Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughing with Lisa Harper & Dr. DeeDee Freeman

hi I'm DeeDee Freeman and I'm Lisa Freeman her sister yes my best yes different same mother different one no would be smoother called a speaker friend so I get to ask you the first question okay there's no this I'm pretty sure we write this okay if you're going to get a tattoo of a scripture verse on an appropriate biblical place on your body has to be a really godly place okay okay this is probably John 3:16 tell us one now there was something should we get to know huge shoulder pads and I already have big shoulders well okay so yeah I didn't think about that but I did I wore big shoulders hands and I have a broad back so I did look like a football player oh yeah but I feel like them you can see I still wear them yeah but you look good you can wear them well thank you okay oh this is good I don't you keep forgetting the question because I'm feeling kind of bossy okay okay okay okay I'm asking for a friend what was your first job my first job I worked in the swimming pool how did you I know off the lifeguard I was a locker room girl oh that's where I met my husband was at the pool at the pool but he didn't come to go swimming he came with me a way that I like this might know that he was your second choice well yeah he became my first choice and he told me he said girl lead a squirrel and come see the world with me that was happy what he says what he said leave that squirrel it comes either girl with me leave that squirrel of a girl I'll get a tattoo for you you wanted to read it first let's see have you ever had an embarrassing moment I know you had you already told us that you were like Peter oh yeah my life is all I know one time I was talking to this man who's like the godliest man who's real serious ministry and he wouldn't look at me while I was talking to him heating up like glancing off and I thought what is the deal I guess he pondering something in Hebrew when he turned to get his office I turned to go to mine and I felt this little draught cuz I'd come out of the restroom before we started talking about I'd accidentally took my skirt and so that that was really there that was pretty embarrassed very revelatory yeah I was in school what's very fast that's what I would never say say that again yeah well more to worry five is what I went to school for and I was reading and I had to read out loud and I was supposed to say organism no no so now know what I've known I do know what you said yeah I heard that's embarrassing out in the Bible that's rough I'm out [Laughter] hi everybody I hope you enjoyed this video subscribe today and you'll never miss a new episode thanks for being a part of our better together community

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