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Learn English Through Stories, Jokes, and Riddles #1 | English Video with Subtitles

Hi Bob the Canadian here. Today I’m going to tell you two jokes and
one riddle. Jokes and riddles are great ways to learn
a language. Jokes are basically small stories that have
a funny ending or a punchline. Riddles are sometimes questions or phrases
where you have to guess the answer. So let’s look at two jokes and one riddle
and stay around until the end because the riddle in my opinion is a really good one. So there was a guy named Joe and he was driving
a truck and he had the truck full of penguins. He was driving along and all of the sudden
he fell asleep and his truck went off the road and flipped onto its side. And all of the penguins escaped. No one was hurt, but the penguins were outside
of the truck. Joe didn’t know what to do, and then he
noticed another truck was pulling over off of the highway. And a man got out and said, “Hi! My name is Frank. It looks like you have a lot of penguins loose
here. My truck is empty, let’s put the penguins
in my truck and I’ll take them wherever you were originally taking them.” Joe was very, very relieved. So him and Frank, together, they rounded up
all the penguins and they got them into Frank’s truck and Joe said, “I was originally taking
the penguins to the zoo. If you could take them to the zoo for me I
would really appreciate that.” And Frank said, “No problem. I’ll take them to the zoo and he headed
off.” Now a couple of days later Joe was driving
along and saw Frank go by in his truck with all the penguins in the back still. So he chased him with his vehicle and he waved
at him to pull over off of the highway and he pulled over and Joe went up to Frank’s
truck and he said, “Frank! What are you doing? I told you to take the penguins to the zoo!” And Frank said, “I did and we had so much
fun so today I think I’m gonna take them to the museum!” Hahaha. So I’m not sure if you got the punchline
– the end of the joke. I don’t want to spend too much time explaining
the joke, but the funny part is that Frank was treating the penguins as if they were
visiting relatives or as if they were children who wanted to go to the zoo to see all the
animals and then they wanted to go somewhere else that was equally as fun or enjoyable. So that’s joke #1. Let’s look at joke #2. So joke #2, I’m going to use the same two
guys. So Joe and Frank are really good friends now. And one weekend Frank says, “Hey Joe, let’s
go and rent a boat at a boat rental shop, and let’s go do some fishing.” And Joe says, “That sounds great, let’s
do that!” So Frank and Joe drive out to a lake and they
go to a boat rental shop and they pay their money and they’re told, “ You can have
boat number 7.” Frank and Joe get into boat number 7 and they
head out into the lake and they basically start fishing and they’re catching all kinds
of fish. So Joe says to Frank, “Frank! This is a really good spot. Let’s put an ‘X’ on the bottom of the
boat so we remember where to come tomorrow.” And Frank says, “Joe, that won’t work. What if we don’t get the same boat?” So, I’m not sure if you get that one. It kind of has two punchlines. The first punchline is if you put an ‘X’
on the bottom of a boat it doesn’t help you find the same spot on the lake. And then we think that the other person actually
knows that that’s a bad idea but then they make almost as bad of a mistake by saying,
“What if we don’t get the same boat?” So that was joke #2. Let’s look at riddle #1. So this riddle is: What’s black and white and read all over? So What’s black and white and read all over? So think about that for a minute. I’ll count to five. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The answer is: A newspaper. So this riddle is a little bit of a play on
words. You thought I said, “What’s black and
white and red all over.” But what I actually said was, “What’s
black and white and read all over?” And you’ll notice a difference between the
colour red and the verb which indicates reading. So they answer is a newspaper. A newspaper is black. It’s white, and it’s read all over the
world. Well Bob the Canadian here. I hope you enjoyed this short little video. It’s actually Thanksgiving weekend here
in Canada. So I had a big meal yesterday, and I’m heading
out today to have another big meal. Thanksgiving in Canada is in October. In the United States it’s in November. And it’s a holiday where we give thanks. So one of the things that I am thankful for
today is all of you. I am so thankful that you watch my videos. I’m so thankful that you leave comments
below. I’m so thankful that you, you give me thumbs
up and you subscribe. And I’m just thankful that you watch. I’m thankful that you’re spending some
time learning a new language. I think anyone that focuses on learning a
new language is helping the world. So I’m thankful that all of you are helping
the world. Have a good weekend, good week yourself. I’ll see you this Friday 8:15 AM for a live
stream on phrasal verbs. Have a great day.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Day!🍾🥂🍗 Thank you for teaching me English. I really enjoy your videos.🤓😄🇨🇦🇹🇼👍

  2. Thanks sir it’s good way to learn English and having fun at the same time . I will tell my daughter your first joke . she likes penguin

  3. hey gooood xxxx Mr Bob! how are you? sorry i didn't laugh for that two jokes. 🙁 and i didn't understand the riddle untill you tell the answer. now, my turn!

    you are driving a bus, at the first bus stop, 10 people gets in. at the scend bus stop 5 people gets off, 2 people gets in. 3rd stop 7 people gets in, 4 people gets off, and at the terminal everybody gets off. what is the name of the bus driver?

    have a greatest day!!!

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  6. I love your videos and I'm grateful to see the videos and also to see a little bit of your beautiful country, I'm from Germany

  7. excellent video. I'm the lucky one who celebrated Thanksgiving day in Canada and had a wonderful meal. thnx for reminding me of the day and the video was really nice rather nicest one

  8. I have been studying english with your video these days. All of your video is so much helpful to me. Especially listening. I’m grateful to you. Thank you so much.

  9. I enjoyed the way you teach English. To chill out in a wonderful Nature. You know the phrase: the less stress the more you learn.
    Good Job and thanks.

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