Laughter is the Best Medicine


Louis Ubu II nearly Kooten on our rainbow egg in about mascara you are machined on a Kenyan Zima in brain Bourgogne taqwa' rice Kwanzaa Network mrs. president Madam President is present mr. muharrem president Sonia Gandhi Hadji lay open Alisa minimus well any ketchup willy nilly was a coup jeab a la una Colombia quaza Babu Nakamura is who is she join him on a classic you dopey dog will arise Jana Fang so ninja pandava would you happen morning why'd you turn Belushi blender on via moon I do I didn't analyze moon koopa kandy when i do so quite independent Kwanzaa it's ammonia and I eat wa naira of kids who Takahama a [Applause] centennial kenya nama youth swami patacas enemy for IRA is Kazim Zuri Mitra in the laser oki tokio Xiu can we are in green na it was Irene my ikkaku token Amira County mahjong kakuka Kenya whatever your hapa mimic Amara is Irene maracas nummy fry sonikku upon agini then MF Rosanna a combi Bonneville market Accord of epic CNU one of the pillars that you have indicated is the fight against corruption and this is the correct way to go in this country waka ama Xango catechin GE to make wanna for his Excellency mr. president it is now time for Her Excellency Madam President Madam President Irene Mayaka l'apicio : crayon cunipic okay – my Gina Renee 0:46 Quenya 2 to 8 4 0 not to man assalamu sonikku talk at the great County of Namira Asante Masana Hokuto Canary County [Laughter] your excellency I am very proud to stand next to you today I am very proud because I have had about the Nankai mother university I cannot wait to go back home and tell the Nereids we'll be making our own TVs in Erie County I am very proud thank you very much that is my main message TV from the Dan camarda in Erie County that means we will not only give you professor Wangari Maathai and all those good heroes we will only and also do technology as president of the great Republic of Kenya number Karaka Kenya water I am committed to the big 4 agenda just as you are Nam LaPaglia cool akattak akhira is 0 19 to 2 to 8 for I am the one who will anchor the big 4 agenda thank you very much in Guinea Liberty Adira – token aerobic country your excellency our President of the Republic of Kenya and all other leaders represented here today and Kenyans at large hum Jambo I'd like to take the opportunity to thank mr. Shah mr. Shah and mr. Shah and the entire bidco community as your incoming first ever miss president not only of Kenya but of Africa one of my key tenets of leadership would be to bring the private sector from the back of the room into the front of the room for the sake of our women our children and persons living with disability it is indeed my hope that with the job opportunities that this industrial park will give will give first priority to our young people who are very industrious very innovative and full of energy and life not to leave our women behind who as you can see are very capable of leadership up to the highest office of this land and I want to appeal to the private sector at large to get into the space of thinking also of persons living with disability and remember them in everything that you do please connect closely with the education sector and academia so that you help in doing the market research so that we produce young people who are able to be – to get into the labor market immediately Nawab aqua Hassan Eno c'mom when I may seem American County to Korea Nairobi na Kenya called Joomla menapii gear Cora pasaba bokor aqua Betty Nicaraguan money core aqua Betty Nicaragua vagina core aqua Betty Nicaragua Salameh voila Kenya what a quadrangle knee Betty zero four seven Saito two sim we are here yo-yo – my SMS I equal Betty zero four seven now we to me one number a two two eight four zero Betty zero four seven two two two eight four zero god bless you


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