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Laughing In The Wind Ep27

Episode 27 Taoist Chongxu did not care
for the little man. He is large-minded. However, we don’t have
the third competition yet. Linghu, I will compete with you. Master… Wonderful! Wonderful! Mr. Yue, you are not the only one
who owns all the traditions of Huashan Party. Linghu, show them the Magic Sword skill
which elder Feng passed on to you. That is the soul of Huashan Party.
And it rests in your hands. Huashan Party has a traitor such as you.
Who else should deal with it if I don’t? Come on.
Today either I kill you or you kill me. Master! I can’t. I’m not your master. Linghu, come on!
You yielded to my first three movements. I took that for repaying my care of
bringing you up. If you don’t start your movements,
I will not stand on ceremony any more. Yingying! This day between Linghu and Mr. Yue
will come sooner or later. It’s good that it happens here today.
It could be a fair solution for everybody. It would be favorable for Linghu to act
in the Martial World on the future. Brother Linghu, why don’t you start?
Do your really want to end your life here?Linghu was poor and lonely
in the childhood.
Thanks to the masters,
I was taught and brought up.
They just like my born parents.I have not repaid their kindness.How can I beat my master
at the presence of all the heroes?
He would lose face and be discredited.However, if I lose the competition,Yingying, Brother Xiang and Elder Renwould have to be confined here
in Shaolin Temple for as long as ten years.
No one can be sure of Yingying’ safety.No one can be sure if Zuo Lengchan and
others will not try to seek plots for a frame-up.
Master! Here you are! Master. Yingying! I think Yue Buqun is
trying to put Linghu to death. While Linghu still respects his master.
I cannot persuade him for a change. – Master!
– Mr. Yue. I have already admitted my defeat. Because Linghu’s present sword skill
is superb and matchless. I’m serious in saying that. Master. Master. My dear,
spare his life, will you? Master! I’m not your opponent.
Let’s stop. Master Fangzheng, that’s a draw.
No one wins or loose. So the competition today
ends in a draw. I ask for your forgiveness.
We’ll just leave. Buddha bless you. Chief Ren is right in saying that
I have no objection. Chief Yue! In so doing can you remain to be
Chief of Huashan Party in the future? Oh, no! Master! My dear! From today on,
you are enemy of Huashan Party. If I’m not going to kill you, the coming
generations of Huashan surely will someday. Master! Where am I? The palace of King of Hell! It’s good if It’s so easy
to go and meet King of Hell. I am afraid, in the Martial World
people would say in the future that Linghu is a shameless little man who
cheated his teacher and disown his relatives. Do you regret
for coming and saving me? Why should I regret for that? You risked your life
at Shaolin Temple for my sake. If I repay you with my life,
that’s not too much for your kindness. You still speak to me in this way.
That means you take me as an outsider. ‘Up- I won’t blame you. I know there’s someone
in your mind. Little sister, she… Perhaps, I should not…
lam not the one worthy of her love. She is with Brother Lin Pingzhi.
She’s surely much happier than with me. I admire your little sister very much. Originally it was your true love for her
that touched me. I had never seen a loafer who regards love
and affection important, and become crazy over that. Crazy and foolish. Why do you look at me with
such an expression? I’m awkward in speech,
difficult to express myself. But, if I can find someone like you
to be my wife… Really? I hope you were
not glib-tongued in saying that. I was… I don’t want you repay me
with your life. I want you to be dead set on loving me
and never go one step apart from me. Do you promise? Well… You were just trying to sound good,
weren’t you? You never put me in your heart. No, no. If I was cheating you,
heaven will punish me. Don’t swear like that. As we are in the Martial World,
we are doomed to die a violent death. If you should disappoint me someday, I would rather kill you
with my own sword. Oh, Granny! It’s beautiful here with the snow. This scene reminds me
of the cliff of Mt. Huashan. It is also green down the mountain slope
but snow capped all the year round. Daddy! What’s the matter with them? Daddy suffered with Chief Zuo’s Frozen Vital Qi.
