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Laughing In The Wind Ep40

Episode 40 Respect to Chief! Everybody is here? Master, everybody’s come
except Linghu and his disciples. Don’t worry.
Linghu will come. All right. Go and wait for me at Siguoya.
I’ll there in a minute. Yes. My dear. Have you met Linghu? Yes, I have. Linghu wants to come and see you.What he regrets the most is
that he had saved Ren Waxing.
He wants to return to Huashan Party. I told him
the Righteous Parties have merged. Whenever he wants to come back
he may come back. He wanted to come with me.
Together with me. Why do you look at me that way? Don’t trust me? All right, my dear. They are waiting at Siguoya. If you have anything to say,
wait till Linghu comes back. Where we are now? The entrance of Mt. Huashan
is in front of us. Entrance! Pingzhi, we’d better not go. Yue Buqun is vicious and ruthless.
He will never let us off. You are worried,
If I die, you won’t have Purity Sword Book? No. I worry about you. I’m all right. In the presence of everybody,
I’ll kill Yue Buqun! Go. Evil Lady. There is a grand gathering today.
I’ll take you as sacrificial offerings. Yue Buqun! Linghu will avenge me. Avenge? I’m waiting for him. He doesn’t obey me. He dies too. Dear! You are still lying. You said
Linghu is eager to come back. He is faced with a formidable foe.
He’s not that kind of man. What’s then? Linghu has betrayed Martial World.
He’ll get what he deserved. Nonsense, Linghu has not betrayed. The Evil Lady in my hands,
he couldn’t but obey me. Haven’t you hurt him enough? It is he who’s hurt me. Think Of it. If he really helps the Evil Party, the Righteous Parties won’t have
a place in the Martial World. You take them to Siguoya
only for dealing with the Evil Party? You are right. Who else you want to cope with? Master Fangzheng or Taoist Chongxu? What on earth you want to do? I’ll do whatever I like. Purity Sword Book now belongs to
my Yue family. For that I’ve lived like a recluse
for 20 years. 20 years! So the Martial World should be mine. I should be
the first in the Martial World. Stop! Where are you going?
To inform Linghu, eh? I want to leave this place. Listen, everybody! At the meeting in Mt. Songshan, the different sword skills
my daughter displayed are all recorded in this cave. Now that I’m in charge of the Five Mt. Party,
I will try my best to develop our strength. That’s why I invite you here to study. I hope you will make progress.
And we will meet the Evil Party together. Many thanks, Chief Yue. Not at all.
Follow me into the cave and study. Master! Have you seen Linghu? No. He will come for sure. Watch carefully. Go ahead. Yes. – You don’t belong to Taishan Party.
– Want to peep, eh? – You’re stealing the sword skill of Taishan Party!
– They are carved on the cliff. – It doesn’t say only Taishan Party can read it.
– You bad guys! Shut up! What do you mean
by this or that party? All of you are of five Mt. party. I asked you to come here not for
quarreling over whose is it. Do you know how these sword skills
were carved here? The ten elders of the Evil Side put them here
when they were trying to rob the treasures. In another words, your ancestors got these
at the cost of their lives. What should you learn from these? You should learn how to avenge.
You should take revenge against the Evil Party. If you don’t study earnestly,
you will be cut to pieces by the evils. You know this lady.She is the daughter of Ren Waxing.The reason I caught her is to use her
as a sacrificial offerings to our ancestors, to make a solemn pledge. Master Ning! Master Ning! What’s happened? Be quick to rescue Miss Ren! I leave this Evil Lady to you. Anyone who wish to follow me
give her a thrust! Why?
You dare not? If you dare not,
you are not follower of our party. If you are not follower of our party,
you are enemy of our party.Yue Buqun!You’re making use of others’ hand
for the killing! You are fools. Come here only to be killed. You are not clever either. Yue Buqun! I was not clever. So I took you as my savior. Lin Pingzhi! I married my daughter to you,
and you killed her. Yes, I killed Lingshan. Come and kill me. You will die. Both of you will not live. Yue Buqun!
You are most vicious. You robbed the sword book,
and you pretended like this. Don’t you have a guilty conscience? Lao Denuo! The first day you came to Mt. Huashan,
I knew who had sent you here. I should thank you
for your information. Othenlvise Zuo Lengchan
would not die so quickly. Yue Buqun! Don’t be afraid. He has Purity Sword skill.
I also have. Your skill is far from good. Lao Denuo, you helped me to Mt. Huashan.
I’ll not treat you unfairly. You want to learn Purity Sword Skill. Okay. I tell you. It doesn’t matter
if all of you hear it. Lin Pingzhi. What do you want? You want to
duel with Ren Woxing, right? If all of your followers
learned Purity Sword skill, you will have no adversary
in this world then? All right, let me tell you. The first sentence of the book is: To acquire the skill, self-castrated first. Yue Buqun! The great Chief of the
