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Launching Missiles At Goats: Iraqi Refugee And Comedian Yaseen Mazin Finds Humor In Tragedy

you take so many losses you can go out and bomb on any given night you could be feeling so good about yourself and then you go up and you do the worst set and then you feel so terrible afterwards but that's all part of it you're constantly looking at moments that make you cringe and things that you said that you just hate yourself for saying and you go okay but now I get to move forward from this and I don't know if you could tell from the way I'm standing but I really want to be a comedian and my parents hate that I'm doing this because they're like dude we got you out of Iraq and you're still bombing my name is Yasiin Mazen I'll hide dirty originally from Iraq component raised I moved to the United States in 2008 and I started doing stand-up comedy around 2016 they call me a war survivor it's kind of weird to hear I want to talk about the refugees and the refugee experience because that is a huge audience that is unrepresented he's absolutely hilarious make it really loud for you see maza feel like I am standing up for a lot of people my voice is just enhanced just because I'm representing this group give it up for a suit everyone Jesus Christ shiny has his hair let's do the guessing game you don't have to guess but I'm from Iraq that's yeah you guys heard of that place okay cool you guys bombed us so be nice I mean bombing is okay bombing is kind of like dating you just just got to get to know the people it's really I think that's really all we're asking for and you guys don't really know much about us but that's I'm feeling the humor and these awful things is what makes people listen those things I think a lot of people when this is a notion that humans do they just put their hands on their ears then they choose not to listen because it's so horrible they don't want that into their lives and it's such a normal thing to do I think when you use humor to bring about those things it makes it a lot more acceptable to hear it and not only that but it makes it more acceptable to think about it I don't know my parents are older so they're like more so more foreign like they call Capri Suns fancy juice that's I go by a scene Muzzin instead of Yoshino Highbury mostly because I really it's it's an admiration from my dad I always see him speaking publicly and he says what he wants to say and sometimes he'll say in a setting where you're not supposed to say what you just said but you still did it and he did it very eloquently so when I see that I want to give a little tribute to him I spend like forty five years of my life in Iraq and during that period I was involved in two wars the First and Second Gulf War it was really hard when you don't have like power electricity power or you don't have a water in Europe in the pipes you have to find a way I've been raised in a bookshop in a library my family they eat they used to have a bookshop so I used to read a lot since I was a little kid I believe the main key in our life in human being life is the words if you can use your words in a proper way you will not you'll never have a problem yeah look uh you guys you guys like goats yes goats okay good answer if you guys like goats could you like not bomb them it's really like all all all they're Iraqis Arabs Afghani is whatever we're here we just left all of our goats back there for heat signatures just launching missiles like goats manages I just hope you know that leaving Iraq I didn't really have to ask why we were leaving I don't know why it's cuz it's not safe kids were kidnapping from the school girls or boys and I have like three kids it's very hard you know it's very hard I cannot imagine one of my kids if it could not I remember 2005 it was normal you see buddies in the street in the morning you go outside and you see oh there's a buddy over there somebody killed somebody I throw him there I don't want my kids to see such things I saw it before I saw it in the front so I don't want my kids my family to live it again I know how hard is that I managed it to survive I don't want my kids to be in the same situation we hear that you are opening and we can roll and and they will help us to to go to America we stayed in Jordan for about a year and a half and then all of a sudden they're like hey Wednesday as they're leaving to the United States and so from 2006 summer 2006 we got out of Iraq February 2008 we were in the United States like I remember I met my sixth grade teacher she asked me for my full name and Iraqis have really long full names so I immediately told her my name is Yasiin Maz and chefs the denied believe me of Cobham I see and called them hide that I did hey dirty she was like you could look out oh I'm not having this book in my classroom okay she may as well I said this is where she said she's like oh you're one of those I had no English and I did the thing where I just sat around with kids and just watch them behave and act talk and do whatever they have to do and I'm just observing everything and I did that all of sixth grade actually and I don't remember seeing a single word in sixth grade not until seventh grade I finally had built up enough confidence and English in order to be like hey I am gonna I am gonna tell you this I went to school in Iraq and I went to school here so now I know it's like to have a first world and a third world bully I think it's fantastic first of all bullies you guys know when they like come around push you make fun of your name like I worry they're like hey what's your name and I said you got seen mazdan and they're like oh what's that yeah I see my balls I was even met I was like Thank You Joseph I'm gonna start my career with Allen thank you sir all bullies are a little bit different they're terrorists they like blew up my school so this is an upgrade like I I'm very happy to be here we have the Iraqi life in home you know the food culture you know still we do it all the same in the back country it's not that much different I pray for them to have a good life to have a good job a good family I call it a hobby but he wants to be a stand-up comedy and he's working on this now I don't look Iraqi like that when I tell people on Iraqi they're like what they make those in white that's crazy what should they do this is the privileged model we just we just just cool like that I mean no it's just and I feel like you guys don't know that we look like this just because they didn't put me on the news you don't I mean like if they put there were other white kids if they put that on the news I feel like that would have provoked the empathy to pull out of the war like if you guys saw my kids would've been like oh my those people there someone's got to do something feels like okay if I was in Iraq and I never left I would there's no way I'd be the same person that I am today versus if I was born in California until today I would not be the same person I am today the fact that I have these two roots now that just they're interdependent and all these tiny little moments of my life all these little fractals are gonna make me the person that I am one day that's me all right I've been yeah see Mazdas thank you so much guys you she tried to be nice to show so she asked she's like oh how many names is that and I've hooked up and I said around nine eleven okay that was my first lesson you're not supposed to say those numbers consecutively

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  1. 7:51 , not fair, my mouth is watering. Miss my mother cooking. Well I'm in Sacramento as well, maaaaay be I get invited to a lunch like that. Best of luck Yaseen

  2. السخافه تقرا الف للاسف .. ياريت لو مستغل وقتك بشيْ مهم ومفيد ومحصل شهادة تكدر تستثمرها بعمل مضمون وبراتب محترم .. ملايين الناس بالعراق (والدول المجاورة) يتمنون يحصلون ع الفرصة الي وفرها الك والدك والامم المتحدة بدخولك امريكا بعمر مبكر علمود يحصلون ع شهادات عليا او يصيرون اطباء اوصيادلة او مهندسين .. بس يمكن السبب هو نخراطكم الزائد بالمجتمع الامريكي وتعلم منهم الامور التعبانة وترك الامور المهمة.

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