Brother Xiang is help him to melt it. Let’s all help Chief Ren.
Get the Qi melted within his body. Let’s start together. Master, it’s time to leave. – Dingyi.
– Brother Zuo, anything you need? Did you get the letter
I sent to you some days ago? Are you talking about the letter
about the five Righteous Parties? The Evil Parties caused havoc
in Shaolin Temple. – Ren Woxing reappeared.
– You want to know my opinion about that? – Yes
– I don’t agree with the merger of the five parties. The Evil Parties conserve strength
for ten years. Their threat to our Righteous Parties
is getting more and more serious. Under such conditions.
the only way for our five parties is to merge into one, so as to defeat them
and return justice to the Martial World. You understand this reason, I think. I don’t think so. Five fists can hit from different directions
and even from various directions. It would be better than just one.
One fist can only hit from on direction. I like to be straightfon/vard. Your idea of the merger
probably is out of ulterior motives. What do you think my object is? Excuse me for speaking bluntly. You have taken a fancy to the chieftainship
of the proposed merger of the five parties. I can assure you now.
If you agree with the merger, I will recommend you to be the chief.
What do you think? Thank you for your appreciation.
But I don’t have the ambition. I only want to carry my Henshan Party fonlvard.
As long as I am Chief of Henshan Party, I would never agree the merger. Good. That is just a proposal of mine.
I’m not imposing that on anyone. – I have a word, if I should say it.
– Please. What is urgent for the five Righteous Parties
is to stop the fighting among themselves. It’s not the merger. I always speak frankly. If you find anything offending
please forgive me. If the merger can be realized
as early as possible, the rights and wrongs among the parties
will naturally be cleared up. Please think it over again.
Goodbye. Chief Zuo,
things should not be done in haste. Master Fangzheng. Thank you again, Chief Yue
for coming al long way to help. Not at all, Master Fangzheng. When Shaolin Temple meets difficulties,
Huashan Party is bound to offer help. Moreover, the cause of this calamity
was a unworthy disciple of Huashan Party. – I should have asked you to forgive me.
– Chief Yue is exaggerating. This time, the disturbance was caused
by my lack of foresight. The misunderstanding
between you and Linghu… Allow me to speak frankly. If your view of Linghu
is a little too drastic. Master, I may be wrong,
but Linghu was brought up by me so I should know him better
than anyone else. I expelled him from the party.
I was reluctant to part with whom I treasured. For the sack of Huashan Party
I had to do so. Sorry. I should not say that. I learned that
you’re on your way to Fujian. Yes. When we got your letter for help
we came here immediately. We left all the disciples in Jiangxi.
They are now waiting there for us to return. So we have to go as soon as possible. Since we left Mt. Huashan, the disciples
have been drifting from place to place. I want to take them to Fijian
to have some rest before going back to Mt. Huashan. Good, I will see you off here. Wish you a smooth journey. Thanks. Goodbye. Brother Yue, I have said much.
Hope to have your understanding. If only you support the merger, I will do all I can to recommend you
to be the Chief of the merged five parties. I am no good. I am not qualified for that position. As to the merger, if others agree,
I will have no objections. I will contact other parties. We are facing a big enemy of the Evil Parties.
The merger should be done soonest. How is your wound?
Not serious, I hope. Not very serious thought,
I need to rest for a time and recover. Thanks for your concern. I really did not expect Linghu had
become accomplice of the Evil Parties. If Master Fangzheng had not interfered,
I would not have let him go. You just need to say a word, Linghu in the future will also be
enemy of my Songshan Party. Linghu has already expelled
from my party. I don’t care what others think of him. All right. From now on,
whenever we meet Linghu, we will kill him on the spot. Chief Zuo,
Linghu Chong is nothing but a small guy. He’s unlikely to throw the distinguished
five righteous into a panic, isn’t he? You are right, madam Yue.
