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Laughing In The Wind Ep32

Episode 32 How is this? Sister, I’m defeated. Why do you always call me sister? We are going to get married.
You still can’t change your habit. Lingshan. My darling. I think we shall not
get married for the time being. What! Don’t you know they have got the
character ‘happiness’ all over Mt. Huashan. What do you mean? What worries you? My parents have got
everything prepared. I know that. I’m just thinking… I have not avenged our family yet. We had better postpone our wedding. I thought you would not marry me. Now I understand
it is because of this. As old saying has it:
Marriage before career. We get marry first, then avenge ourselves
on Devil Yu. Will this do? Father, mother.
As long as I can take the avenge, I’m ready to endure
whatever hardship there can be. Stop. Buddha blesses. Our respects, Chief. Our sword skill must be nothing to you.
Hope you will teach us. How do you know? Your skill is excellent and unique.
We sisters have seen it. Chief, teach us please. This Hengshan skills… There is a set of Hengshan skills. I don’t know
whether Master Dingyi had taught you. Sword, please. Watch carefully. Buddha blesses you. Chief!
Obviously this is Hengshan Skills, but we had never seen it before. We don’t know
where did you learn it. This… I learned it from the cliff in a cave. If you wish to learn, now that I’m the Chief of
Hengshan Party, of course I will teach you. Good. Bring me the wine.
Let me have a drink first! Buddha blesses. Chief, since Hengshan Party was converted
to Buddhism, there has been no wine at all. Then, water will do. You don’t drink wine,
so you don’t know actually this water wine
is from the spring in the mountain. – Good water wine.
– Chief Linghu! Chief Linghu! Here is the wine. Master Bujie! Wine please. Thank you. Try it. Good wine. Mouth and nose are connected.
When you smell it, you drunk it. How can that be? Buddhism discipline
should not be violated. No fear of that. On my way here just now
I heard someone laughing at you. They said, “A man went so far as to be
the chief of nuns and old women”. I gave him a punch,
and the guy’s teeth were out. I told him I am from Hengshan Party
I had my head shaved. Do I look like a nun? Buddha Blesses you. Though you are not a nun,
your daughter is. Yes, I’m the nun’s father. Linghu Chong. Linghu Chong. Wait moment.
You haven’t made it clear yet. Let me ask him whether he is really
the Chief of Hengshan Party. Linghu.
Are you the Chief of Hengshan Party? – Yes.
– Good. Brothers, it is true. – The six brothers are really interesting.
– Really interesting. Chief Linghu. Congratulations! Chief Linghu.
I have come to congratulate you. Chief Linghu.
My brothers and I congratulate you. I accepted the will of Chief Dingyi. So I have
to come here to be the head of Hengshan Party. I did not want to bother you.
Why all of you have come? Congratulations! Linghu.
– Thanks very much! Linghu, you are in charge of Hengshan Party.
Why didn’t you tell me that? You are no good friend. Brother, you have
so many pretty nuns around you. I’m afraid
you have forgotten your sister. Othenlvise Holy Lady would not ask me
to come here to join Hengshan Party. Holy Lady asked us to come here
on her behalf of keep an eye on Linghu. Am I right? What?
Yingying asked you to come? Of course, she asked us to come. If it were not Holy Lady’s request how could
we know Linghu was here to lead a fairy life. Let’s stop teasing.
We are all unwelcome guests. I was afraid Hengshan people
could not have enough food for us. So we have brought here
our wine and food. Let’s drink a toast
to Linghu on this happy occasion. The Chief Dongfang of Holy Party
entrusts Jia Bu to come here to congratulate Chivalry Linghu
to be the Chief of Hengshan Party. We wish Hengshan Party
developing day by day. Chief Linghu’s Gongfu
is noted in Martial World. A river must have its source.
A luxuriant tree must have roots. I’m not acquainted with Dongfang.
How could I take such generous gift? Only a small gift.
