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LAUGHING MYSELF SILLY | LA Noire VR – Part 2 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality Wireless)

Top of the morning to ya ladies my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to LA Noire in VR is sounds like a tongue twister Ralphie buddy old pal how are you doing? Are you good? I hope you’re doing well shame about Damien, Damien got let go you know why because he was a terrible detective You’re not gonna be a terrible detective, are you? No you’re good. Who’s my little Pookie? who’s my little Pookie ok Whatever Damien told you about my driving He’s a fucking liar, okay? Damien was always afraid of commitment and the open road most of all And you know what his problem was? His problem was that he did not pay attention But you don’t pay attention- Are you paying attention to what I’m saying Ralph, but -fuckin Christ- you have to pay attention. You know what I’m saying intercept, okay? Ah straight through you hear that guys no more “Left, must turn left.” I like you Ralphie. You’re a good man Where am I going? This is scary time scary time. This is an old car it doesn’t have good brakes Okay, beebeep beebeep honk honk move Sons of bitches blocking up my road okay, there’s a surprising amount of like real driving in this game I did not expect him to have full sections of driving. This is really fucking cool Or should I say really fucking Cole Phelps Whoa did you see that? Ralphie You see it’s because Ralphie believes in me Damien never did so now I feel like he can actually accomplish stuff Okay, we hear. ah that gun store that place right buy… all my gun…Ralphie? Ralphie- da fuckin- Hi hello um I’m detective sexy This is my partner Detective terrible detective and we’re here to report and we’re here to talk about the missing guns Okay, excuse me Could I come in um yayy I fucking did Phelps and done? Is anything about this gun smith and wesson model 27 registered Magnum nice a bird for 357? Nickel-plated with pearl grips. That’s what I said. It’s the same gun used by General Pat You’re not suggesting, he’s the owner? What’s with the stern face. I’m not you seem to know a lot about the weapon. I’m sorry hmm, I guess Very handy about something bad right. Thank you. Thank you my beautiful boy. Hey about that gun Shame shame He licked right as I did it okay, I’m gonna go check this book hyup We’re in luck Errol stoner that guy you three southwest street that guy right there February 4 *inaudible because of Jack’s booping* Six, so it’s gonna been a big help anytime Always, happy to help out the LAPD Hmm, why do I not trust you? He’s a murderer, where are the other drugs going tell me tell me ooh see that? whoosh whoosh whoosh like fuckin magic trick here take ya fucking gun I am awake I had coffee Slow down Fucking Jesus it’s great now at this time of night. Hey look Ralphie Ralphie. I’m a dog Flies in my mouth move out of the way~ I Have the night blindness we’re here Ralphie Schroedinger’s apartment we have to- fucking je- J-j-Jesus every time slapped away in a different side every time what now pick a side Schroeder’s apartment number Okay, where y’all shrouded in darkness? You’re scaring me man. Um. I think that’s him right there. I Heard his voice. I remember him from the real game Doors with knobs require an interaction to open ooh sick Can i- how do I fuckin Schroeder’s apartment two apartment 2 figured out? You don’t even need to come in anymore now i’ma head upstairs Hello Knock knock do you guys want hey Cole Phelps? This is officer Dunn *inaudible* Division -is it- officer Dunn Do you own Smith and Wesson model 27 nickel-plated with pearl grips I might be you remember what of it then you’ll be surprised to know that scooter Payton was murdered tonight! Yeah, with your gun. You’re out of your mind your gun cooter. He works for me. They have that gun here in my drawer Hmm, what do you think TD? What the fuck is going on here? Whoa hard to cut them away? You’re not taking me down for this you hit my partner Now imma hit you Look at this blocking I’m an expert Ah, stop- stop it! stop~ Right in the balls how you feel about that oh, yeah Nice oh god. I think I fuckin million-dollar babied him oh I’m gonna get a citation. Hey, he’s not dead. that’s okay He’s lucky. He caught me off guard you okay Ra- Ralphie keep an eye on him Ralph Ralphie put the gun down Put the gun down Ralphie He’s detained. He’s got bullshit you hear me It’s got a invisible handcuffs on just cup the butt it’s cup the butt there you go there you go I had to make sure that you weren’t concealing any weapons in your ass sir, okay Yeah, list of names in a series of numbers. Hi me this could be the one God he’s dead good clear of the body. Please everybody Everybody back. get back. We’ve called an ambulance and the police, but I’m afraid he’s dead Well, no fucking shit Shylock. I can see that he’s full o’ holes back and move along It’s your choice, but make it quick people what you guys want. I’ll be cool. Hi I can tell this man has been shot Okay Oh god. Oh god! *laughing* We call this the dead dab *jack laughing* This feels like I’m violating something He’s not dead look he’s alive. He’s dancing.