Linghu is nothing. But he gangs up with the evils
and do harm to the Martial World. If this can be tolerated,
what cannot? With Linghu in the world,
there’s no peace. As what you said,
you have been prepared to kill Linghu. I’m not the only one
who want to kill him. Chief Yue’s sword, if not hitting the tree,
could have already killed him. – All right. Wish you a smooth journey.
– Good-bye. You should closely watch him.
See anything he does in Fujian. Be sure to have no mistakes. Yes. I have arranged. Weng Puchen
and Sha Tianjiang will follow Huashan Party. You can feel at ease. Once you discover the Purity Sword Book,
you must try every means to get it -even if it costs lives to do so.
– Yes. It was within my expectations
that Chief Dingyi rejected the merger. You send someone to Mt. Henshan
and hand this letter to Dingyi. Telling her that Dongfang has sent men to Fujian
in order to get the Purity Sword Book. If they got the book,
that will bode ill rather than well. We Songshan Party
has sent people to Fujian. Yue Buqun of Huashan Party
will be in Fujian soon. Under such overall situations,
we ask Dingyi to come to Fujian and help. Yes. Then, you yourself put men in ambush,
eliminate Henshan Party on their way. Yes. But, don’t you take men
from our party. I will take the three heroes from Hebei
and their followers to do that. My dear! Movement of Angry Lady.
I haven’t seen this movement for long. Movement of Angry lady.
So you remember. Of course I do. 18 years ago, you, as a chivalry,
displayed it when you got angry with me. But, then,
I read your sword language. But today you did not read
my sword language to Linghu. I don’t care the sword language.
As saying goes, tigers do not bit their offspring. Linghu is brought up by us. You can expel him from the party.
But you can’t put him in a deathtrap. You are mistaken. Do you really think I can’t beat Linghu? What do you mean? You, you only want me
not to hurt Linghu. You did not read
my sword language to him. Let me show you. Return of the Prodigal Son. Yes, I tried to persuade him with it.
Ask him to return. He might not have read it. Now, look at this. Old Pine Welcomes. Right. It’s developed
from the pine in Mt. Huashan. You mean if he returns
we should accept him. Right, You are right this time. The devil, he used
a destructive sword skill. Destructive! Lady’s jade flute. Ideal Son-in-law. The two movements come together. Only people of our party can read that. Othenlvise, if others read it.
If they know I want Linghu to be my son-in-law. I will lose face. What movements he later used? My language was stopped by his thrust. That ended everything. Still hurt? My heart hurts! My dear, I was wrong to blame you. But, you kicked him too hard. Yes. His thrust made me understand. Evil and righteousness are same as water
and fire. They don’t go together. If you can’t make up your mind now, -give me a thrust.
– My dear! My dear! Pingzhi, Four snow men! But there’s no household around.
Who could come here and made these? Perhaps someone did,
like you and me. But, Pingzhi,
why should they made four? Well, let’s make too. First, make one, that’s you.
And then one of me. Come, Pingzhi, quick! Pingzhi! I know, This time at Shaolin Temple.
You came across Yu Canghai again. That made you think of
your parents again, is that so? Come down, Pingzhi. On our way to Shaolin,
I spoke to Mommy. What did you say? I told her
when we come back to Mt. Huashan, we will get married. Don’t you feel happy about it, Pingzhi? I do, Lingshan. What did your Mommy say? She said… She agreed. Really? Pingzhi, I know you have
something bitter in the heart. Bu, the great comfort for your parents
is that you should live in happiness. You changed.
Not like the one when we first met. At that time,
you were a willful princess. I haven’t changed. Let’s go and play with the snow.
Let’s go! Come on. Wonderful! Come. They are up to no good. Lingshan, let’s go. Why should you kill my horse? Your horse? Ayoung man, and a virgin. Which party you belong? I’m Lin Pingzhi of Huashan Party.
