Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughing In The Wind Ep31

Episode 31 Why don’t you go? We are enemies.
Why do you save me? We are merciful to people. Friend, you are not fully recovered.
Go back and lie down. Leave here.
Your sisters will worry about you. Miss Ren, you brought me here
at the risk of being wounded. Now you ask me to leave, why? You are young and beautiful.
There is a long way to go. Your Parents are loath to part with you and
let you spend your life as a nun? I have no mother, only father. My father is a monk too. When my father was in love with my mother
she was a nun. She was afraid of being blamed by Buddha.
She refused to marry my father. My father said he would be a monk then if Buddha blames,
blame him first. Even if we should go to the hell
we would go together. Thus my father married my mother. How about your mother then? In the year I was born,
one day my father and I were under the sun, a young beautiful woman
came on horseback. My father looked at her. She scolded my father was a lecher. My mother heard of this.
She left us on the second day. She left a note. It reads;
you are ungrateful and lecherous. I was three months old when she left us.
My father carried me to look for my mother. One day we arrived at Mt. Henshan. My master saw that I was sick.
So she accepted me. Maybe my fate is with Buddhism
even when I was a fetus. You are also an ill-fated nun. Miss Ren, when you were in a coma,
you always called Linghu Chong. Since you loved him then, why you wanted to kill him? Even if he offended you, since you really love him, you should always put him
in the first place, give much thought to him, and give no though to
your own gains or losses. Don’t force him to do what he doesn’t like to.
Do you agree? Waiter. Master. – Oh, it is too much.
– Take it. Take it. Go to that hotel
to find a man named Linghu Chong and ask him to go to Yihonglou
to look for Mr. Tian. Yes, I’ll go right away. I’m fed up with the world.
I won’t beg your alexipharmic. I don’t want it. Sir, unfortunately
girls in this brothel are engaged. By a monk? Yes. What a romantic monk! Sir. Go. Have a drink. Leave here, all of you. I don’t belong to any party. The only one I admire is Linghu. I’m going to die today.
My only wish is to see you, my friend. Sit down please. You take me as your friend
I feel abashed. But one thing
I couldn’t understand. You are still young.
Why don’t you want to live? I, Tian Baiguang
I’m only over 30, but I enjoy my life,
wine and women. Even if I die today,
my life is much worthy than ordinary men. Brother Tian,
I have informed Monk Bujie. He is looking for you. If you take his alexipharmic,
you will live happily for another decades. My nickname is Lonely Chivalry Tian. They called me the worst immoral man. But he subdued me.
I can’t do what a normal man can do. I live as a beggar. I’d rather die
than to live without freedom. I won’t take his alexipharmic. You are not afraid of death.
You are really a hero. But your master Yilin is
nowhere to be found. If you die now the news will spread.
That won’t do your reputation any good. Yilin now is in Yingying’s hand.
There won’t be any problem. In a few days she will come back. Tomorrow I’ll take my people
back to Mt. Henshan. If Zuo Lengchan killed Dingyi, Yingying and Yilin
will be in greater danger. Brother Tian, when master is in danger,
her disciple escapes. Heroes will not behave like that. Brother Tian,
I have a question to ask you. Yingying wanted me to go together to Heimuya.
But why she would take Sister Yilin? – This was my idea.
– Your idea? I suggested her to do it. This is called
to kill two birds with one stone. First,
I let her to protect my master. Secondly
you rescue Hengshan Party, she captures them. The whole world will know the Righteous Parties
and Evil Party are sworn enemies. Thus you are put on the side of
Righteous Parties. Brother Linghu,
you really don’t understand women. Holy Lady knows clearly
you would not join Evil Party. Neither you would help Chief Ren
to kill Chief Dongfang. In order to save you,
she pushed you to Righteous Parties. This would make Chief Ren give up
the hope of dragging you into the Evil Party. In this way the Righteous Parties won’t kill you.
She has given much thought to this matter. Brother Tian, could you do me a favor
to find Holy Lady. I want to talk to her. I’m sorry I couldn’t. I’m a dying man.
I’ve neither strength nor interest to do it.Brother Tran, do you remember
when we first met we had a fight’?
Of course, I do. Good. Today if I make you
stand up from this chair again, you promise me not to die.
Agree? An interesting game! Good, let us drink this toast first. Since you are a dying man
I wish to give you some advice. – Speak up.
– First! You will not regret for
what you have done. Secondly if someone tells you
something that you don’t believe, never believe it. Linghu, I don’t understand
what your advices really mean. Brother Tian, I got the alexipharmic
from Master Bujie and put it in the wine you just drank. You? I believe in you. Brother Tian, you lose again. Why are you doing so?
You purposely oppose me. Brother Tian, follow me. Master Bujie,
give him the alexipharmic. You cheated me!Brother ‘Han, I’m sorry.Brother Tian, it is no good to be a dandy monk.
You should give up the habit. Thank you for healing me.
I wish you father can find your mother. Miss Ren. I am sure
Brother Linghu really loves you.One is Holy Lady from the Evil Party.
The other is a pretty nun from Henshan Party!
They can turn hostility into friendship.
It is really difficult to tell enemy from friends.