*jack singing carnival music* Okay, what do we got? Oh god my foot’s in your balls? I’m sorry dead sir Pearl earrings made out to Bank of Arcadia And Smells like West Indian lilac you know what that means? Jurassic Park Ralphie Ralphie, I have evidence no one listens to me when I have evidence Okay, I got alright. There’s the evidence again. I got the evidence again. Ralphie. Are you happy hello shady-looking miss Found the bad guy No one innocent looks like that She’s looking at me like I just figured out that she farted and everybody else didn’t know tell me everything you know Mr.. Gage mr.. Macey Shh Everett and you are Ma’am I’m gonna need to ask you a few questions Ma’am can you confirm that this is you in the picture? Is this you see she’s a bad guy? She’s got a moustache in real life, but in this beautiful drawing. She really does This is fun, you know why if I keep drawing right I mean he’s dead he’s not going anywhere um Okay, eye witness account why are you just staring at me like that? So I’m trying to get- I did nothing wrong. I’m trying to get your face right so I could draw it in my book Okay, you think this sort of talent comes easy. I heard shots was it Lil Jon saw mr. Gage fall liar J’Accuse Good cop bad cop accuse. Oh they changed it It’s not like truth doubt whatever now choose your interrogation tactic I choose the fist Can I put away my notebook? I’m gonna blow away. My notebook WAIT THAT ISN’T EVERYTHING YOU HAVEN’T GOT IT ALL Okay my fucking bad Jesus. I was only okay the victim is dead D-E-D dead, and you did it. Maybe you know somebody who did it you want a pencil? I’m gonna have to go with bad cop on you there lady uhhhh Now what- I’m having a hard time believing bad young lady. Yeah be taken to a police so hey Where’d your mustache go me in the older than me don’t you dare talk to me that way get out? I’ll beat your ass right now Send in one of the other policemen if you must but I won’t say another word to you Ralphie she wants to talk to ya something about bad cop whatever That’s okey dokey. What do you call a lady of the church who hasn’t shaved for a while? Nun Bush C’mon that’s funny guys right huh, it was Timmy no shoes I knew it. He left his shoes at the scene of the crime as he always does let me hear Yep, invisible heels, just like Timmy no shoes to do that someone drop their corn Hey, Ralphie. What are you doing? Hanging up beside my house? What do you think? You wanna come looks like there’s something in this trash can? Ok Ralphie, thank you for that subtle hint look. I found a gun how amazing? What do you know it matches the thing Look good my good, man. I’m beeack. I didn’t sell it remember the owner yeah Kallu you’re very great help that it okey-dokey. Thank you so much as a Tribute to your service. I’ll buy you some hair extensions Well see you later hi I want to come here and rest you Hope you’re ready Ralphie. Ah you’re on the right side of this side good job. Are you ready to arrest the bad guy? You can have this one if you want What next partner do the talking Cole play it cool? Okay, I will do. I will do good job partner look officer Cole felts Are you Edgar Khalu? *lying* Uh no mr. Kalu is out back? He’s on his way down? I’ll buzz him for you He’s gonna run. He’s gonna run. I have a brand new set of bracelets for you Come back What about you Ralphie Oh Cole no no bring it on Hot Stuff You offered me a new watch I’ll offer you a brand-new set of bracelets sterling silver Yeah, here we go You know how they call it the long arm of the law. That’s me find the long arm of the law whoo Just die already Winner winner I did it you’re under arrest for the murder of Everybody in LA I hear it’s you who not done malefactor from the shooting. fuck yeah, doc then tell me Boy-o I hear you’re quite the climber a man of initiative How would you like a chance at smiting this man with the sword of justice woagh I get sword? To conduct the interview, sir, I uh hopes how are you feeling that? pretty good very bizarre to be that up close to the characters because LA Noire was very very famous for having that facial tracking They did a lot of motion tracking to get the faces right so you could be able to tell lies and all that kind of Stuff but to see an up close, so it looks like you’re talking to a real person It’s so freaky none of this. Do you not fucking drink with your eyes? I want to see my lawyer a lawyer can’t help you Mr. Khalu you shot a man dead in cold blood You’re going to have to pay for that damn it man. I need a confession Okay, but before I get a confession. Do you mind if I draw you real quick? Yeah, it’s a hobby of mine I draw people the way. I truly see them. What do you think you think I have what it takes to make it? That’s you that’s you you’re a bad guy. You’re a bad guy and you look all silly look that’s you Okay, let’s get down to business the shooting incident Let’s talk about the shooting Do you deny shooting Everett gage?