This is to express his regard. We hope you will accept it. Chief Linghu is a hero in Martial World. Since you are a hero,
you are self-restraint and intelligent and know the ways of the world. I think you will not embarrass us. Chief Linghu actually
in half of these 40 cases are clothes jewels and daily necessities.
Miss Ren left at Heimuya. Others are wedding gifts from our Chief
for Chivalry Linghu and Miss Ren. Our Chief said on the occasion of
taking over the chieftainship he sends you the wedding gift.
Chief Linghu, please accept it. So, the Chief Dongfang
also knows very well the ways of the world. Good. I accept. Happy time is up. Bride and groom into the hall. Kneel down! First to the Heaven! Second to parents! How about it? – Today is the… day of Chief Yue’s daughter.
– Chief Yue said he was busy. So no one from Huashan Party will come. It’s all right if they couldn’t come.
Why don’t they send gift? Neither anyone from
Songshan and Taishan. Chief Mo from Hengshan Party
has a letter. Rites are in every green mountain;
No need to go to Qinglian. To have water covers the world;
It is not difficult to flow from the mind. From Chief Mo. How to explain this? He wishes Chief Linghu not to follow
what ordinary people usually do. You should combine your mind
with the outside world, then you can feel free.
You should uphold justice and be intelligent. So that’s his heartfelt wishes. Brother Chief, Master Fangzheng from Shaolin
and Chongxu from Wudang have arrived. – Invite them here immediately.
– Yes. – Please.
– After you! – Buddha blesses you.
– Thank you for coming. I’m grateful to you. You are honored to be the Chief of Hengshan
Party. I am very pleased to learn this news. Thank you. Brother, it is time to begin. Please, masters. Hengshan Party’s four legal tokens
are set by its founder Master Xiao Feng. They are to be kept by the Chief. Brother Linghu, please accept them. Five Commandments: First: not to deny one’s superior. Second: not to commit internal killing. Third: not to kill innocent people. Fourth: not to behave viciously. Fifth: not to make friends with evils. Former Chief Dingyi
was unfortunately assassinated. By the will of Chief Dingyi,
lam taking over the post of Chief. Thanks to all the elders and friends here
for coming to congratulate us. We are most grateful to you. Brother Linghu really has
impressive bearings of a Chief. The order of Righteous Parties
has arrived. Leader Lengchan issued an order: Linghu is not permitted
to seize the post of the Party Chief. Hengshan Party is part of the Righteous Parties.
They must obey the order from the Lengchan. Whether we should be
part of the five parties I think I have to discuss it with my disciples
after I take over the Chief post. The Chief post of Hengshan Party
had always been chaired by Nuns. Linghu Chong is a man. The hundreds year’s
rules should not be violated. Rules are made by people.
They can also be revised by people. Further, the business of Hengshan Party
should not be intervened by others. They uttered such filthy words.
What do they want? These are all my friends. They are here to attend the ceremony. Linghu Chong, you know
the five commandments. What is the fifth one? The fifth commandment is:
Not to make friends with evil people. So we Hengshan people should never
make friends with person like Lu Bai. You are honorable Chiefs
in the Martial World. Everyone takes great esteem in you.
So you are requested to uphold justice. Linghu Chong has invited
so many evil guys to Mt. Hengshan. Has he violated the commandment of
not making friends with evil persons? Hengshan Party is an old party noted for
its righteous fame in the Martial World. Now suddenly
it is turned into an disorder. Miss Ren of Holy Party has arrived. Holy Lady! Holy Lady! Yingying you come too. Today is your happy day.
How could I not come? My respects to
Fangzheng and Chongxu. Linghu Chong, this woman is
an important figure on the Evil Side. Am I right? What if she is! In the fifth commandment:
not allow making friends with evil guys. If you don’t make a clean break
with these evil guys, you can not be the Chief. It’s all right not to be the Chief.
