Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughing In The Wind Ep36

Episode 36 Sister. – Miss Ren.
– Thank you. Take it. As if we had a nightmare this day. Those noted gentlemen from
all Righteous Parties fought against each other at the cost of their lives.
They had no sense of shame. I don’t understand.
They wanted to be the Chief and fought for it. You don’t want to be the Chief,
yet you fought. You fought, and you made concessions.
You didn’t have the heart to win. Yes! And I got you into trouble
and fight together with me. Fight and fight,
there another Dongfang disclosed. My master, he… Friends. I am… Lin Pingzhi,
disciple of Chief Yue. What do you want? Tonight I have an appointment.
I didn’t know you are resting here. I’m sorry. Pingzhi! You put men an ambush trying to win by majority.
You want to make trouble to me. All right. We had better find
a quiet place to settle the dispute. – So as not to bother others.
– Wait. We actually have already bothered them.
You just pretend to be kind. All right…
Please give way. There’s the kind of father-in-law,
there’s the kind of son-in-law. Say what you want,
or let’s start. I wish to see whether you have made
progress in your Purity Sword Skill.Y u Cangha“!You murdered my parents
in order to get the sword book. And you killed dozens
at the Escort Bureau. – Debts of blood must be paid in blood.
– You killed my son. You take Chief Yue as your backer.
Can you escape today? Another Dongfang. – Another Dongfang.
– Pingzhi Father said Chief Yu today is our guest today.
Don’t be hard on him. You want to revenge.
Don’t worry. He can’t disappear. Pingzhi, where are you going?
Pingzhi! Little sister. Brother, how about your wound? It’s all right. I hurt you by accident.
I didn’t mean to. Of course, I know. I’m really sorry.
Don’t blame me. No, I will not. Brother, I’ll go. Little sister. Take care. This kind of woman is no good.
Half-hearted, without true love. Yingying. We should not stay here any longer.
We’d better leave here at once. Right. Tell our people,
go down the mountain immediately. What do you want, you six devils. Yue Lingshan.
You wounded our Linghu. We’ll avenge Linghu. And give vent to Holy Lady’s anger. – Avenge!
– Give vent! Your life! Get away! Shut up, or I’ll kill you. Tell me why you want to give vent
Holy Lady’s anger? – Holy Lady is in love with Linghu.
– And Linghu loves Holy Lady. – You wounded Linghu…
– You offended her, thus you hurt her. – Avenge Linghu.
– Give vent for Holy Lady. What a pity!
Holy Lady is not here. Miss Ren won’t be able
to accept your favor. You are lying! She is at Mt. Songshan.
Miss Ren messed up the meeting. So you are incited by Evil Party
to make trouble to our new party. All right! Lingshan, Have you seen
Linghu and Yingying staying together? No. I didn’t expect the evils had already
infiltrated into our Five Mountain Party. Probably, when you wake up next morning
your head is off. And you don’t know how. Don’t exaggerate, dad! Lingshan, This evil lady is
the most dangerous enemy. Come back. Tell Linghu
come and take away Tao Immortals. If he won’t come, I’ll throw all of you
into the valley to feed the wolves. Hurry HP! Get prepared! Who are you? Most probably it is Yue Buqun. He comes here for Miss Ren. We should get ready for things unexpected.
I’ll discuss it with Chief Linghu. You bring sisters back to Mt. Henshan to protect
our nunnery and to welcome our Chief. – How about our Chief?
– Don’t worry! The sister and I will protect him. We must find him as soon as possible. What shall we do? I have an idea. Master Bujie. Master Bujie. – Put me down, quickly.
– Stay here. Nothing will happen. Be quick. – Please release them.
– All right now. Stand up. Stand up. – Stand up.
– Is she Holy Lady. You’ve caught her? Is she Miss Ren of the Evil Party? Brother! Is Holy Lady caught? Hurry, you take them
and go out of this temple. No. In case something happened… I’ll go to see my master. Leave here at once.
Don’t make me worry. In the extreme case,
you’d better take extraordinary measures. Thank you for teaching me.
Master, please. Be careful! – Is it Linghu?