bang That’s the sound a gun makes Okay, l’mma be good cop for a second to see where this leads me to okay There’s a light bulb over there that means I good idea Come on Mr. Kallhu Make this easier on yourself get it off your conscience come on. We’re done get back in there and raise some nuts boy Okay, we need a confession. Okay, okay, Jesus calm the fuck down Dobby okay welcome back to the interrogation Starring you: the bad guy I am here to get a confession. Let’s talk about the shooting yes Do you deny shooting Everett gage? I’m having a bad cop on This one you blew a man out of a socks over an empty grudge you son of a bitch Do you think I have sympathy for you? Yeah, that’s the way keep needling me try the rough stuff and my lawyer will be making an official complaint. Oh shit I don’t want that I’ve just got to keep my mouth shut and watch you run around in circles Not again aww the Serg. is gonna eat my underwear. Get back in there and raise some nuts boy. we need a confession Okay oh hi. I’m back you still have to learn how to drink he still hasn’t arrived yet I want to see my lawyer no A lawyer can’t help you Mr. Khallu. Ooh. Smelly smelly bad- Are you done talking? Okay? I’mma accuse you you deny owning a Browning pistol serial number 01138 aha I owned a gun yes But but but it was stolen in a burglary a couple years ago St-st-stolen *inaudible* used my gun on gage? Okay, let’s review the evidence I… have… You’re gott the gun cleaned and bought a new box of ammunition yes or no remembers you and where you work, that’s so It’s amazing what the nebbish is will recall when it suits them You can’t say that Religious motive I got you bad guy, okay. Let’s change the subject You fasting for Yom Kippur Mr. Khallu yeah, let’s change the subject you’re going motherfucker How about baseball hey, you know not cool, Jew Mr. Khallu. This is America. It’s not Germany It’s not a crime some people don’t like Jews Mr. Khallu Yeah, and I guess you’re one of them gage hated Jews Mr. Khallu Found out I don’t know what you’re talking about. I ain’t no anti-semite um oh I don’t know what my thing is here. I don’t know where I go from here. Can I review evidence? Possible religious motive *mumbling* okay Murder weapon Browning’s is layaway voucher receipt for pearl earrings made out on Bank of Arcadia’s Secoletta Yes, I don’t know what I use to get you why did you do it Mr. Khallu, okay gage? He’s in the chamber of commerce all those mamzers. He blocked every proposal. I ever put forward kike this and kike that He’s been trying to ruin my business for years. He’s confessing! Mr. Khallu, I’m charging you with the first-degree murder of Everett gage. I Respect your beliefs and your right to hold them I got I hope for your sake The jury can commute to murder in the second degree may God have mercy on you sir Ah. ♪ You’re the bad guy, you’re the bad guy. You’re go to jail. You’re the bad guy. I caught the bad guy ♪ Serg. Dobby. I got him Yes, the fully done the officer folks bring it in it is just officer thumbs I think that yeah, yeah, bring your dear sir ah Get yourself two suits get them pressed You’ll be needing them Oh daddy, yay I did it. I caught the bad *with detective accent* yeah back in my office again just *with detective accent* Just climbing that corporate ladder trying to find my way into the justice system So I can wipe out all the badness that is in the world Then we just write that down as very good The best detective the world has ever seen way better than my partner detective terrible detective for I am ~Detective sexy~ okay? Well that does it for another fun-filled episode of LA noire detective action detective Jackson back in Detective action, that’s my catchphrase. That’s what I’m going to do to kind of find the bad and kill the Justice injustice. No now kill the justice kill the injustice okay, climb the ladder. It’s it’s hard. It’s hard to figure out What kind of cop I want to be so far get me a good cop and get me back up Still off and off. I don’t know what you’re on I want to be yet, but very very fun I love this I think there’s a bit more to So I might continue this and keep it going and see where it leads to because I’m having a ton of fun If it was just a straight like Stand and listen to the characters talk kind of thing and then all of a sudden you point to the things that Maybe led to evidence It would have been so much would have been so much more boring than it actually is I’m so glad They gave you like the arms to mess around with Because I know everyone who makes a game like this once their game to be taken seriously because a lot of the stuff That’s going on is serious but when you give the character the ability to be able to do all this stuff like you just give them freedom to do what they want and That is what is most important in a game like this. I think especially in VR There’s a reason you do stuff in VR And that’s to give players Control over what they want to do So you can play it seriously if you want you can play as an actual detective or you can do what I do Which is create your own fun to make yourself laugh, and do all this stuff and pinch nipples and everything It’s just so much fun. I’m so glad they made this and also the thing that impresses me most about this is not only Is the physics of it all and seeing the characters up-close and seeing like? When you play la noir you get to see the characters And you see their faces react to stuff here and there in the game But when it’s in like HTC vive and it’s up in your face And you actually see them up close sure the textures are a little crummy looking and sometimes. It doesn’t blend together well BUT, It’s very impressive, and it actually feels like you’re talking face-to-face with a real person which is so bizarre because I’ve never really had that in the Vive yet everything all the characters in video games are usually a lot worse looking So I don’t know it’s very very impressive what the thing that impresses me the most is the driving I didn’t think it would’ve it would have been so easy for them to just be like okay We need to go here, and then just warp to the next destination like you click on your car And then you’re all all of sudden there, and you can do that But they gave you the option to actually be able to drive around in the city, which is so cool I didn’t think that they’d be able to do that I didn’t think many games would try that because usually that’s the stuff that breaks the game when you when you see that stuff it’s what It’s you when you do that in a game It’s usually those things that you have to craft a way bigger world and then because of that you’re run into restrictions And you have to break the game a small bit, so I’m just so glad that they kept it in it works So well and I’m having a blast playing it very very highly recommended but for now Thank you guys so much for detectiving with me this time if you liked it punch injustice in the face Like a cop and bad cops ’round *high five noises Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes In the next video! It’s hard being a cop you know what like I put the badge down and go home and have a whiskey

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