What will happen then? May I ask who he is? Why should he come and intervene
with Hengshan Party’s affairs. He called himself a messenger
sent by Chief Lengchan. The flag of command is the Chief’s flag. Even if the Chief himself comes,
he can’t intervene with our business. Not to mention this small flag. Who said the flag he carried is the flag of
Righteous Parties? He is cheating us. Chief Linghu, this flag is false. It is not the Righteous Parties’ flag. That’s the one of Fairy Party. You shameless devil!
Dare to play tricks on me. Give me the flag! If you want the vicious flag,
go and ask Chief Lan. Master Fangzheng and Chief Chongxu
please uphold justice. Good. Let’s ask the two respected
seniors to uphold justice.All right.Linghu has just taken over the Chief post.
He could understand Buddhism very well. He leads people to create a peaceful world.
What a broad-minded person he is! Chief Lengchan is the head of
Righteous Parties. He should understand this. Why should he press Linghu so hard? With these evil persons
sneaked into Mt. Hengshan, what Mt. Hengshan has become! Achieve salvation as soon as one
gives up evil. as long as one can give up evil, Buddha is merciful and will give them
a chance to turn over a new leaf. Am I right? Did all of us hear that? If we make a fresh start, Chief Linghu will accept us.
Then we are disciples of Hengshan Party. Since we are disciples of Hengshan Party,
we are no longer evil guys. – Am I right?
– Yes, you are right! Sister Yihe. Is there any stipulation that Hengshan Party
should not accept male disciples? No, there isn’t. Good. All of you are willing to join
Hengshan Party. That couldn’t be better. I don’t think we need the official reception. Over there is the Tongyuangu valley. We shall build a second
temple there. And you will be settled down there. All right? These friends have joined Hengshan Party.
You are bound by our discipline. This is really
a big event in the Martial World. Lu Bai why don’t you leave?
You also want to join Hengshan Party? The honorable leader has an order, In the morning of March 15th Masters and disciples
of Righteous Parties shall gather at Mt. Songshan to elect the Chief of the Righteous Party. One should be there and
must not delay. When have the Righteous Parties
merged into one party? Why we Hengshan Party
don’t know this? Parties of Songshan, Huashan, Taishan and
Southern Hengshan have all agreed. If you have any objection
you would make things difficult for them. And you will bring trouble on yourself. Lu Bai, you have lost your flag.
How could you report to Lengchan? I think I had better return it to you. Smoke! You devil! You just call Chief Linghu
I’ll give you the alexipharmic. Or your hands will completely fester. Chief Linghu, I beg you
to give me the alexipharmic. Miss Lan, he just
acted at the order of Chief Zuo. I think we will give him
the alexipharmic.All right.Friends, since you all
wished to stay in Hengshan, you belong to Hengshan Party. I hope you will observe the commandments.
You are no longer associated with evil people. This is Hanging Temple. The craftsmanship was really superlative. But in compare with the 250km mountain road this
engineering of this temple would be insignificant. According to history book,
when Emperor Wei attacked Yan kingdom, he mobilized thousands of soldiers to cut
Mt. Hengshan and made the straight road. Ciyaokou is the north end of his road. Master is really erudite.
I’m ashamed of my inferiority. No wonder, there are so many people
dreamed to be an emperor. When he issued an order
thousands of soldiers would obey him. It was really not easy. In the past, so many
heroes could not give up the thought of. Not to mention the emperors. Even in Martial World, bloody fighting
was originated only from the greed for power. Chief Linghu, do you know why Chief Lengchan
tried to prevent you from being the Chief? I don’t know. Please point out for me, masters. What do you think,
if the Righteous Parties merged into one? I didn’t think of it carefully. But I know Songshan party pressed
Hengshan Party hard to agreed with the merger. They even killed Master Dingyi and
dozens of Hengshan disciples. I’m afraid, the first step of Zuo Lengchan
is to become the chief of the merged party. If the Righteous Parties becomes one, there will be a triangular balance of power
with Shaolin and Wudang. Zuo Lengchan will then further swallow up
Kunlun, Ermei, Kongdong and Qingcheng parties. His third step
will be annexation of the Holy Party and the next will be Shaolin and Wudang. But his Gongfu is not the best. Why should he exert such effort? It is difficult to fathom one’s motives. No matter how difficult things are.
