughting in the wind is probably one of my favourite adaption. But seriously sometimes i feel like they put in too much crappy drama fillers.

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