This is sister. Her family name is Yue. We don’t know each other. Why should
you without any reason kill our horse? You belong to Huashan Party? So your Chief is
the one who was defeated by his disciple. And nicknamed as
Gentleman’s Sword. Right? Yes, and what? You, little pussy named Yue.
Who are you to Yue Buqun? None of your business! You killed my horse.
You should compensate my horse! Look at the wild behavior!
Or she is concubine of Yue Buqun. You! You are elders in the Martial World
How could you say such dirty words? This is the Chief’s daughter. I heard about Yue Buqun’s daughter
long before. She’s beautiful. She is belle among
the younger generation. But the one we meet today
is just so so. However, in the snow
covered wild mountains, it’s good to have a belle
for us guys to warm up. On more dirty word from you
and I will not stand on ceremony. Hey, come and look at this.
All of you. Look at these words
passionate lovers in their dreams. Look! That’s really too much! You go and take on the boy.
Leave this miss for me. Come! Pingzhi, be careful! Stop. Don’t kill him. Spare the life. Caught the daughter
and son-in-law of Yue Buqun. Now the hypocrite
will have to listen to us. Lingshan! Hands off her! Don’t come up! Go away! Pingzhi! Rascal, you are! Brother! Stop. You insulted my sister.
I’ll spare none of you! Say!
What was there written on my back? It’s, the sea may run dry and the rocks
may crumble; our hearts remain loyal. Say it, once again! The sea may run dry and
the rocks may… Say no more! Say no more! You two. Get away! What a shameless creature
in the world! He saved you at the risk of his life. You leave without a word of thanks. That’s what between him and me. My sword would not stand idle,
if you don’t say a word of thanks. You want to kill me? For what? You are not an idiot.
I will give you another advice. No, Yingying! Leave here! Quickly! You don’t care about your life
just in order to save her. Right? Yingying! My daughter is really
a silly daughter. What kind of thing Yue Buqun is. His daughter, how can his daughter
be matched with mine? Miss Yue has a lover now. That wanton girl.
Linghu would not keep her in mind. Moreover, Linghu made a big noise
at Shaolin Temple. Everybody knows that. And he’d not return to
Mt. Huashan just for you. Taking these two things
into consideration, you should realize
how is Linghu’s affection to you.All right.You, saved the virgin of the Yue family.
You repaid for their kindness to you. From now on,
you owe nothing to them. This Lu Laoda,
unreasonable than ever. How could he do such dirty things? What? Are these people
from your Holy Party? Chief Ren. how is
the Frozen Vital Qi in you? Thanks to your help.
I quickly recovered. Chivalry Linghu, you now
may be taken as my son-in-law. I’ll teach you to regulate
body functions, to overcome
the shortcomings of the Magic Power. Good. But I want to remind you, I’d like you to join Holy Party. Hope you will not say no. I really can’t. I can never be part of Holy Party. So you have illusions
about Huashan Party. Elder Ren, although I am wondering
about in the world, my heart is still
with the Righteous Parties. We have the fate to come and help each other.
That’s because of good faith and affection. I hope to have
your kind understanding. I, Ren Woxing, want Huashan Party
be entirely eliminated! It is not a difficult thing to remover
their name from the Martial World. Elder Ren, my Huashan Party
was created hundreds years ago. It has good reason to stay on. I don’t think it can be easily wiped out
just by a swing of the arms. Elder Ren! Brother Xiang!
I’ll leave you now. Wish to meet you again in the future. Linghu, are you really going to
that girl of Yue family? In Shaolin Temple, I declared to
all present there you were my son-in-law. Should you betray Yingying someday,
don’t blame me for having no mercy. Linghu, go now! From now on,
we do not owe anything to each other. If you don’t go now,
we can only meet with swords.

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  2. The easiest way to defeat Linghu is to hit him in the chest….he has a glass chest and once hit, he passes out quickly….

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