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Laughing In The Wind Ep29

Episode 29 Good wine! Run away! Quickly! Officer. Terrible!
Terrible things happen! – Officer.
– Coming. – Officer. Quickly!
– Coming. – Officer, terrible things happen!
– What is there to be worried? Huda from the mountain stronghold is coming!
He’s the most terrible gangster around here. He’s to make off with everything in town.
Everybody is running for life. Damn it! In bright day, things are quiet.
Where is the gangster? As I am here,
who dare to run wild? Those gangster are ruthless. Two days ago,
they robbed Rongshu village 30 li from here and killed more than 60 people,
set hundred houses on fire. Moreover,
they do not know you are here. Then you go and tell them
that I am here. I’m running for my life.
I come to tell you that. – I’m going.
– Damn it! Damn it! So they come! Listen everybody!
Great King Huda orders everybody of the family
should stand by the door. Violator of the order
shall be killed on the spot. It’s unusual today.
Be on our guard. – Yihe!
– Yes. Hey, anybody in?
Open the door, waiter! No one there! There should be more inns in this town.
Let’s go and have a look. This pot is still hot. You form groups of seven each.
Go and search down town. Whistle a signal,
when something happens. – Yiling, Yizhen!
– Here. You two stay with me. Master, this town is terrible quiet.
Though it’s not big, there should be some noise. Help! Help! Master. Yiling, follow me.
Yiqing, you stay. Despite of what happens,
you seven people should not leave this inn. Yes, master. The voice came from northeast corner. You stay here. I’ll go and see.
Be careful in word and deed. Yes. Yiqinq! Yiqinq! Evil devils! Step forward, if you have guts.
It’s no hero to act like a ghost. Come into open. Fight against me! What Dongfang is? Dare you come out?
Dare you fight against me! Dongfang is to be defeated! Defeated! Who’re you? Yiling! Wake up! Wake up! Little master, don’t be afraid.
I’ve got those evil people to hell. Who are you? I am General Wu.
Please feel at ease. As I am here, those little robbers
dare not come and cheat you again. Brother, those nuns
we have put them in order. Only the elder one is left.
We three go and settle with her. – No. I will go and meet her.
– Brother, are you… I have my reason to do that.
You just keep watching those nuns. Yes. – General Wu, where is my master?
– You get up first and I’ll tell you. What happened to my sisters? Don’t worry.
They are fainted by the magic potion. Let’s go.
It’s important to help your master. Let’s go. Who? It’s you! Let’s find a place to talk. Chief Dingyi! My chief’s ordered me
and ten brothers to come to Fujian to prevent the Evil Parties
from seizing the Purity Sword Book. I did not expect meeting you
here in Ershiba Pu. Thank you for helping me. You were fighting alone
against seven from Evil Parties. – What? Evil Parties?
– Sure. So they are from the Evil Parties.
That’s why they are so good at Gongfu. I’m going to Fujian
with dozens of Henshan disciples but I feel sorry to say
that they suddenly disappeared. Brother Lu,
when did you arrived here? Did you ever see my disciples? Evil people are up to all dodges.
They know you are superb in Gongfu. So they set up plot and caught your disciples.
You don’t need to worry. Let’s go and
discuss how to save them. We are among the five Righteous Parties.
We are in fact inseparable. But in the recent years,
we seldom meet. There were a lot of things, which we should
have done with ourjoined forces. That made the Evil Parties
even more arrogant. Brother Lu, we should find ways
to save my disciples. Why should you talk about
things of other concern? Please be patient.
My men are in town trying to find them. You can have a rest. They would come and
report to us if anything happens. Don’t worry. Have some tea. My Chief sent me to Fujian
for something important. He wanted me to discuss it with you. It is related to
the fate of the Martial World and the ups and downs of our five parties.
It is of great importance. What’s that? It’s the merger of
the five Righteous Parties. You’re taking advantage of me
when I need help. Chief Dingyi, I am ordered by my Chief
to consult you on this important matter. Brother Lu, you said just now that
you come here to save the Purity Sword Book. How come it turns out
to be the merger? The two things are not contradictory. At present, for us
the most important thing is the merger. So, taking advantage
of someone and hitting him when he’s down,
that’s your Songshan Party’s act. You are mistaken. My Brother thinks for Righteous Parties.
It’s not out of his personal interest. Say no more!
Or you make my ears dirty. Open the door! Open, quickly! Be quick! Damn it! – Master!
– Yiling! Where have you been? Some gangsters caught me.