Invite them here.You bastard! You won’t even spare
the little nun from Henshan Party.The name of Henshan Party
has been wiped out.
It is useless to save this little nun.What does his words mean?Your comprehension is too poor.You don’t even understand
such simple words.
Henshan Party has been wiped out.Have a drink? Why not! Be careful! Really good wine! What a good Holy Lady of Holy Party!
These moves are from Purity Sword Skill? Give me the Purity Sword Book. You have been pursuing Hengshan Party
and seized Purity Swords Book. I guess you are Zuo Lengchan. You are right, Holy Lady As an honorable leader
you used such shameless means. Are you not afraid of losing face? Tian Baiguang!
You go first with Yilin. I’ll deal with him. – Dad!
– Don’t go there. Yilin. Leave here at once. Yilin, go at once. “Go!
‘Dad! How bold you are!
Leave her at once. Come and be killed! What shall we do? – They can’t catch up.
– Get him! Don’t be afraid.
They are too young to overtake me. Who am I?
I’m the Lonely Chivalry Tian. Put me down. And leave here.
Or we shall be all killed. No, no.
I never give up a woman. Go up to the mountains. Shoot! You can’t run much further.
Dismount! Catch up with him! You leave me here and run away.
Or none of us shall survive. Shut up.
I hate talk active woman. Catch up! There! You bastard!
Go on running, will you? How bold you are.
I’ll skin you off. Come over here.
Come over here. Shut up. Shoot him. Come over here!
You want to be the head of Martial World? Why you can’t even pass such small ditch!
How do you think of it? Any of you wish to come first? You dirty swine.
Don’t let me see you again. Don’t frighten me please.
Stand up. Stand up. Hurry! Stand up. Hurry! Get up! Let’s go back.
I’ll take you back. Hold on. Let’s go. Yilin. Yilin. Be quick! Yilin. – Yilin.
– My daughter. My daughter, how do you feel now?Brother ‘Han.You must not die.
You have to live. You have to live! I’m afraid
I will not live any longer. Brother Tian, I have all kinds of
wonderful medicine. Take them. Be quick. Take the medicine. No, no need.
I give back your daughter safely.Brother ‘Han.Brother ‘Han.Master.Master Buke Bufle.
– Brother ‘Han.
My disciple, you must not die.
You must not die. Mommy. Where is Daddy? He has gone to Siguoya
practicing Gongfu. Why he always go there practicing Gongfu?
What’s the matter with him? Where is Pingzhi? He is also practicing sword fighting. Tomorrow will be your wedding day.
He should accompany you. Since he came back from Fujian,
he is not happy at all, as if he becomes another man. What happened to you, Mommy? We have been laden with anxiety,
since we came back. This is all because of
the Purity Sword Book. You are giving way to
foolish fancies. My daughter is getting married.
lam not very happy. Mommy, I’ll not leave you. I’ll be with you everyday. Master Ning, Someone from
Hengshan Party wishes to see you. Oh, I’m coming. Sit down please. This is Yizhen from Hengshan Party.
I’m Yikong. We’ve come to visit Chief Yue. He is practicing Gongfu. You may speak to me. Four days later, Chivalry Linghu will take
over the chieftainship. A ceremony will be held for this
occasion at Mt. Henshan. The elders from Huashan are
invited to participate. Linghu Chong.
How could he take over this post? No mistake.
This is the will of Master Dingyi. What?
Chief Dingyi has passed away? Linghu Chong. I see you learned
the swordsmanship from here. Dear. Why you come here? What Gongfu are you practicing? I’m practicing Zixia Gongfu.
Come here. Do you remember
what our master told us? 80 years ago, a blood battle
took place here at Siguoya. Righteous Parties united to fight
ten evil elders? At the time ten evil elders
were locked up here. They thought over and over again,
finally they found a way to cope with us. They carved the moves
on this stonewall. I happened to find them here
when I was practicing. So I combined
the pith of their swordsmanship with Zixia Gongfu.
I mix them up into one. I found
I’ve made amazing progress. However,
I feel a strong evil force here. It is not strange. Because I was practicing
the evil method. So there must be some influence
of the Evil Party. What happened to your moustache? I said just now, I was practicing
the methods of the ten evil elders. It is unavoidable
to be affected by evil force. Don’t worry. I’m sure I will master these methods,
and perfect Zixia Gongfu as well. Now I wish you
help me to disguise. Dear, we should prevent Lengchan
from merging the Righteous Parties. There shall be a bloody fight. So I’ll ask Lingshan, Pingzhi
and other disciples to come to Siguoya and practice pith of the sword skill
from the Righteous Parties. If there is a bloody fight,
we shall not be defeated. Just now, people from Hengshan Party
said that Master Dingyi was assassinated. Her will is to let Linghu
to take over the chieftainship. Four days later, he will be at Mt. Hengshan
attending take-over ceremony. My God, I can’t even master
Huashan’s swordsmanship! When could I revenge? Purity Sword Book! Really it is Purity Swords Book! Dad, Mum,
Your souls bless Ling Pingzhi to have Purity Sword Book. To learn the skill, self-castrated first. To learn the skill, self-castrated first.

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