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Learn to Fill Asphalt Cracks With The  Ryno Worx RY10 Crack Fill Push Melter and Applicator

Hi, my name is Judson Burdon. I’m the president of We have a base model melter applicator right here, built with quality
and performs at top level. If you’re tired of bending over and filling cracks
with one gallon bottles of crack filler this machine is right for you. It melts
and applies crack filler at walking speed. Every step that you take you’ll be
making one dollar. Our melter applicators are extremely simple to operate. If you’ve
pushed a lawn mower before, you can operate one of our melter applicators.
This base model’s so simple – all you do is grab a hold of the handle bar and you
push it at walking speed. As you walk you simply use the trigger lever with
your index finger and your middle finger to raise the valve, opens the valve,
allows the crackfiller to flow into the horseshoe shape scraper that’s on a
pivot arm and follows the contour of the asphalt assuring that you get a nice
smooth finish to your crack sealing. this unit comes standard with liquid filled
temperature gauge so that you’re able to see the temperature and make sure that
you’re always heating your crack filler at the right temperature, melting into
liquid form so that application is perfect it’s also got a very easy accessible
hand agitator making sure that you’re able to melt your crack filler down in a
nice even smooth form. if you’re looking for even more productivity you can
upgrade to on-the-fly agitation meaning that you’re pushing your unit and
agitating directly from the handlebars saving you time and money whether you’re doing your own project or
your contractor that’s out there making money this is an absolute must. add our 10
gallon melter applicator to your arsenal today

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