Five Mountain Party, have you self-castrated? – Mother.
– Take off your trousers and show up. Mother. Let’s go. I don’t want to learn it.
I don’t want to. Yue Buqun… Come on, Yue Buqun! Yue Buqun! Come and kill me. You have learned Purity Sword Skills,
even if you didn’t kill my daughter, I’ll kill you. Yingying! – Brother Linghu!
– Yingying! Yue Buqun! You are not a man! Look, all of you. This is the end for those
who don’t know what is good. Stop! Where are you going? What do you want? Kill the Evil Lady!
Or I’ll kill you. I’m not the world first.
There’s no sense to kill me. I’ll kill anyone who doesn’t obey me. Yue Buqun!
You are not a human being! Linghu, he is not your master anymore. He is a bloodthirsty devil. No matter what has happened,
I’m your master and mother. Miss Ren. Linghu is a good boy.
You should treat him well. Linghu, I’ve something to tell you. Come over here. Master Ning. Promise me. You must take me out of Mt. Huashan. I don’t want to see him anymore. Master Ning! Madam Yue! – Master Ning!
– Madam Yue! Master Ning! – Madam Yue!
– Master Ning! – Promise me.
– I promise you, master Ning. – Madam Yue!
– Master Ning! Linghu Chong, I’ll kill you. You want to kill me.
Can you? Do you know what my master
said to me just now? She said she would never wish to see
this self-castrated hypocrite! What’s wrong? Yilin! Yiqinq! Yihe! Where are you? Yilin! – Yiqing!
– Yilin! Chief Linghu… – What happened, sister?
– Who did it? Had my father been here? No, not Chief Ren. It was Yue Buqun!
He has taken all the sisters. Where to? To Heimuya. Yue Buqun has brought people
to attack Heimuya. Captain Xiang, Yue Buqun brought his men
coming towards here. – Yue Buqun?
– Yes. You are cheating me. Has my daughter gone
to look for Linghu? Tell me quickly. Chief. Chief. Chief. Don’t blame them.
I told them not tell you. Why? Chief. At present the most formidable enemy
is not Linghu, but Yue Buqun. He disclosed all the Gongfu skills left by
ten elders of our party in the cave of Siguoya. He has collected many people. In addition, Yue Buqun learned
the Purity Sword Skill. The Purity Sword Skill is
the Mallow Journal. I don’t care
even if he is another Dongfang. Take my order now:
Go and take Yue Buqun here! I’ll see that he kneels down
in front of me begging for my mercy. No need to go for him.
He is coming. Chief! Chief, Yue and his men have surrounded
Heimuya and are charging in. Listen, everybody, the time for our Party
to unify the world is coming. Long live the Holy Party! Holy Chief unifies the Martial World! Let Yue come up!
I’ll kill him myself. Chief Ren, we met last at Shaolin Temple.
You are still so brave and skillful. Yue Buqun! You have changed a lot. You are right.
When we were in Shaolin Temple, you could not have dreamed of this day. Standing in front of you, it’s Yue Buqun.
What can you do? Don’t think you have Purity Sword skill
and you could be the overlord. This is Heimuya, not Mt. Songshan. But the result is the same. Not the same. I’m the first in the world.
You will die. Die or not,
we shall see after fighting. What do you think, Chief Ren?
If you have guts. Come on! Magic Power! Brother Linghu. Damned Yue! – Brother Xiang!
– Uncle Xiang! Brother Xiang! – Brother Xiang!
– My good brother! Yingying! My daughter! – Yingying!
– Miss Ren! Dad! Chief! Chief! Who is the first in the world? It’s me! Chief! Linghu. Injustice is doomed to destruction. Look out for yourself! You die! Look out! I’m the first in the world! Rescue our Chief! Magic Power! Thrust! Young master.
Any happy event in this Temple? The ceremony for new Chief
of Henshan Party. Who is the new Chief? Sister Yilin. Sister, we are ready. Good. Let’s welcome our guests. Master, this way please. Merciful Buddha,
Kind-hearted Buddha, Bless Brother Linghu and Miss Ren
a lifetime safety. Four legal tokens are set by
its founder Master Xiao Feng. They are to be kept by the Chief.
Now Chief Yilin are requested to take them. Five Commandments: First: not to deny one’s superior. Second: not to commit internal killing. Third: not to kill innocent people. Fourth: not to behave viciously. Fifth: not to make friends with evils. Linghu has
Magic Sword Skill, Magic Power, and Yijin Scripture from Shaolin Temple. Master, aren’t you afraid
of this first in the world? Evil-minded is evil.
Buddha-hearted is Buddha. I know very clearly
what is Linghu’s world first. The end

13 thoughts on “Laughing In The Wind Ep40

  1. magic sword skil and magic skil? WTF ?
    It's dugu's nine sword and chi absorbing skill. (Actually it's Star Sucking Great Skill but that just sound so wrong).

  2. Fantastic series, love it, except for the 6 crazy brothers who lowered the quality of the show a bit, but overall gr8 show. Does any one know what is the name of the song starting at 32:00?

  3. Brings back so many memories.
    Truly a masterpiece.
    Loved it as a teenager. And still love it to this moment that I'm writing this comment.

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