There’s always someone who wishes to try. The 250km mountain road
was also constructed by human beings. I’m afraid Zuo Lengchan’s ambition
is not only within the Martial World. Maybe he has the ambition to command
thousands of soldiers to build mountain road. A man could live only several decades.
Why should one be so calculating? We came to Mt. Hengshan
first is to congratulate you. Secondly we wish to discuss
our next step. The Righteous Parties will go to Mt. Songshan
to select the leader of the Righteous Parties. Master Fangzheng
already anticipated this. But no one expected that
Zuo Lengchan was so impatient. Of course, things will not be as simple
as Zuo Lengchan thinks. Chief Dingyi broke with traditions
and handed over the post to you. She was far sighted.
We really admire her very much. With Chief Linghu’s participation, it won’t be easy for Zuo Lengchan
to unify the Righteous Parties. Please have a look at
these two needles. They are the lethal weapons
used to assassinate Chief Dingyi. Chief Linghu,
have you heard of Mallow Journal? Chief Ren mentioned this name. Please. This Mallow Journal
was kept by a eunuch in previous dynasty. It is said it had recorded
profound martial art. In these 300 years, no one had ever
practiced this art completely. Two brothers from Huashan Party
had seen this Journal. Had anyone of them ever
practiced this Journal? The two brothers were Yue Su and Cai Zifeng.
They were seniors of Huashan Party. But they had never practiced
this Mallow Journal. Why? The peeking of Mallow Journal
was later disclosed in the Martial World. After that, ten evil elders
launched attack to Mt. Huashan. The fighting lasted for three days and nights.
Yue Su and Cai Zifeng were killed in that battle. The incomplete Journal they recorded
respectively were taken by ten evil elders. Five years later, the ten evil elders
attacked Mt. Huashan again. But they fell into the snares
and died at Cliff Siguoya. Not long after that, within Huashan Party,
the Qi Sect and Sword Sect had a fight. People from Sword Sect were basically
wiped out by Qi Sect. That was a bloody fight
between brothers. Later Monk Duyuan lived in seclusion.
He got married and had a son. It was the father of Lin Zhennan.
He changed his name as Lin Yuantu. Lin Yuantu had part of the Journal. He brought it to the
Martial World. It then renamed as the Purity Sword Book. The Purity Sword Book and
the Mallow Journal are of the same origin. But the Book is only
a small part of the Mallow Journal. I have seen Lin Zhennan’s Gongfu. It was far different
from Purity Sword Gongfu. Why? Lin Yuantu was so famous at that time.
Martial world dared not to offend him. When Lin Yuantu died,
Lin Zhengnan’s Gongfu was very poor. So things was just like a three-year-old boy
carrying gold in a busy street. Everyone was ready to rob him. Chief Yue of Huashan Party was not
an exception. He also intended to get it. On 15th of next month, Zuo Lengchan will hold a
meeting to elect the leader of the merged Party. What’s your opinion, Chief Linghu? Since parties of Songshan, Taishan, Huashan
and Southern Hengshan all agreed the merger, I’m afraid Hengshan Party
will be in a difficult situation. In my opinion, you should try your best
to oppose the merger. If you fail, you can win Zuo Lengchan
by your sword skill. Then you can take the post of Chief
in your own hands. What? I? Can I do that? This is the wish of
Master Fangzheng and mine. If Zuo Lengchan becomes
the leader of the party, the Martial World will fell into an abyss
of misery. I don’t think you wish to see that. If Zuo Lengchan holds the power, I’m afraid the first one
he is to settle with will be you and Hengshan Party. Chief Dingyi handed over her disciples to you.
