Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is a medicine

well who was it I don't know it didn't say anything he just hung up why they hang up I had the wrong number why would someone call a wrong number at this time of night all the wrong number any time I don't think that pick this number I just know that's wrong no is it a signal there's what a signal your friend that called he's not my friend he's not know what just said they didn't say anything didn't know how you know it's a he I don't she just said he's not my friend it's just a figure of speech when you say that's yeah well what I should have said was whoever it was didn't say anything so why didn't you say that oh I wish I would have is that part of your plan what plan to confuse me very simple you just said it was a he when it's really a sheep but then you're saying whoever to confuse me that's confusing me she who don't ask me she's your friend there's no she that's just the wrong number that's all is she pretty who your girlfriend oh look there's no there's no she somebody Just Dial got the wrong number that's all that's throw out what was that a sickle why closing the window close the window because I was cold why didn't you close the window before you got the signal on the phone I wasn't cold before I got this thing look it's no signal say no she it's a wrong number on the phone I just closed that cuz I was cold that's all I go to sleep are you sure she saw that what the lights don't want enough did who do that you tell me she's your friend Martha fine she just go to sleep it's 2:30 how did you know it's 2:30 that's what the clock says or is it because she said she was gonna call at 2:30 who the girl that's waiting outside for your signals of closing the window and turning the lights on and off that's who look there's no girl nobody waiting or anything that was the wrong number do you understand now why in your wildest imagination what I want to even mess around with another woman you know I love you crying out loud get to sleep oh yeah gosh honey I'm sorry I guess I'm just jealous no reason to be I I love you now you just you just go to sleep I gotta get up early huh I love you too and I'm I'm sorry all right you open that door and I'll blow you

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