– Yes, master. – Linghu pays his respects.
– I pay my respects to Chief. Stand up. At Mt. Songshan this time, I heard
that Holy Lady is now part of your nuns. No. I didn’t expect, she instigated Tao Immortals
to mess up the merger meeting. That actually helped master to
seize the post of Five Mountain Party. Nonsense! – Master!
– Kneel down! Linghu pays his respects to Chief. You opened door to a dangerous person
and bring evils into our new party. Master! Miss Ren is a member of Evil Party,
yet she has long been tired of it. Is she going to retire
from the Martial World? Miss Ren and I love each other.
I beg you not to make things difficult for her.All right.After all
we were master and disciple. If you help me to develop the Party
and wipe out the Evil Parties, I’ll help you to meet your happy demand,
despite of anyone’s condemnation. – Wipe out the Evil Party?
– Yes. The Evil Party always wants to
wipe us out. Over one hundred years,
we have been deadly enemies. Therefore we must wipe out them
before they wipe us out. Okay, from now on
you will stay with me. Thank you! I will tell Holy Lady to come
and thank you in person for your kindness. Good. Let’s now discuss
over the major questions of our party. Give us back Holy Lady. Holy Lady,
we have been waiting for you. – Not Holy Lady but a nun!
– Shut up! Brother Linghu.
They sent me to take you back. Master! I’ll send them back to Mt. Hengshan
first before I come back to serve you. Mother.
Pingzhi’s only wish is revenge. He is running after Yu Canghai alone.
I have to go with him. It is said last night, Pingzhi only took one move
and got Yu Canghai under control. I saw it myself the ugly look on
Yu Canghai’s face. He was scared to death. I really didn’t expect
Pingzhi has made such great progress. If he has also learned… Learned what? Why we are so unfortunate? Mother!
What’s wrong with you? Lingshan,
go and catch with Pingzhi! – Mommy!
– Catch up with him and never come back. Leave here the further the better. – Mommy…
– Promise me! Go quickly!
The further the better! Be quick! Mommy! – Promise me!
– I promise! – Be quick!
‘Mommy, I’m going! I know, for a whole day and night,
you haven’t seen Lingshan and Pingzhi. So you are on pins and needles. I’ve sent for them. I know you have.
And I know you haven’t found them. And you don’t wish
to have them back. They are also my children.
I must look for them myself. – Pingzhi, he…
– When I find them, I’ll give them back to you. Pingzhi is also a poor child! Enough! Chivalry Ning!
Don’t forget to look after our guests. Go. A man should do whatever he likes.
Clouds floating and water flowing, at will. All stipulations of Martial World,
discipline of a party, are nonsense. In my opinion,
Chief Yue is the real evil man. Go. Wait for me, Pingzhi! Pingzhi! Pingzhi! Wait for me! Wait for me! We’ll rest in the open. Please do not bother others, eh.Y u Cangha“!You know very well that I won’t spare you.
Why don’t you run away? Master. Are you waiting for
your death here? I just expect you to be killed here. In order to get my family’s Purity Sword Book,
you murdered my parents. Now I’ll show you
every move of the Purity Sword Skill. Learn by heart! Purity Sword skill! Watch carefully. The moves are really fast. – He can’t insist any longer.
– He is doomed. Taoist Yu, Lin family
has a score to settle with you. We won’t help either of you.
Don’t drag us in. If you really want to fight,
you might not win us. Then we each go our own ways. – You go first.
– No. We must follow you. Why? Tell you the truth,
that sword movements are very strange. I want to make it clear
whether it is Purity Sword Skill. Chief Yue. We wish to invite Chivalry Ning
to drink. So that we can show our respects. Yes. We wish to admire
Madams manner. Thank you. Master! A brother was killed! Master. Judging from the wounds
he was killed by Purity Sword Move. The one who came is unkind. Can it be Pingzhi? You go and look around.
When you find Pingzhi, bring him back. – Be sure not to tell anyone.
– Yes. – Not even my wife.
– Yes. Master!Y u Canghai,
you have no way to go’.!
– Yu Canghai, where are you going?
