Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughing In The Wind Ep21

Episode 21 Brother Xiang,
why do they want to kill you? Because I want to look for a man. Who’s that? You’ll know when I’ve found him. Brother Xiang, No matter whom
you are looking for, I wish you success. Come, cheers. Oh, I’m done for, Brother Xiang. You can’t drink as much as I can. Right. I can’t do anything
better than you as well. The wine doesn’t hurt, does it? Captain Xiang. You can’t find the man now! Lieutenant Xue! No, I’m no longer a Lieutenant.
You should call me Captain Xue! Get hold of him! Hey, man! Did you see an old man with long hairs
and bleeding all over? Didn’t you see him? Go.Xmngwenfian, Our men are everywhere.
You can’t escape.
Xiang Wentian, you killed
two of my beloved followers. I want your blood today to repay. Xiang Wentian, you killed
lots of our brothers. We’ll kill you! You want to kill me, you rascals! You hide yourselves here for hours,
and you dare not come near me! Come on, if you are a real man! They are from the Evil Side. Don’t care for them.
Kill the big evil head Xiang first! Aren’t you ashamed to see me again? Everyone works for his master. I didn’t know
there’s such a lot who want to kill you. Because I kill more of you. You were lucky to have escaped last time.
This time, how will you go? Pilgrim Xue, you can only be pilgrim for this life, I’m afraid tell you,
I’m here and I won’t go. I will be right here,
fighting with you for life or death. Who from you want to die first?This man has the same fate as mine.You’re risking your life, Xiang Wentian,
I will be with you. Xiang Wentian, you killed
many brothers of our Righteous Parties. You must be killed by our swords. It’s really most unexpected that I attracted
so many attentions and cares. No matter which party you come from come on,
if anyone is bold enough. Wait! Who are you? Salute. It’s unfair.
You have so many and he’s only one. Elder, let me have a drink. Who are you? A passer-by. Good wine, Elder.
It’s most satisfying. Get away, if you don’t have
anything to do here. Get away quickly! That won’t do. I drank your wine.
Now we are friends. I must offer my help. Why do they want to kill you? Get on with your own way.
Don’t stay here to die! To die? Yes. I am looking for death. I say, you rascals, shameful!
If any of you dare to fight with me? How could you fight against an old man
who is wounded all over? Who on earth are you, guy? Me? A dying man. Isn’t he Linghu from Huashan Party? Right, you are.
He is expelled by the party. Right. I am Linghu. You take advantage of other’s difficulties.
You are no heroes. Linghu,
hero’s no room for you to speak. Get away, quickly! You leave here quickly.
Don’t meddle in this turmoil. Well, I certainly will be
part of this game. Come on! I’m coming! Hey, You QUY
have a wonderful sword skill. I have nothing else
except the sword skill. – Oh, no. Have mercy.
– Shit! They don’t have mercy on me! – Why, you?
– Please, show respect for my feelings. Elder, Elder. So you waked up, little Brother – Sorry, I brought you trouble.
– Don’t get up. No apologizing, please.
You define death, so do I. I was prepared for that.
I did not hope to get out of it. But I could not let you die
in the hands of those villains. If it wasn’t for my involvement,
you could have killed them all. You are right. I’m pleased. You’re really skillful with the sword.
But your internal force is very weak. It was not long
before you were tired out. Not only weak.
In fact, I have almost no internal force now. Are you really Linghu? Right. And who are you? Why you helped me in the fighting
and you don’t know who I am. Tell you what.
I’m from Holy Party. Holy PKWY? That is to say you were fighting
against your own people, if so, I should not have been interfered. – May I ask you about someone else?
– Who’s that? A girl named Yingying of Holy Party. Yingying? She was known as Holy Lady
in the Martial World. If you know her or not? Holy Lady I certainly know. Where is she now? For what are you looking for her? Nothing. I want to help
her to look for her father. You help her looking for her father? Yes. I was injured later and we parted.
I haven’t seen her since. Do you know who his father is? I don’t know. Brother,
I really like you so much. – Elder…
– No, don’t call me Elder. Call me Brother Xiang.
I will call you Little Brother. – No, it can’t be so.
– Why not? We have been together through a fighting.
Shall we fight once more? I would not fight against you. Once you display your Gongfu,
even a pavilion will be burst out. I can’t stand it. Brother. Salute, Brother Xiang. Get up, please, Brother. Good brother. – Brother Xiang.
– Good brother! Do you know you are the only one
in this world to be my sworn brother. If so, I am over flattered. Brother.
