Laughter is the Best Medicine


*Mark singing*
♪ Oh, the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ But the fire is so delightful ♪ ♪ And since we’ve no place to go ♪ ♪ Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ♪ Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to the loosely associated Google Feud Christmas edition! HO HO HO HOLY SHIT I DON’T KNOW HOW THIS RELATES but I, know, that it’s going to be a very, very wonderful Christmas themed episode because, I’ve got my Christmas hat! and my cold weather cardigan Which I love very much. It’s so cozy, so flappy and flowy So delightful I can hide my shame from uh, all the bullshit answers that I’m gonna play in this video So uh i-if you don’t know about google feud it works kinda like family feud Auto complete on Google kinda does it’s job and you have to guess what it’s gonna be But that’s not how I’m gonna play it because I’m an idiot And if I tried to do it the RIGHT way it all comes out WRONG… And very homo-erotic Can you milk a president? Can you milk… anything with a nipple? Can you sell your… family’s organs? Can you sell your organs Eggs Sperm Plasma Can pigs eat anything Poop Gaaaarbage Nope What body parts can you *chuckle* fill with bees *giggle* What body parts can you harvest *laughing* from grandma I’m so sorry grandma What body parts can you afford to lose Oh… *laughing and crying* Is my cat gay Is my cat a terrorist Is my cat secretly *laughing* Barbara Bush No… *Laughing* I had a sneaking suspicion… Do fish ever remember the Matrix Do fish ever fly Do fish ever dream about eating my face The poor should *laughing* form- Form a giant human The poor should fill in the Grand Canyon The poor should move to Detroit Oh no… Recipe for disaster Awh come on Recipe for banging your mom Penguins are murderers Penguins are conspiri… Conspiring against us Penguins are the Illuminati Do all celebrities have a bodyguard Oooh, got one! Tom Hanks is everybody Tom Hanks is in my closet Tom Hanks is trapped in my basement I’m trying to tell you guys something about Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks is Harambe? How?! Wea- Weather in Idaho is snowy.. Weather in my pants is balmy *laughing* Weather in your mom’s house *laughing* is hot and heavy Soy… Soyle.. Soylent is better when it’s wetter Star wars is what I call my penis *uncontrollably laughing* *cough cough* Star.. Star… Star Wars… Star Wars is real Star Wars is fake Sh… Star Wars is- Ah, okay Stars Wars is dead Star Wars is- Huhhh… Star Wars is a religion Fuh-uck Is gay- Star Wars is gay?? Star Wars is gay?! C’mon! Gun… Gun control is what I call my penis Is that one? Is that one- Is that one of ’em? *laughing uncontrollably* Good? Ba-ad? Fake? Gay?? Oh jeez. Alright, people. Dad’s home Dad’s brunch Dad’s *laughing* smoking closet D… Dad’s private time You know, dad’s private morning time People Hmm my… My mom is the… My mom is my… Nickname for my… P… *uncontrollable laughter babble* Oh no… Did that not type or… Is that just wrong? My mom is my third cousin My mom is my favorite *sniffle* Oh no… I should have said something nice about my mom I hate the taste of semen Aaw, that used to be one ! I swear… I hate the taste of my dog’s butthole Nooooooo… NOOOOOO HO HO! I… I lied about… I lied about my huge penis
*laughter* I lied about my pet named steve *sniffle* I lied about my mom I love.. I love my mom But in this context it sounds bad I love my dad, I love my brother, I love my sister Why is brother not in there? Why is sister so high? I love my dog, I love my cat, aw fuck How to raise How to raise your IQ How to raise a proper gentleman Ho- How to raise a 1962 Mustang how to make a human centipede how to make uh… An aardvark out of bees *laughing* How to make
*laughing* How to make
*laughing* How to make my fingers glow in the dark I think my mom is a terrorist I think I’ve said that one I’m sorry mom, I’m sorry *sniffle* I think my mom is a spy for the NSA I think my mom is a doppelganger of John Cena Aw fuck I sold all my dignity I sold all my record winning collections I sold all my penises Tattoos are… are the demons trying to get out Tattoos are cool? Ah, fucking hell.. Pictures of the Loch Ness Monster Pictures of boobs… Pictures of dicks *chuckle* Well *chuckle* Nope! How do you get funnier? How do you get smarter? How do you get bigger? Do birds die? Do birds cry? Do birds *giggle* fly? Should I pierce my raging erection? Should I pierce my Grandma? *laughing* *laughter* Why are the French so full of bees? Why are the French exploding? *Confused laughter* Has a dog ever been as… Smart… As.. a human Has a dog ever been able to… Reproduce with a human?? Nope? Okay… Is it easy to grow facial hair? Is it EASY to grow a beard? Is it easy to grow weeeed? Oke Do cats and dogs FUCK.. Do cats and dogs MATE.. Do cats and dogs- Do cats and dogs plaaay poker Do cats and dogs *giggle* visit their Grandparents *Sharp inhale* Do they? They need to be more responsible! When is it a good time to commit an act of… Ecoterrorism WHEN is it a good time to *laughter* remember that Vietnam flashback *inhale* When is it a good time to, to scream my nipples off What if I ate my legs What if I ate my *giggle* Grandma Whaaat if I ate my house How old do I have to be to work at the YMCA At the CIA At the army Why do men have nipples? Why do men pee standing up Why do men have erections Why do men… decide to love… Ugh Why- why does my arm feel like bees? Why does my arm always *Laughing* get stuck in my Grandma? OH Nooooooooo…
*Laughing uncontrolably* Oh noo…
*Laughing and crying on floor* I’m sorry to my Mom, I’m sorry to my Grandma Why does my arm keep falling off Why are cats conscientious objectors? Why are cats conspiring against us? Why are cats *giggle* Naturally… Attracted to older women Does San- There we go a Christmas one! Does Ahh, Shit I can’t thi… No Don’t think of penis! Nope, not penis. Don’t think about his huge penis Ahhhhh! Nope, don’t, can’t do that! ‘Cause this is how it all ties into Christmas This is literally the only opportunity I have *giggle* To actually make this about Christmas! And it is! It’s Christmas! It is!! Does Santa Claus have… days off? Does Santa Claus have a wife? Ah! Nailed it! Does Santa Claus have children? *Mark angry* *softly laughing*
Does Santa Claus have a picture of my Mom
*chortle* by his bed
*laughing* Oh noo!
*laughing* DOES SANTA HAVE “a”????! DOES SANTA HAVE AN “e”?!?!! WHAT? Does Santa Claus have I- diabetes?? *laughing* *screaming* *screaming* I can’t play this ga- This is why it took me so long to play this again I just can’t do it! I can’t survive it! *chuckle* ‘Cause every single episode I do of this you guys are gunna have a lower and lower opinion of me each time we go by! And then I ruin the relationship between my Mom and my Grandma! Where, where does my filter go Because the longer I play this the less filter I have. It just erodes through And the, the most insane things pop up to the forefront of my brain. But maybe that’s what you like about it Maybe that’d be good for you But either way Thank you everybody so much for watching! Let me know what you thought down in the comments below And as always! I will see you… In the next video Buh Bye! *Outro Music*