This officer saved me. Open the door! Who’s shouting there!
Get away! Damn you! I am a general appointed by
the government. How dare you shout at me? Shopkeeper! Waiter! Landlady!
Come and offer your service. So, it’s a small office of
he seventh degree. Pooh! Damn you!
I am officer of the seventh degree. I have the degree and
lam responsible for part of the world. Not like you, little gangsters!
You do evil and make troubles. You, don’t know how to behavior.
Keep your hands for yourself! Damn you! What you want?
Want to take my money? Magic Power!
This man knows Magic Power. You know Magic Power. That is to say
you are disciple of Chief Ren Woxing, Damn you! Whose disciple I am?
lam general of the government! My name is Wu.
I’m Wu Tiande. Which mountain cliff you,
handful of gangsters, come from? Your excellence knows Magic Power.
lam not your opponent. Good bye! Damn it!
It got rusty and I can’t pull if out! You know Ren Woxing, don’t you? Who is Ren Woxing?
I don’t know. Then how do you know Magic Power? What is Magic… what?
Those gangsters. They could not beat me. So they say I am magic.
I say, your sisters are still inside and fainted. If you want to help them,
come with me! Damn it! What’s there?
In such a height! Be careful! There’s something,
which turns the head. Cover your mouth and nose! Damn it! They were here a moment ago.
Where could they go? – Goodbye, general!
– Master, I will follow you. Yiling, you stay.
In any cases, don’t go out of the town. Master! Master! – Ah, it’s you!
– Buddha bless you! Thanks to Buddha,
you are still alive. My master and sisters
are all caught by the evils. – Go and help them!
– I don’t care if they are alive or dead. – What you want to do?
– I don’t want to do anything. I want to take you to the city of Fuzhou.
That’s what your father wants me to do. – Let me go!
‘N0. We go! Stop! Who’ there,
being so rude to a small master? Buddha bless. I know you,
despite what clothes you wear. You are General Wu, aren’t you? – Who is that bald guy?
– Bald! Ask her. – Let me go!
– She’s my master. Brother Tian, when did you
convert to Buddhism?Monk Buys forced me
to become a monk.
I come to escort my master. That’s so.
If you have a religious name now? Name? Buddha bless me. Yes. Buke Bujie. Buke Bujie. That’s good.
Buke Bujie, good. Let’s go, Brother Tian. Damn you!
Seven cheat one in the open air! Shameful, you are! Master! Yiling! Be careful!
Chief Dingyi! Master! Go three steps back!
Or I’ll kill her! Well, Three steps back. Three steps are nothing.
Thirty steps are still acceptable. Go backwards! Not this side!
Okay. I will. Good sword skill! Magic Power! As we all on the Evil side,
spare our lives! Damn you!
All of you, go backwards thirty steps! No, Thirty thousand steps! Othenlvise I will take you to the government
and treat you with guillotine! Go away! These evils are sinister and ruthless.
It’s hard to guard against them. If not for your help
and Buke Bujie’s help today. We may have suffered calamity. Chief Dingyi, those people
are surely not from the Evil Parties. Evil people always claim to be
Holy Party followers. General Wu, you are not
from the government, I guess. Well…
In fact, I am not General Wu. But my master is a chivalrous gentleman
and is respected in the Martial World. He has the same origin as yours. I think those men are quite ruthless and you should take the sisters
and leave here immediately. Thanks a lot. Well…
Since you are all right now. IWill… Many thanks, General Wu! I’m afraid, his name is not Wu.
He is Linghu! Pingzhi! Pingzhi! I beg you.
Go with me, all right? I won’t. I’ll go back and
practice my sword. And I have to finish with the homework
that was assigned by the Chief. Pingzhi, listen. There are fat crabs in the fisherman’s boat.
Let’s go and take a drink. The Moon Festival
is only once a year! All right? I’m not in the mood. Go home quickly. We have been out
for a whole day. Master might be worried. Sir. Sir. Waiter. Come.
Sit down. Today is the Moon festival.
Let’s have a reunion dinner. I won’t. You see.
Things in the world are strange. It’s very odd.
Some people live idle but they don’t die. Instead, they enjoy a long life.
Do you know why? I don’t. The more he drinks, the more he talks.
Waiter! Get him out. Quickly! Okay. Sir, get up.
Go now. Hurry up! This way. Lingshan, why should you follow me? In this dark night, if I was not with you.
What would it be in case something happens? I know where are you going. You are not going to give up
until you found that. Go. All right, let’s go. Be careful!