Come and sit down. Good guy. Please. – After you.
– Okay. – Now, please.
– Thanks. Good Brother, you are very young.
But your wounds… My wounds are not curable. Doctor Ping examined it.
Master Fangzheng of Shaolin also did. No cure. Perhaps someone else can. Who? I will take you there tomorrow. Good. What are you laughing at,
Little Brother? Look at your make up, Brother Xiang.
You look like sharp-shooters from the west. I look like a childe from a wealthy family. Dressed up like these,
what are we going to do? I told you, didn’t I? You should only follow me
today. And no asking why! Yes, I obey. We arrived. This is an elegant place. – Come here.
– Good. What can I do for you, Gentlemen? We’re disciples from Songshan
and Huashan Parties. We would like to meet your four masters. – Our masters never meet guests.
– Just a minute. Please present this to Master the Fourth. Brother Xiang. Brother Xiang. We are open-minded.
Why should we pretend to be… someone from Songshan Party? In my opinion,
this door keeper is unusual. His name is Ding Jean,
known in Martial World as Flash Sword. When he was at the foot of Qilian Mountain, he striped off four bullies with one hand,
and killed two tyrants with a click of his sword. Who on earth are these people
in this Mea village? Even a doorkeeper is so skillful. Gentlemen, please come in. Guests are here, Master Fourth. You’re from… I’m Tong Huajin from Songshan Party. This is Feng Erzhong from Huashan Party. – My greetings to Master Fourth.
– How do you do, Master Fourth. What can I do for you? I have some small things here,
I hope the four masters here would appreciate. – Go and bring my brothers here, Dong Jian.
– Yes, sir. Master Fourth, this painting is entitled Trip to
Xishan, by Fang Zhongli in the North Song Dynasty. See if it is the authentic work. I have a piece of calligraphy work,
which was done by Zhang Xuin Tang period. Brother Third, that’s your favorite. Here’s a chess manual. It contains 12 games.
They are outstanding compositions of all ages, including the games by
the immortals in Lanke Mountain, the fairies in Li Mountain
and some others. So, such manual does exists. I hope you like it, Master Second. Now here is a collection of music scores.
I hope Master Great will like to read it. Where is he? Big Brother never leaves his room. I will take it to him,
if you want him to read it. You two, what’s your intentions
by bring all those to this Mei Village? Master Second, don’t you worry. Brother Feng and I come here
just for a bet. Every knows the four masters here
do well in martial arts. However, your sword skill
is not as good. I bet no one here in this village
can win over my brother in the sword skill. If anyone can,
can win over Brother Feng, I will just leave all these stuffs with you. If no one can win,
we will just take all the things back and leave. Brother Tong, are you serious? Sure. – Good.
– This… We can’t decide here,
we’ll ask our big brother. If Master Great does not agree,
we will take the things back and leave.Just a minute.Brother Second, you go and ask now. Brother Tong,
may I borrow your music collection? – Give him.
– Of course. Brother Tong, this calligraphy is lively.
I really like it. It implies something
as a set of sword skill. Brother Feng, so you know calligraphy. It’s great that you can see the sword skill
in the calligraphy written by Brother Third. – Ding Jian
– Yes. – Go and bring me the pear wine and jade cup.
– Yes. Right. It’s reasonable. As described in the poem by a noted elder in the history, the pear wine goes well
In pair with Jade cups. Master Fourth is a real expert in the wines. So, you also know wine. Just a little about it. My good friend.
Here comes my good friend. Brother Feng, people call me
Master of Three-sword, painting, and wine. As a matter of fact, the first thing is wine.
Painting is the second, and sword is last. I understand.
I understand Master Great loves music, Master Second loves chess, Master Third, calligraphy, and Master Fourth surely
loves paintings. Sure. We, four brothers,
loves the four tradition culture respectively. We are known as 4 Brothers in the South. Brother Feng, let me take you
to visit our cellar. Good! Oh, does Big Brother agree? Yes, he did. Master Fourth, wine is coming. – Ding Jian,
– Yes. – My sword.
– Yes. Brother Feng, we try sword skill first
and drink the wine later. All right.
I’d like to take a drink first? Take this. Brother, no hurry.
Mr. Tong said anyone in this village will do. – Ding Jian is also in this village. Let him try.
– Of course. Anyone in Mei Village will do. We just try the sword skill, we are not
having a contest of the internal strength. I’d like to learn from you. Good. Master Fourth, after the match,
no matter win or lose, we should drink. – Okay.
