Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter Yoga master interview  in Israel

Eisaku haven't seen a fish at the movie our favorites are image hoc huius conduct on its launch moment on Kataria welfare of a convicted olive a movie star Madhuri would save it on kendama film vdl hours of commercial yakity yakity shush mode mother that's a yogic socks we said cut and run justice profiteer you know this item we are talking about actually almost a technical laughter yeah right now the idea is that laughter makes you feel better it takes you out of depression and but if it's a technical one yeah does it'll still take you out of depression yes laughter yoga is a unique system where people can laugh as a form of exercise because there is a scientific proof that whether you're laughing for real or whether you are pretending to laugh even if you are faking laughter your mind knows that we are faking but your body cannot differentiate will get the same physiological changes as it if it is real laughter but in laughter yoga we laugh in a group and we do begin as a fake laughter but very quickly have you tried crying you'll get the same thing to say if everybody tries yeah for instance I when I cry it takes me out of a nurse right well yeah I think crying is also good for health but we don't need the crying anymore because whole world is crying as it is because mum Jewish know yeah yeah see I think Ryan is not Jewish if you want to establish a club thank you I think laughs people are not laughing enough in this world we need more laughter yeah they weren't laughing nothin is er this is your second visit without laughing our field yeah I think people have beginning to accept this idea and there are 60 laughter clubs in Israel now and that's good 60 60 laughter clubs yeah and there are about 20 laughter yoga teacher is like an exercise Reavers okay okay one exercise we do is a milkshake laughter yeah it's called visa bill laughter imagine you got your bill for your Visa card yeah just look at it was originated I mean you woke up one morning and I was editing a Health magazine called my doctor and I used to write articles so once I thought of reading laughter is the best medicine after finding so many benefits of laughter I thought very few people laugh in Mumbai people are very stressful and you said rightly I woke up four o'clock in the morning on 13th March 1995 and idea just flashed in my mind when I started laughter clock so I went to a park we started laughing by telling jokes in the beginning but within 10 days we do not run out of good jokes of Jewish thanks philosopher Besson yeah wrote about the with the big content good because it is a phenomenon the our brain has special cells called mirror neurons now mirror neurons is we are always affected by people with whom we live when you see anybody crying you do feel like crying yes when somebody sad you do feel sad same way when you see other people laughing you bring that special mirror neuron will copy the behavior and emotions of other people that's why I laugh is infectious no it's not the interest that you start to laugh for technical reasons or technically and then you lose you sensitivity to laugh their web when laugh has to come naturally no this is just an exercise we do in the morning but that puts you in a good mood and that carries throughout the day there is no need to do this access only so you do it for 10 to 15 minutes now let me tell you laugh is beneficial only when you laugh longer 10-15 minutes brings physiological changes the natural laughter which comes through the daily life go joy only two seconds three seconds that will not give you benefits health benefits like immune system cannot become stronger with telling jokes your blood pressure will not come down if you just love in few seconds it has to be like a create a system each of the parts of the various way is schools of yoga why do you call it Yoga Yoga is a combination of laughing exercises with deep breathing now breathing is very fundamental to our life people fall sick because they don't breathe properly even disease like cancer happen there is a lack of oxygen in the body cells so this by laughing actually you're exhaling so maybe we'll make an exercise for them that's the way we will finish up session and that's how we let's make the meeting okay let's do what we do in the morning laughter now see you say exercise like

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