– Son of a bitch! Pingzhi! What are you doing? She could not stand any longer. Brother Chief. As a chief,
it is not suitable to join in. – Where is Bujie?
– They’ve gone back to Mt. Henshan. Let me do it! Why do you save me? It is not!
It’s your brother who wanted to save you. Madam Lin,
please have a rest in the cart. Go. Get into the saddle! Don’t bother… – How about you?
– You may go by yourself. Pingzhi! Pingzhi! Ping… if you don’t move and stay here,
I’ll kill you all the same. You are Renhao, aren’t you? Yes, I am. The year when they came to my home
killing people, you are among them. I recognize you,
even if you were burnt to ashes. Among the four Qingcheng heroes,
you are the third one. How fanny it is. Linghu called you
four Qingcheng beasts. In my opinion
you are even worse than beasts. Pingzhi. Damn! Too many people here,
let’s leave here. Be quick! Chivalry Mu,
this is Chief Yu of Qingcheng party. Recently he saw an excellent swordsmanship.
It is the best swordsmanship. It is called Purity Swordsmanship. Congratulations, Chief Yu! But that skill can be
genuine or false. Chivalry Mu. You mustjudge by yourself.
Someone here knows that skill. You mean this young man? Chief Yu, long time no see,
and you are still fond ofjoking. – I’m busy today. I have to go.
– Hunchback Mu. You killed my parents
in order to get the Purity Sword Book. You are as evil as Yu Canghai. If you want to live,
you kneel down and call me grandpa. I’ll let you live for another year. Are you the little one who kneeled down
and called me grandpa? Yes.
You’ve got a good memory. Now, it’s too late to kneel down.
Too late! Chief Yu! Oh, master! I have avenged! I have avenged! Pingzhi! Quick!
Give him the medicine. – Lingshan.
– Thank you. I have avenged. Pingzhi. I have avenged. Pingzhi, you have avenged finally. Come on. I don’t want it.
I don’t want him to fawn on me. It has nothing to do with him,
if I’m dead or alive. He is so kind to you.
Then you may go with him. Don’t bother for me! Pingzhi, Don’t say like that. It is not too late,
if you marry Linghu… Pingzhi! How could you
say such shameless thing? What? I’m shameless. Who is shameless? Old Taoist Yu and Mu Tuozhi.
They wanted the Purity Sword Book. They murdered my parent
and wanted to take it by force. They are open and aboveboard.
That’s heroic behavior in the Martial World. Not like your father,
Yue Buqun! He used base and shameless means
in order to get the Book. He… nothing of the kind! You shameful! You and your father
collaborated to get me hooked. All right now! You have got the Book.
I’m of no use to you anymore. No, I don’t have such evil thoughts.
Should I have, heaven strikes me down. Pingzhi! Pingzhi!
Let’s go back to Mt. Huashan. I’m sure to cure your eyes. No matter how you will be,
I’ll stay with you. – Pingzhi…
– Sweet words! Pingzhi! Miss Ren, may I borrow your cart? Pingzhi, let’s go. Avenged! If a man only lives for revenge
the whole world will be mad. Linghu, You are worried about your little sister.
whether she might be bullied by her husband. Try to help her. You may go, if you want to. Yingying! In this world
you are the only one I love. If there is any misunderstanding,
why should I keep living in this world? I understand you.
Things should be done. Hurry up to catch her. Captain Xiang. You said
Chief Yue killed Lengchan, right? Yes. Five parties merged.
Yue became the Chief. He is not qualified! He is nothing but a hypocrite. It’s just due to his hypocrisy,
he killed Zuo Lengchan. You must remember, in Shaolin Temple,
he could not even win Linghu. But at the merger meeting,
he beat Zuo Lengchan unexpectedly. Further more he didn’t use Huashan Gongfu
to kill Zuo Lengchan. It looked like… Like what? Dongfang’s Gongfu. Impossible!
Mallow Journal already died out. True. There is no Mallow Journal,
yet there is Purity Sword Book. Chief. He must have mastered
Purity Sword Skill. I’m not afraid,
even if he was another Dongfang. 12 year ago, what I didn’t do
I can do it now. What do you want to do, Chief? Ask them.

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