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Laughing In The Wind Ep22

Episode 22 Please. – Please be seated.
– Please. Take the seat of honor, Brother Xiang. Where are they, Ding Jian? They are still with Master Great. Go and bring me the 100 years
old Bamboo wine. Yes. – That’s an excellent wine.
– Good wine. Please wait.
I’ll be back in a minute. As you like, please. Brother Xiang. – Do you feel unhappy with me?
– Nonsense! Why should be unhappy with you? However, these four brothers
are really not worthy of their names. Seems that we came all the way
only for nothing. Do you take me here
only to compete the sword skill? I’m really hungry.
Come on, let’s eat. You must have something hidden in mind
and do not let me know. Nothing. So you take me as a stranger. How can that be! If you don’t trust me? Yes, I do. – That’s it. I appreciate.
– Brother Feng! My big brother agreed. Brother Tong, we have one simple request.
I hope you would agree. What is it? You should not be present on the spot
when the competition is on. That won’t do. – What if you cheat my brother?
– Brother Tong… If you are present,
the competition is impossible. All right. I give up. – But, I want to have a word to my brother.
– Good. Take your time. Please. That’s really unfair, Brother Feng. They discussed for a long time, and
they don’t allow me to watch the competition. You must do your best.
Don’t be polite to them. Don’t you worry, Brother Xiang. It’s of vital importance. Be sure that you
give this to the man you will meet. I say, Brother,
you must be very careful with your sword. I really don’t want to leave
these treasures to them. Come, Master Fourth. – You finished talking?
– Sure. Now, I will stay here drinking.
I’m looking fonivard to your good news. Brother Feng,
come with me to meet Big Brother. Okay, you go- Brother Feng, please. My respect, Masters of the village. Chivalry, please follow me. Please. This way, Brother Feng. Where are you taking me to,
Master Great? Bottom of the West Lake. Bottom of the lake? That friend is… You’ll see in a minute the man
who would compete with you. There are two things that
I must make clear. Yes, please. Firstly, No matter who wins or loses,
you should not mention it to anyone else. Othenivise, the Martial World will be upset.
There will never be peace. It certainly do as you say. Secondly, you should not ask your opponent
about who he is and where he comes from. Or, your life would be in danger. All right. I promise. Brother Third, let them compete with
wooden swords to avoid injuries. Thanks for your concern. Elder Ren, we, four brothers of Mei Village
are coming to see you. It’s a longtime since we met last,
I’m indebted. We come today
to inform you of something important. We knew that your sword skill was
the most powerful in the contemporary world. However, we were greatly mistaken.
Here we have a visiting friend. His Gongfu is much higher
much higher than any of us. I’m not sure if
your sword skill is better than his. You, four damned jailors! Want me to revenge for you!
Right? Day dreaming! I left the sword for more than dozen years.
I’ve forgot everything! You’d better get away immediately! Forget it, Big Brother. I thought Elder Ren
was not the opponent to this Brother Feng. You see, This man is the successor of
Feng Qingyang, the Elder of Huashan Party. Ren is nicknamed of
Run Away with the Wind, isn’t he? – No, Brother Third. It’s Gone with the Wind.
– Right. Right. At the time when Ren was in the Martial World,
once he heard of the word Feng he ran away. No matter how hard you tried to arouse me.
It is no use. I won’t do anything for you little fellows. – I would not compete any more.
– Why, Brother Feng? I did agree to come and compete, but you
didn’t tell me it’s Elder Ren I’m to compete. When Elder Feng taught me the skill,
he warned me repeatedly, that once I learned the skill, I should not try to compete with an Elder
named Ren, if I happen to meet him one day. Why? Was he afraid
that the skill may just be eliminated. Really? Did he say that? Of course. All right. Don’t worry.
You are a junior. I will just play the sword skill and
I won’t do you harm. I want to see how the sword skill is
taught by Elder Feng. In case, please show me mercy. So, you little fellows prevailed.
Put me down. Good. Find the keys. Brother Feng, your sword! Junior Feng salute to Elder Ren. Please take your sword, Elder Ren. Ready? You start! Come on, little brother.
Let me see how well you do. Sorry for my offence. Who’s there? Chief! Chief! Chief, you had a hard time.
How are you?Captain Hang, how are you’!?Chief! Have you got Linghu in,
as if you were there? It’s done. Leave here with me immediately, please.
When time goes by, the four brothers… Damn, four brothers! Damn, four brothers! Don’t you be angry, Chief. Something important is waiting for you. If you killed them today,
Dongfang will know you have escaped. And you are weak. Your vigor is not yet
recovered. That’s not to your advantage. Let’s go, Chief. Hurry HP! Go! My good brother, sorry for this. Chief. Put it on. Please. Or your eyes will be blind. Get on to the horse, please. – Big Brother, see, it’s chess book.
– And music collection. Brother Feng is really a man of faith. We will certainly repay him
gratitude in the future. Elder Ren, thanks a lot. From now on,
you deserve good wine and food. Yes, if not for you,
we would not be able to have all these. Elder Ren, allow us to leave.
We will visit you often. Chief Ren! Elder Ren! Master Great! Master Fourth! Why do you locked me in here? Let me out! You are a group of mean little fellows. You could not win over my sword skill.
So you locked me in! You, four wicked creatures. I must cut out your eyes
once I get free from here. I must have you… Wine! What a pity! It is really good wine. Chief! Chief. Dongfang’s Gongfu is much improved. You were locked in jail for 12 years.