– Brother Feng. You should not use
your internal strength. Your Huashan Party’s Zixia Gongfu is far better
than the internal Gongfu of my Songshan Party. No, let’s go this way. You stand here
try the sword skill with Brother Ding. Brother Ding, please. Brother Ding, you’re being modest. Useless thing! – You should go to Tulufan to transport wine.
– Yes, sir. Brother Feng, you spared his hand.
For this kindness, a toast. Thanks, Master Fourth. – Brother Feng, you first.
– Okay. Really wonderful skill, Brother Feng.
I candidly admit defeat. Oh, no. Your skill implies a beautiful painting.
I really admire that. Now that you enjoyed his painting
I’d like to invite you to try with my calligraphy. My calligraphy skill originates from the traditional
Yan style. Hope you would appreciate it. Okay. Obedience is
better than politeness. General Pei. Great King rules over the world. Brave General clears the fields. War horses resembles
dragons and tigers. – How heroic!
– How heroic over the motherland. I’m sorry. Good. Brother Feng.
Your sword skill is really best in the world. I’m not sure. Brother Feng.
Let’s play chess. But I don’t know how to play. I will teach you. Master Second, it is a draw. – Okay, it’s a draw, Master Second.
-It’s not yet time for you to smile. – There’s my big brother.
– Brother Feng, come with me. Master Fourth, let’s stop fighting.
It’s better to have a drink. No way.
You must meet our big brother. You must. Please. Okay. – Take care of Brother Tong.
– Yes. Why? So, no one succeeded. Big Brother, this is Brother Feng.
He’s unusually skillful. None of us could win over him.
So, we come for your help. Brother Feng, please. I’m Feng Erzhong.
My respect to Master Great. The three masters declined out of modesty.
Or I could not win. In the music collection, there’s something
I don’t understand. Could you explain? You let me down.
I know very little about music. Things that you don’t understand are
utterly impossible for me. However, if you really love that,
I’ll speak to Brother Tong, and leave everything here
for you to read and study. No, I don’t deserve that. Tong has set up the regulations.
I could not refuse. But I have only Chinese flute and zither with me.
I have no swords. Shall we compete with the music instruments,
if you agree? Brother Feng, if you don’t agree,
our competitions will come to nothing.All right.I will just try. I hope Master Great
will have mercy on me. All right? Oh, no.
This is an immaterial sword. I forget to tell him
internal strength should not be used. Brother Tong, you see… Never mind.
Not informed, not blamable. Oh, no. Big Brother. Big Brother. Elder. We have been hidden
ourselves in this village. For ten years we have
no contact with Martial World. We’ve become short eye sighted. Master Great, don’t be sad. It was because I have no internal strength
at all that I did not react. The force from your instrument is not
what I… if you don’t believe,
please examine by yourself. The Yangtze flows on wave after wave. New hero is in birth in the Martial World. Chivalry Feng is open and sincere,
with exceptional sword skill. I really admire. I will speak to Brother Tong and leave all the stuffs for you.
Please give me a minute. – Brother Linghu.
– Brother Xiang. You were really Good. Brother Xiang, in my opinion, we should leave
these things here give all to the four masters. Why?
They did not win over you. But we were not straightfon/vard. Winner is winner. Loser is loser. Right? Master Fourth. Return me the music collection. But… Now allow us to leave. Master Fourth. Good bye. Good bye. – Please.
– Good bye. Brother, if you have a score to
settle with them? No. Then why you tortured them so?
See how awkward they were. Brother, they are not your close friends,
are they? Don’t you worry about them. But it was not fair to tease them. Each of the four masters is more skillful
in the martial arts than you and me. I dare not possibly tease them? Why then did you show them all those treasure
first and take everything back? We can’t just go like this. Take it easy.
They will come to us again. Wait a minute, Brother Feng. Master Fourth.Brother Fang.You must drink this wine
before you go. Good. Right, Master,
if you have anything to ask? I would prefer to have you two back to
our village to dine. You have been worked hard. And we did not treat you with a meal. People would say the 4 Brothers of the South
were no gentlemen. So, these are things
that interest you, right? Brother Feng, tell you what, we have someone
else in our village who can compete with you. – Someone else?
– Forget it, Master Fourth. You don’t have to rack your brain
to fool us back. There’s no one in Mei Village
that can match you four masters. We’d better go, Brother Feng.Just a minute.It’s true, and my brothers are talking about it.
There should be a decision when we go back. Brother Tong.
It’s difficult to refuse the hospitality.All right.Please. Please.

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