Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughing Moms | Moms Midweekly Episode 1

(Music) Oh dear, well I think we can all agree that being a parent is hard work. There are just not enough manuals for every situation we will encounter. (It’s true, yup.) Tell me about it. Lincoln will not stop peeing on the class pet. (snort of laughter) They’ve called me 5 times this week. 5 times! / What are you so worried about? He’s just marking his territory, being the alpha, don’t worry about it. / I don’t know what to do about it. You know, personally, I believe in free-range peeing. It’s natural. No, I could never tell my mother-in-law things like this. She already thinks she could do a way better job at raising my kids. I’m sorry I’m late. (Hi Michelle) Britton got a splinter and according to WebMD he either has a pulmonary embolism or gangrene at the very least, so… I couldn’t leave right before the possible amputation, you know how that goes. I’ve had gangrene before. Do you know what Michelle? I actually have some essential oils that will take care of it. (Mmmmm) (That’s so nice of you.) (Lavender is good stuff.) What is all this oil mumbo jumbo? You know, all you gotta do to give him a natural immunity boost is have him eat his boogers. That’s as natural as it gets with an immunity boost, you know? (Boom! I’ve done it before.) Thank you for that, Helen. You always add such a colorful perspective to the group. (We’ve all done it.) Um, (clears throat) Movin’ on, how ’bout we talk about our worst experiences of the week? Mm, let’s start here, uh. I had to clean poop out of the sink. (Oh…) (Again?) (Free range.) (Oh, thank you.) Apreciate it. / You know, you keep that. Tommy, you just really need to get a handle on this whole potty training thing. (Easier said than done.) I mean, I had Laila potty-trained at 18 months. (Not this again, Sima.) (That’s so wonerful, I love that.) 18 months? 18? Well, I’ve been working on this uh, this potty-training Mother’s Day surprise But I got some bad news. Unfortunately, it’s not gonna happen until at least next Mother’s Day. Shoot for the stars. Violet, didn’t you bring the drinks today? I did, yes, yes, yes. This is chai “expresso.” (Mmmm) (Mmmmm) It’s so good. It kind of has this like, horchata taste to it. So good. Okay, I’m so glad you like it. (So good.) Because, it’s actually expressed breast milk (Gagging/coughing/spitting) With cinnamon. (Gagging/laughing.) Are you kidding me? Are you kidding? Seriously. Oh my gosh. I worked hard on it, so. (Wow.) (Laughter)

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