100 thoughts on “LAUGHING MY JINGLE BELLS OFF | Google Feud #3

  1. mark: how to raise a 1962 mustang
    me: oh just changhe the transmission change the fuel if not change and finally check the engine for any damage
    server: mark has left the Game


  3. Mark: I'm Sorry to my Mom
    Also Mark: I'm Sorry to my grandma

    [Dies laughing]

  4. Yo,in Jacksepticeye's funniest home videos, he has elves,he may be Santa, Mark is thinking about Santa's………………………ya know, GAsP SEPTIPLIER!!!

  5. the poor should
    stop being poor
    eat their babies
    pay more taxes
    not be allowed to vote
    stop whining

    What kind of searches are these.

  6. A Native American man walks into a brothel and says I'll pay five, the bouncer says five what, the man replied 5 cent, the bouncer said you've obviously never done this before practice on a tree and come back with 50 bucks, so the next day the native came back and the bouncer said now that's more like it and the native walks into the back with a hooker, all of the sudden there was loud screaming coming from the back, when the bouncer went to check the native was sticking a broomstick up the hookers ass, the bouncer said what the fuck are you doing and the native replied I checkem for bees

  7. Does Santa Claus have diabetes? Mark you're killin me over here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  8. Mark if that is your real voice I swear I'm going to cry even harder you have such a beautiful voice I don't even know what to say

  9. I think i have a good career for after youtube dies
    a singer
    Also, Mark, please make more singing videos you voice actually soothed me so much when we we're in the car to my mom in the hospital who had been in a serious car accident. I played his singing over and over to soothe me and it worked. God, his voice is heavenly

  10. So I go on google feud

    Goes on people category

    « I lied about my.. »

    Me types in: Pet named Steve

    Gets it correct

  11. I lied about my pet named Steve is now an answer on Google feud I'm not kidding Mark made it in there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

  12. MARK YOU HAVE A GODLY VOICE (γ₯q◕‿‿◕q)γ₯❀️❀️❀️

  13. Your voice is amazing
    Your laugh is amazing
    Your obsessed with moms and grandma's
    Your obsessed with bees
    Your obsessed with your pet named Steve
    Your obsessed with dicks
    Your hilarious
    Your the perfect friend be my friend

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