Your vigor is not yet recovered. Chief. You are not in a advantageous position
to go to Heimuya and to fight against Dongfang. Chief. If you don’t care about yourself,
you should care about our Holy Party. Chief! – Chief!
– Get away! Or, I will kill you too! Chief. Chief. Chief. Chief! Chief Ren! I did not expect
that you are still alive. That’s to say
you wish me to die. No! No! I saw you, Chief Ren, appear again in front of me,
save and sound, I am quite excited. Captain Xue, Am I right to call you that? Chief Ren! Dongfang trusts you
much importance, eh! Chief Ren, have mercy on me! Spare my life! Spare your life? You helped enemy for
your own benefits. You helped Dongfang and killed lots of our men
who contributed much to Holy Party. If I forgive you!
The dead souls would not agree. Each monarch has
its own set of courtiers. Ren Woxing! You show me no mercy;
I will not stand on ceremony. If I’m not mistaken, you are the regional
Chief of Tong Baixiong. Am I right? Right. You have been well promoted and
are quite proud under the rule of Dongfang. 12 years have passed,
and you look even younger. It’s like the old saying,
Happy events bring people into high spirits. I’m much flattered.
You also have not changed much, only your hair turn gray.
You are still brutal by nature. For the past 12 years Chief Ren have been jailed by
Dongfang at the bottom of the lake of Mei Village. Dongfang deceived us by saying you were poisoned to death
by the five Righteous Parties. On the other hand, Chief Dongfang
was somewhat kind in the heart. Othenlvise, you can not live till this day. I was locked in the dark for 12 years.
This world has really turned black into white. It has become justice in your mind
that Dongfang returned kindness with hatred. Chief Ren is now going to Heimuya to find Dongfang to put an end to
the past 12 years’ personal feelings. Right? What if it is? Allow me to tell the truth,
you can not compete with Dongfang now. May be or may not. Dongfang listened to slanders,
and trust Yang Lianting with power. Holy Party is in foul atmosphere.
Justice can not prevail. Your going there
will give him some warning. Tong Baixiong, when I was in power,
you were always against me. However, I appreciate your straightfonlvardness.
I won’t look into your past. If you thoroughly rectify your errors,
come under me again, and help me to eliminate
the ungrateful creature, Dongfang, I will still trust you. I will promote you to the position
of Deputy Chief. It was because I hate to see your cruelty,
that I did not follow you in the past. Today, I still think so.
I was not mistaken in this observation. I am not happy with our Holy Party. But I believe Dongfang
will certainly dismiss Yang Lianting. And Holy Party will get its new life. Good. For what you said just now,
I spare your life today. You go back and tell Dongfang
that Ren Woxing reappears in the Martial World. I will surely kill
the scoundrel with my own hands. I will vigorously redevelop Holy Party. Look out for yourselves,
Captain Xiang and Chief Ren. That Yang Lianting whom long spoke of,
what on earth is all about him? What he said is true. Holy Party today
in fact is under Yang Lianting’s rule. Even if Dongfang is on the spot,
he seems not to be involved in anything. He almost handed all the power
to Yang during the past few years. Yang acted wildly
against law and public opinion. He made use of his power
combed out many brothers from Holy Party. Those who had been loyal to you
were all.. What about Dongfang? People in the party seldom see him. He is said to have resided
at a place unknown to all. If he is practicing the Mallow Journal? – Chief!
-lmpossible. – No, it’s impossible for him to do that.
– Chief! Dongfang! I will kill you! Mallow Journal! I had a nightmare last night. I dreamed of Ren Woxing.
He returned to Heimuya. Why didn’t you kill him
in the first place? There are people whom you want to kill
but you simply can’t do that. As times goes by, he may cause trouble. Since you are worried about his existence,
you can do whatever as you see fit. I have spared his life for 12 years.
I own him nothing now. Holy Party, forever great; Chief Dongfang, unifies Martial World. Holy Party, forever great; Chief Dongfang, unifies Martial World. Bao Dachu and Sang Shanniang stay.
All the rest, dismissed! Chief Dongfang sends you to Mei Village
to find Ren Woxing. Chief. You don’t know anything about Yingying,
don’t know where she is? Two months ago
Yingying and I were to meet in Luoyang. But I was tangled by the disciples
of Dongfang. We could not meet. Since then, I lost her contact. When Yingying was brought up,
she’s been always trying to find you. I, though, never stopped looking for you. But I would feel shamed
if compare with Yingying’s efforts. Did Dongfang have murderous scheme
towards Yingying? In order to hide the public
his cruelty towards you, Dongfang pretended to
be nice to Yingying. He made Yingying Holy Lady of Holy Party. I think, before people know
where you are, it is unlikely that Dongfang would
take actions towards Yingying. But… What? If Tong Baixiong informs Dongfang
about your reappearance, Yingying’s life could
possibly be in danger. Where do you
intend to go to find my daughter? Yingying has close contacts
with Lan Fenghuang of Fairy Party. I think, she perhaps know
something about Yingying. Anybody there? Set me free! Let me go! Come! Little fellow. Little brother. Please lower me down. Please! What do you mean
by sending me food? Are you going to keep me
here for long? You, four gentlemen like rascals. Kill me or cut me into pieces,
but do not treat me like this!

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