Laughter is the Best Medicine

5 thoughts on “Laughter Is Medicine 😀Daily Message ⭐Thursday 25 July

  1. Thanks Liz… Even i felt a li'l more of acceptance within me towards every situation today. God bless us all!

  2. I think the universe was trying to get my attention on my way to work this morning and normally I would have been annoyed and low, but now I just laughed and said "WTF!?". In my bag with my lunchbox and snacks my kombucha started leeking so i felt how my bag was dripping, when I putted my hand down to pull it up I touched something really mushy – what was earlier a banana had exploded everywhere. And then.. My perfumerollon-oil had somehow gotten inside the peanutbutterjar, but the lid was on. Not screwed on but attached? So yeah. XD How the fuck!? HAHAHA Thank you Liz! <3

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