It’s late in the night. If the neighbors hear the noise,
they would think it’s thieves. I searched this room times again.
I even turned over every piece of the tiles. The only thing is
I did not yet turn over the walls. Where it could be? – May be it is not here at all.
– No. Since father talked about
the old house. The book must be here. Perhaps Brother Linghu accidentally
mentioned the old house and you believed. The house in Xiangyang Lane is
not something Linghu could invented. Very few local people know that. This old house was originally
used by ancestors of my Lin family. Or, Yu Canghai
could not have overlooked it. Pingzhi. Pingzhi, my father said
he will teach you Zixia Gongfu. When you learned that
you are sure to be able to take revenge. My parents died in tragedy. If I can use my ancestor’s sword skill
to take the revenge. It is the best way
to repay my parents. Don’t search there any more.
I went through the scriptures several times. I bought new copies of those scriptures
and compared word by word with the old ones. Nothing different.
They are common scriptures. My forefathers’ souls in the heaven bless me,
Lin Pingzhi, to find the Purity Sword Book. And learn the Gongfu in order to
take the revenge in the earliest days. Why is there one pile missing? Not likely. There’s one. How come it turns transparent! Oh, the painting is also changing! I got it! I got it! Who’s there? Luminous stone! – Is this the Purity Sword Book?
– Yes, it must be. Hidden in such a secret place,
it can’t be anything else. Dare you, Old thief!
I’ll kill you! Who are you?
Tell me and I will spare your life. We two seldom meet
opponents in Martial World. We are defeated today
under your hands. That made me
admire you very much. I’d like to know your name please,
so that I will not die a bungler’s death. I have to protect myself.
We don’t know each other. But I killed him accidentally.
I feel sorry. Please leave that piece of cloth
to me before we part. I am not going to surrender! Master! Master Ning! Linghu, feel better? What on earth happened?
Why were you in the old house? Master Ning, where’s little sister?
Is she safe? She and Pingzhi are all right now.
Why do you come to Fuzhou? I arrived here last night. I was going to tell you Ren Woxing
wants to destroy Huashan Party. But when I arrived Fuzhou,
I feel ashamed to visit you. Go on. I drank a lot last night. I saw Pingzhi and little sister
coming out of the Escort Bureau. I felt strange.
So I followed them to the old house. I saw them searching
all over the house for something. Then, there came two old men who knocked
them down and seized the Purity sword Book. Then I dashed fonlvard killed the two old men
and took back the Book from them. The two old men must be from
and Evil Party. So, the Purity Sword Book
is in your hands now. – When I just had the cloth…
– Cloth? What cloth? The cloth was thickly dotted
with characters. I hear that men say
“it must be Purity Sword Book” I was going to take a close look at it,
when someone hit me from behind and I fainted.
Master Ning, how I came here? In the morning, Pingzhi and little sister
were not in the Escort Bureau, I then went to the old house.
I saw you lying in the yard. Linghu Chong, you said you
killed two evil members. How do you know
they were evil people? ‘Up- Master! Lu Bai of Songshan Party is here to visit you.
And two disciples are with him. So, Lu Bo is also here! What does he come for?
You stay and wait. – Brother Linghu!
– Little sister, what about your wound? It’s nothing. Mommy said that someone from
Songshan Party is here to get even with you. You’d better go. Go quickly! They say you killed their people.
They are here asking you to pay with your life. I killed people of Songshan Party?
No, I didn’t. – Don’t say any more. Go quickly!
– Linghu Chong! You killed two from Songshan Party!
Why did you say they are from Evil Parties? Why did you deceive me? Me? Killed people of Songshan Party? No, I did not. Really? Did you kill the two? One white haired elder
and another was wearing a black hat. They were those who dashed in
and hit Pingzhi and little sister. They used single sword
and their skill was strange. It was not Songshan Party’s sword skill. No more sophistry! They have found out
it was you who killed them. Lu Bo is here asking me for you!
What have you got to say? They were not present on the spot.
Why should they think it was Linghu? Oh, no. At a time like this, how could you
still put him under your protection? I am a dignified chief.
How could I tell lies? This prodigal commits all manner of crimes.
Better put you to an end now! – Brother Linghu!
– My dear! What do you want? Linghu, go qUiCKW! I won’t go away.
If Chief wants to kill me, please do. – I deserve my punishment anyway.
– While I’m here, he dare not kill you. Go away! Go far away!
Never come back again. You let him go.
How should I answer to Songshan Party? Good.
Let me go and meet those people.

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