Can you let Zuo Lengchan to kill them? On March 15th, we shall bring our disciples
to Mt. Songshan to help you. This time we must crush
his conspiracy. Who is it? That’s the real gift
from Chief Dongfang! Our Chief respects seniors of Martial World,
and highly values promising young men. Today if Linghu Chong
will follow us to Heimuya, we definitely will not do harm
to Fangzheng and Chongxu. Since Chief of Holy Party
thinks so high of me, then let go Master Fangzheng
and Chief Chongxu. I will go with you. You three are greatest in Martial World. If Linghu suddenly changes his mind,
how are we going back to face our Chief? Let’s do it this way.
May I just borrow three right arms of yours. If you cut off your right arms,
we shall feel safe. Chief Dongfang called himself the first
in Martial World. Isn’t he a bit too diffident? Would he really feel safe
when we had our arms cut off? I don’t think so, but at least Ren Woxing will lose
Linghu Chong as his assistant. Master Fangzheng and Taoist Chongxu,
so you wish to leave your arms, or to fight and die here. But we haven’t brought weapons with us. O.K. Since you agreed,
do it immediately. I’ll shout one, two, three, if you don’t have your arms cut off,
I will take my actions. Good. Good. I’ll rush forward,
you follow me. One. – Two.
– Wait a moment! Chief Chongxu and Master Fangzheng
are our guests. If you let them
go down the mountain. I might have
my both arms cut off. Only the weapon does not suit me.
Can you change a longer one? NO more nonsense. Get ready. I’ll shout three now! Go ahead! Wait a moment. Be careful! Uncle Jia, in the Martial World,
you are a famous hero. Why should you do such kind of things? Holy Lady, leave here at once!
Don’t get involved in this matter. Uncle Dongfang asked you and
Uncle Shangguan to give me the presents. Why you took the bride from Zuo Lengchan,
and be so rude to the Chief of Hengshan Party? Who said I took the bribe? I act under secret order from Chief
of the Holy Party to catch Linghu Chong. Nonsense! Here is his order. The Chief ordered
that Jia Bu intended to rebel. Any persons who kills or catches him
will be highly rewarded. Shoot! Who dares? Don’t… Uncle Shangguan. If you catch the traitor Jia Bu, you’ll
be promoted to be the Chief of Qinglong Sect. Fire! Fire! How cruel you are! There is only way out.
You won’t even let go your men. – Nonsense!
– Nonsense? Hurry to put out the fire! Yes. Run and escape all of you! Put out the fire! Be quick! – Thank you for your help.
– Fortunately I came in time. – Put out the fire!
– Yes. It was you who set the fire. How do you know Jia Bu would
make sneak attack? The Chief of the Holy Party
wouldn’t be so kind as to send you gifts? I’m really so fool. I know he is wicked
but I didn’t take precautions. It serves me right if I die. If anything happened to Master
Fangzheng and Chongxu, that would be terrible. Buddha blesses. Chief Linghu, we are all save.
Don’t blame yourself. Uncle Shangguan, six of the ten seniors of
the Holy Party have taken my father’s Pellets. Would you like to have one? If you forsake darkness for light,
my father will look at you differently. From now on I will be at your disposal.
Even at the cost of my life.Miss Ran,
thank you for saving us.
Chief Linghu. Chief Chongxu and I have something else to do
so we won’t bother you any more. Chief Linghu.
See you at Mt. Songshan on March 15th. Fine. See you then! Please! Good-bye! – Brother Linghu!
– Linghu Chong! I set the fire. – I added grass.
– I fanned the fire. I shouted ‘On fire’! I extinguished the fire! – Then what I have done?
– Holy Lady, the play is over. Any other orders? You now belong to Hengshan Party.
Why should you be so polite to me? Later on, you’ll enjoy a happy life
with Chief Linghu. Enjoy Chief Linghu’s happiness means enjoy
Holy Lady’s happiness. No difference. You old muddle-headed. Linghu Chong is
the head of Hengshan Party, and I am an evil person,
a siren hated by people. How can you say
there is no difference? Holy Lady! Yingying!

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